February 21, 2020
YOGA FOR KNEE STRENGTH: Yoga practice for knee injury & pain relief | Abundha Yoga

YOGA FOR KNEE STRENGTH: Yoga practice for knee injury & pain relief | Abundha Yoga

Hello, beautiful human. Welcome to Abundha Yoga.
I’m Tiff and I will be your guide today on this yoga sequence for knee
injury. Today our yoga for knee injury will cover all sorts of yoga practices
that help protect sensitive knees, look after knees with joint pain and any
other knee that just wants a little bit of extra love. It’s great for anyone
who’s looking to protect their knees long term and wants to make sure they’re safe
in the future. So, get yourself ready. Jump into something comfortable. It can be
just your pajamas. We don’t judge here. We’re excited for looking after some
beautiful knees. See you in a bit! We’re gonna get started in an easy seat.
If you like one, a block or blanket or towel would be really nice just to
elevate your hips above your knees and that helps to straighten your spine. So,
I’m gonna demo quickly. Okay so what we’re doing that’s not so gonna pop me
yeah all right maybe scoop up a bit so you can see now
my hips are now elevated about my knees so I understand that when people are
sitting in an easy seat often number one for you you know sukhasana easy seat
doesn’t necessarily look like mine I naturally very flexible and so my easy
seat looks like this somebody’s will look like that let’s train your care
that’s where the block is helpful if you need a second dog that’s also helpful if
you don’t have a block a towel it’s also great so we have a talk yeah we could
use that as well then moving on where you find ourselves an uneasy seat we’re just gonna take a moment to ground
ourselves here before we get moving you’ve taken this time to be with
yourself to give yourself some love and some kindness and it’s so important
she’s just really settled in you have before we get moving don’t worry if
little demons come up this little bothersome fools come up you’re just
gonna float me and yeah exhale on the link this boat folks it was both
look bye if you want to meet my just helpful imagery of clouds floating
process works for some but it’s all just this idea that we don’t have to become
attached to things we are not bottles we are more than on
boats and we don’t have to be defined by our goals ha we’re going to get started with some
yogic breathing I’d like you to place your left hand on
your heart so your heart a little bit to the left anyway
and you’re right under nobody so you can feel the breath moves through you here
start with an inhale and fill your belly balloon out towards your hand you know
it started okay to start feeling super super fat right now
yeah if it’s 20 okay to love your baby again then you can stop them I love you
baby coming back to us inhale push into your
belly chin to your chest and feel the air move up towards your collarbones now
we’re not breathing in like this but we’re just filling the air move to us to
inhale and exhale moving away from your hands inhale any chest cupboards exhale
colors chest then he even help exhale we’re going to try to do this through
our noses so inhale and exhale inhale and exhale so we’re going to use this deep wave and
keep growing I’m talking with your inhales and exhales we’re going to use
this deep breathing as a foundation for our breath throughout the practice it’s
so important when you come to China challenging positions or you experience
discomfort not necessarily paying the discomfort you want to have your breath
there to guide you through it your breath is key to moving through
adversities through moving into moving through difficulties and finding your
balance your safe space it’s never going to be perfect
but your breath will help you to to hold on and get through it finish your Milan
exhale and straighten yourself up placing both shoulders above your head
so we’re gonna have it straight back and because we’re going to do a lot of
standing and moving on our feet we’re just going to do a couple of spinal
health things to make sure our back is healthy through this practice so if
you’re familiar with a cocktail motion where you’re usually on your hands and
knees there is were focusing on projecting sensitive knees today we’re
going to do your seizures variation so as you inhale you’re going to arch your
back things your hands behind you in a composition right this is yo-yo cow back
you’re not really sticking out with Betty but you’re arching your spine so
that the whole front body is stretched so they’re inhaling and then as you
exhale that’s fine gently drawing your chin to your chest inhale cow great
Billy your booty out and you can lift your chin a bit bumping your search
and exhale cat and I like to feel this in my upper back especially so you need
to have the attention of your fingers touching inhale how open your chest
exhale kept all the feels are nice in there cow and exhale cat on your your
cat here we’re going to touch the things together interlace the palms and flip
your the do palms so away from you and really feel the stretching on the back
so you’re drawing your navel towards your spine a little small naval log and
really feeling the stretch because go back Barney continue stretch
Bailey’s Chechnya no go back right and your leaf and plant your fingertips on
either side of your bodies you’re creating a frame shape frame shape
you’re grading and a frame shape all right so we’ve got our aim frame we’re
sitting up straight shoulders over hips so you deep breath in legs upwards
exhale and he stopped on your next inhale we’re gonna take our right arm
and sweep it up above our heads and release I left palm down taunting you
down so we have a nice lateral stretch in so as you’re doing this you want to
make sure that you’re plugging your shoulder back into the socket especially
if you let me know about you don’t want me doing this you want a really nice
long stretch you want to feel your right sit bone plunging into plunging into
your block or into your mat bring your towel and feel this beautiful stretch up
your side body it’s so nice for your obliques the way
inhaling stretch further exhale relax enjoy stretch inhale stretch exhale
relax you also want to release this left shoulder down don’t punch up towards
your neck exhale bring the palms together overhead back to pants exhale
release down take a moment here to settle again exhale inhale draw your
left hand over planting your right hand and stretch to your right hand side suza wonderful so here again we’re
plugging in that left shoulder you can feel your shoulder blade wrapping down I
get a patent above your head once your right shoulder down so I’m not
just edging up GG and you’re feeling you less the fun plot into the block you can
take a deep inhale deep in your stretch exhale settle into your stretch inhale
then exhale those who don’t want your neck into tenses are just relax on your
next inhale through your right hand up to the ceiling
active hands plugging your shoulders up back and down to feel that that imprint
valachia inhale and as you exhale hunter your
hands down beside you right time to get rid box block now we’re going to find
ourselves and ooh a happy baby so come true more or less the center event and
if you’re not familiar this is what happy baby looks like wait this is one
this is my happy baby book like and so because we’re working into the knees
yeah I understand that you don’t necessarily want to go super deep with
us so for me maybe my happy baby will look like this maybe for you it’s
uncomfortable to grab your feet so you rather put the put your hands you’d
rather put your hands maybe not to the knees or I do five but you just want to
create the general happy baby shape so when you’re creating a happy baby shape
you want to stack your ankles over your knees and it
we’re eight of them Bobby’s office otherwise just gentle gentlemen like
that what really helps to protect your knees is making sure you have access
feet so I I feel a lot of people you know
fucking a fee about like there’s some sort of peace meter then binax know what
you want to have an active feet because when you have active feet you have
active legs and especially your active cock so when I’m flexing like this
I am activating that back line of my links and I said actually the back of my
legs I actually predict too many so so important to flex your feet especially
when you have knee injuries or you wanted rejected me so we’re reflecting
here deep inhale exhale deep research if you can safely and your next inhale
we’re gonna strengthen our right leg as much as you can serve your hand as they
steer those perfectly by just going to your edge continue to keep that foot
active so for me and maybe like this some of you will want to grab on your
toes that you want to keep your sacrum look back your lower back planted onto
the floor so if you need to lift it up no need to touch your toes don’t worry
about touching your toes just worry about planting your sacrum is the mat so
we’re stretching deep in now exhale bring your foot back to neutral goes
into inhale straight from the left foot as much as you can so you may have
drowned yeah that’s beautiful we’re all meeting ourselves we’ll be off
you inhale exhale relax and don’t stretch inhale
exhale bring your feet back to neutral oh that’s so young yes so nice we’re
going to you’re a couple of these are gold stir soaps stay in a lower Chinese
and get those different directions so you want to do them together bring car
seat yelling almost about a consular ship and then bring on me around so they
end up looking more like a bus that’s perfect you’re just gonna do circles so
at the moment my right leg is going antique clock wise my left Nick is going
no my right leg is going clockwise and my leg Thank You screaming aunty puck
way but who knows I catch all the time they were just doing hey me and you
don’t have the hips around do this we’re doing a little Nene role which other
that means hello I know you’re still there we’re in
change directions because when you move your knees and you move the joint those
people said to you oh you’re lubricating the joint and you impact on you have
something cool so no people threw it in your joints and then you move you dance
you are snipping so no little village to those joints we’re literally having
yummy juice to our joints all right whatever darkness yeah with the images
all right so we’re not going to have you baby but we’re going to lengthen the leg
up and to be very to karani it just legs up the wall pose here reach muscle call
it home all right so you’re like this great as much think at me if you have
sensitivities don’t worry about the meat perfectly straight in fact we don’t want
lock our knees so you don’t want to feel like they’re meat packers gotta change
your leg you actually want that gentle then
so that your legs stay activated and as much hug me if your knee so I speech
Thank You Liz let’s get started we’re taking our hands
we’re interlacing them let’s take not individual work so we want to put the
funky funky thumb on top we’re just this range and we’re going to interlace and
place it behind our head so just above the nape of your neck to cradle create a
new head if you get yourself ready for this it’s alright we’re gonna inhale
tuck your tailbone towards your heels you’re gonna feel your name will go
toward your spine navel to the spine we’re in today except I defeat unluck
knees pelvis held it slightly tilted see I’m already suffering
hold it slightly tilted to look through here right
deep inhale on your exhale release your right leg down towards the ground as far
as possible stop if your sacrum your lower back lift
up from the match the edge enough perfect the only work the 30 reg will
become hold the moment inhale bring your feet back together put your thumbs up
exhale release down inhale take a look at your leg foot activated exhale baby
sit down as far as you can before you stay that’s off the ground stop deep
inhale hold exhale hold next inhale bring your left foot back to
reach reach your right feet you rich well it means you’re right all right
take a deep inhale lift your pelvis towards your hips exhale we’re taking
both legs up as far as you can before you save her mess up so this is my edge
hold exhale inhale oh okay let’s do that one more time
hmm sorry inhale off the cycle exhale but he’s that leg down inhale legs
together exhale ribs in handle post heels exhale left leg down inhale left
leg up exhale inhale helps heels exhale both legs down inhale both legs up
thanks hell please huh shake this like that will see me crack then he I needed
it hmm do a little shake shake shake shake shake and place your feet in line
with your hips feet outside of your feet parallels your match
that means the lady reflected their minds with the side of your mat but
we’re gonna face our ankles underneath so of course she booty as possible but
Michaels underneath and we’re gonna just garbage the bridge pose release that
beautiful cold work sir exhale your insides maybe next inhale rage photos
so you’re lifting up you want the lift to be coming from your thighs so during
squeeze with your butt but pull up with your thighs so that we can release all
the work we’re doing on coal so they were doing well bend it not backwards if
you just so much bending you know find buddy
we’d like to grab engine ease your hands behind your back and sort of bring the
shoulder blades underneath you you just deep inhale push with your legs those
beautiful strong legs exhale inhale and exhale inhale release your hands
take them down as brakes and exhale there’s your breath over to her bringing
yourself Bernie did push pins there yeah but we can’t look Brittany’s Clem much
as possible and towards your chest if you find it difficult to bring both
knees together one at a time remains will the chest can
look like this to view conduit knee bent we’re trying to do is squeeze so we can
roll us a lot so bring or change chance to do a couple rolls couple of beautiful
flower rolls lean ready roll yourself up into a forward fold here I like to pop my feet hot and we’re
just gonna do a little wiggle and draw our hips genuine legwork and there’s an
option here to have a little bit of a rattle which basically means we’re
facing our hands of my others I’m just doing a nice just slowly
everything like how is my hamstrings but yeah any affordable the phone does not
die me touching the ground is really important to know that you know that
comes with master accessibility so here I care that’s also a great couples are
grateful you just want to be hinging from your hips so you’re sticking your
booty out you’re sitting your sit bones up to the sky and you’re releasing
yourself down so I can I got you don’t do too much of the rabbit this part or
this flat back go as far as you can when you’re ready I’m gonna pull
yourself up into it that’s not gonna happen this is your to death now I’m
having my feet parallel big toes touching heel slightly pot in
preparation for where we’re going I’m trying to taste my hips over my heels my
shoulders up my hips so it means beautiful straight line feel a slight
drawing of your navel told you spine and you want a slight tilt of your hip
points towards your floating Rhodes’s know instead of sticking your booty out
like this doing its gentle tilt so it creates let’s lock in on a core area
which holds up makeup makes it lighter for the rest of our practice so that’s
not deep inhale inhale and exhale on your next inhale we’re sweeping your
arms up and sitting out into a chin as you sent into your chair you want us to
keep that public tilt engage it’s not absolutely necessary to tuck in your
pelvis so much that it’s painful but you just want to lock in the natural tilt to
do slides so me it’s like this you found that he can sit further into your chair
but you want to be able to see your big toes so this all right I’m going to
inhale this we’re strengthening those thighs take those knees one we’ll keep
it now it’s and on your next inhale draw your right knee towards your chest as
much as possible right we’re gonna give that a hug here and did your name exhale gonna release
that leg forward and draw our hands back keeping our hips whatever it’s just so
much easier said than done deep inhale and as you exhale sweep your
foot back arms back into your airplane hold your airplane 1d inhale and when T
pigs have launched it but behind you as you bring yourselves into a crescent
lunge I’m gonna just leave myself off of that so so you can see Marley so we’re
not Crescent lunge and you want to make sure that your knee is over your article
for protection your feet are activated what I mean by your feet active is you
plant into all four corners of your feet it’s really helpful to draw your toes up
first doing the toes up first so that you feel
like you’re solidly in your heel and then water village so a Ponting down and
then ridore about goes on we run into by hips square you like to buy him to
square you use that public totally started using early yet so you can bend
your back knee to feel it small right join your hands up towards the ceiling
and then slowly knees stretch in your back leg back as far as possible drawing
a hill as well as a full deep inhale and as you exhale
but then yourself up and to are you here again you’re engaging that pelvic tilt
right we can see the pelvic tilts is important engaging public tilts we’re
drawing on me up I’ll length if you have your sensitive
knees their communal bench a micro vent and we’re having off front knee over
front ankle engage your arms huh you want in your
wrists and like your shoulder on both sides and if you’d like to have a
Drishti your your gaze is towards your front yeah front little bigger take a
deep inhale and exhale a little bit deeper you like okay on the next inhale
I mean the sweetness loves back into a reverse warrior you’d like to you’re if
she can be hot little finger otherwise just relax yeah deep inhale making sure
you have it nice one i body and you’re not crunching too much into your right
hand side as you exhale sweep this up down into extended side angle they sing
a floral on to your bed leg and sweeping your arm right one much as possible
engage in your whole here so that you’re not dumping your weight into into your
front leg so if you bring this off the way of it
it’s fantastic if you’d like to go a little bit deeper this is an option to
do so yeah then on your next inhale bring yourself up into a reverse
triangle again so your front leg is straight and back leg is straight and
you have a biker micro bend in both knees so
that’s what I’m comfortable and Ukraine’s beautiful stretch in your left
side Bobby your next inhale bring yourself to cinta engage this public
tilt and rock your hip back to bring yourself into you your full chicken and
a triangle pose so we’re in your triangle pose
you don’t know crunch forward we’re gonna bring yourself open so we’re
stacking or right tip on top of our left tip when a microbe and a new front knee
if you need to you can gently place your hand on your friendship otherwise if you
can engage yourself then we’re gonna get chip nice didn’t he’ll bring yourself up and
just jaw so bringing awfully out to 45 degrees so I’ll pose keep that public
till it’s engaged bringing your navel towards your spine your hip points
towards your living rooms see how I’m spending with you you’re not the only
one inhale and the Munich’s inhale we’re
gonna sit down into a hole in your host I’m going to try to have your knees over
your hands much as possible to protect that joint maybe can you do a
couple of pulses your host ready to feel a burn want to keep our shoulders look I
have so it’s yourself ready hold yours you get to swivel yourself to your right
hand side yeah woman kilter you put in a bit don’t we integrate ourselves into
high Crescent lunge again so they rolled behind us on the side
holy tilts or notes about my belly how they tilt turn your hips towards your
buddy works bend that back knee to help you then right good that back knee I’ll
be you of it squaring your hips knee over ankle and slowly straighten the
back leg not locking the knee and me on society
what can you shoulders got black and down plucking the shoulders outlined on your next inhale step your self forward
into this that’s not doesn’t actually super smooth okay you can help with i
sweating so you must leave and exhale you know and keep your feet parallel big
toes touching heels like they’ve hot pay yourself just sit into your chair
sitting back moving your hips back so that you can see your toes want to keep
it gentle public tilt she looked in the natural curve of your spine join your
hands upwards like your shoulders are back and down
feel the burn in those odds the inhale exhale bringing in whoa lift me towards
your belly look wobbles okay
join that let me hug it in deep inhale and as you exhale stretch that leg
forward you know it’s house with it very slowly
back to airplane keeping your hips level slight upward dog motion in your chest eunuchs head step back in your eyes I’m
actually I’m here hold your high Crescent lunge shot so I probably tilt do you get in here
not your exhale button up and you order it you just reminded and you worry – you
want to make sure that your foot the back foot is parallel the back of your
mat and your front heel runs through the arch of your back foot all right
beautiful engage those bonds since you’ve already
– you may if you have a bit of discomfort discomfort find it easier to
just pulse here a bit keep those arms engaged just beat engaged and your next
inhale reverse warrior keeping your front knee bent deep inhale and exhale
extended side angle yeah want to sweep up and round
that’s beautiful filet just like any more inviting on the tree context that’s
beautiful for living to plug in your shoulder right see inhale don’t put too
much weight on to you if I hear you – the variation we drew away that’s
fantastic do it on the side – you need to the variation
Deepa that’s very cute would you want to make sure that you’re stocking your hips
there your stocking your side bunnies so if you’re crunching stay back here
next inhale bring yourself into a reverse triangle justine exhale up your left hip back draw yourself forward toward right and
enter into trikonasana stacking your left for your item you use your slight
poet tilt taking your left wrist on top of your left shoulder exhale and on your
next inhale bring yourself I’m interested set it to your horse this with all cheer
left it’s your high Crescent lunge on your next inhale step your self all that
Nietzsche Oh mm I take a deep inhale high mountain exhale forward fold
so that’s not like it’s just it’s nice enough ever next yeah deep inhale step
yourself back into your downward dog oh look at that dog you don’t know it’s not imperative that
your heels are touching the ground in fact let’s all just bring us all soles
of our feet and draw my hip bones just got our sit bones up to the sky we’re
gonna make sure that our hands a pontiff beautifully into our mats are spreading
your fingers and engaging your fingers down so it’s almost like a coin on that
beautiful and then we’re going to make sure that we’re wrapping our shoulders
our biceps pull it out the back so cinchy it’s an external rotation of our
bonds you’re showing your typical has bend
your knees then slowly if you can draw your heels towards the ground that’s you
can talk the next man pull this up pull it it’s
your head and quiver oh here’s your heinie Garber looks like this you’re
engaging your kneecaps up you’re engaging your heels back and you’re
doing an upward dog shape you don’t want to lock your elbows UNH laughing no
you’re just gonna do this officer into that sneaks those so you can see em so
much happier that we’re on the ground you’re gonna have your elbows your
elbows under your shoulders oh there’s a new shoulders put your
hands bring these up and Jew Gentile black man and you next in here Jan t
bringing our right foot towards our exit but as much as possible so my Nana it
might end up let me be a buck here ish and that’s privileged but if you can
reach it as this impossible mr. Chau right on Cole Whitt
flip our hand are right down down to the ground and reach so what’s a right foot
I’m a it looking just like that keep that foot activated or we can bring it
closer but you’re actually just wanting a really gentle quad stretch so I’m
going to keep my hips square as much as possible
that’s to be my exhale release
hands off so left foot to lift it one deep inhale exhale monster Marina July left on forward feel my
thumb towards the ground so you go back to grab my foot yeah deep inhale exhale screen those hips a bit and a candidate
looking a bit more like that and just keeping this as square as possible and
release time she can launch evasive ground which gives off Wyatt goes to
yoga didn’t remember it was your idea below face your right hand a new round
I’m here I show them your left hand on your their shoulder tuck your toes under
get yourself ready dig push in to back sir quickly quick
tip use up holy tilt the age of old and recent smack tactic its back you’re down
the dock to deep inhale exhale bend your knees looks with your hands
deep inhale exhale jump fold it into Ezz time or step forward in Chinese easy
and bring yourself and shoot it done that’s now so this of a hips straight
back and as much as possible straight legs so if you want to keep in micro
benjin legs strengthening up remember those activated
eat right big deep inhale to run your hands up to the sky stay back
and exhale pushing one’s an asana alright so yeah if you want to you can
have your towel and he really needs to help a little bit right otherwise you
just event and you join your hands as much as you can towards your feet so we
want to not round here but keep it straight back as much as possible so if
you want to really live a lot so that you can rest your ribcage onto your on
your thighs it’s perfect and slowly we’ll be able to stretch that
forward little by little well it off I’m gonna drop my hell yeah
until then it looks like to hang like this through so further towards your
feet then exhale the knees down some cases it’s kind of like in here for
yourself for that so we didn’t miss for striking a lot kicks down release down
gentle gentle on the next inhale gently roll yourself up back into your dust now
okay and face the soles of our feet together for buttock enhancement you’re
getting screwed forward here of it and then gently you know you should pack
fine stretch your arms forward and stretch your arms forward to suddenly
pull yourself down to the ground and it’s so much
me not Ola right something to know we find out though
you know wonderful student divided can accent and at this point you’re
exhausted and your legs are so strong and your needs are so strong so just
fill yourself relax and just like and stuff if you have your block nearby you
can pop it under but I’m gonna stay here for too long
we’re just loading up all right a little bit
okay how the legs a little bit because of all the work we’ve been doing on
there so if you want to base your arms open cuz you’re so hot but if you’re in
the northern hemisphere right now maybe you’re it so cold oh you can place your
hands on your ribcage deep inhale filling of any exhale then you’re ready gently draw your knees
together you do so by using the hands and takes them flat on your mat as you
inhale we’re going to go four arms or if you have space you can lengthen out
which is a constant I’m fighting with pillow so instead I’m gonna do a
gold-backed so if you’re doing the cross of the
t-shirt your one English your wrists to be so you wanting your wrists to be in
line with your shoulder as you busy spread out and you want to pop it
upwards and you hold on flat on the floor so here I’m just going to do
colors I’m gonna bring my knees towards my chest so like we did anything they
wanna do one at a time so you deep inhale as you exhale your right not your
needs to right I’d better take your gaze to the left so this is your supine twist I’m ready what you’re doing here is your
ring ringing out ruling and the moon through bringing out all the tension
that you may have created whether it’s from your practice now or from your
daily life and you’re wringing it out of the spine but it’d be fun
you don’t know how to do it yet so ready to emphasis yes it’s on plotting the
election-related onto the ground so it doesn’t matter if your knee is a touch
you need to eat you know I love it it’s more about even you can let your leg
blow it’s more about having your right hand as much as possible on the ground
and your left shoulder rate as much as possible around you turn your next
inhale bring your knees back towards your chest we draw two deep inhale here
and exhale draw ourselves to the left hand side bringing you games to right
hands up same thing here everybody pretty much
hair through bringing out that’s mine you one last exhale here one on sale and
they means factory grow cool and towards you bring the chin to chest
but big we want you to little boat movie release how cells need to shit thank you so much for sharing your
practice with me thank you so much for being on this journey with me
and I look forward to see you next time what about the yoga if you loved this
video comment section down below like and subscribe and I know I’m doing one
hand gestures butt off Yogi’s to deliver to you namaste

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