September 19, 2019
Yoga Wellness Exercises : Yoga Hypertension Exercises

Yoga Wellness Exercises : Yoga Hypertension Exercises

Working with hypertension, there’s various
postures. But, one of the easiest postures to do this is to come up on your knees and
on your knees you put your knees together. And quite often people have a problem with
their knees. Take a blanket or a pillow up underneath your knees and stand up tall with
your shoulders back. Now, take a deep breath and reach for it up high. And, then exhale
come down. Now, sit right back towards your heels. And, as you sit back down towards you
heels it’s more challenging to keep your knees together than it is to separate them. Reach
right out. Stretch, exhale. And, then come all the way back up. Inhale, reach up tall.
And, then exhale. Release it back towards your heels. Bring the head and the shoulders
right down. Inhale, reach right up tall. Now, try it with your knees together and feel the
difference of the variation. Deep breath in. Exhale, come down. But, take the ease down
between your arms and just stretch. Inhale, reach right up tall. Stretch. And, then one
more time. Come down. Exhale, reaching forward ease down between your arms. And, then slide
those hands right back toward you and sit back towards your heels.

2 thoughts on “Yoga Wellness Exercises : Yoga Hypertension Exercises

  1. This looks really good, but I have torn cartilage in my knee. I wouldn't be able to bend my knees like that AND put my weight on them. Sigh 🙁

  2. I used to have arthritis pain all throughout my body, had pain for years and years, not until a friend of mine told me about an all natural, little known protein, did my pain go away.


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