February 27, 2020
Yoga for Flexibility | Neck Stretches | 11 Minutes

Yoga for Flexibility | Neck Stretches | 11 Minutes

hi everyone welcome to a Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today we are gonna stretch out our neck so it’s gonna
be fairly short simple sweet all good things so just remember to subscribe to
my channel if you haven’t already find a comfy seat and let’s get started all right so finding that nice comfy
seat we’re actually gonna start by taking a few shoulder rolls just to
loosen things up a little bit so you can start by bringing the shoulders up
towards your ears really really high and then pull them back and drop them down
and then do that again bringing them up pull them back drop them down and then
make this one a little bit more smooth perfect
alright so sitting up nice and tall we’re gonna bring our chin towards the
collarbone so it’s just bringing some length into the back of the neck we’re
gonna keep our shoulders nice and soft here so we aren’t gonna be moving a
whole lot today because our neck is a pretty small area so I encourage you
guys keep your eyes closed if you’re comfortable doing so just feel your
breath settle into the stretch and with that chin falling down towards the
collar bone right now I’m gonna keep it there for another moment
it’s letting the head be heavy and then you’re slowly slowly I’m just gonna roll
your head over towards your left shoulder so keep that chin kind of
tucking towards your chest roll your head over and then your ears kind of
trying to find your shoulder feeling this now through the side of your neck we’re just starting off nice and gentle oftentimes I don’t know about you guys
but for me I I don’t realize how much my neck needs a stretch or is tight until I
start to stretch it so this feels pretty darn good so nice
and slow you guys let’s switch sides bring the chin towards the chest again
all the way towards that collarbone like the head roll all the way over to the
other shoulder that’s going till you find that gentle stretch of the neck if
you are starting to slouch and relax I want to grow a little bit taller through
your spine and once you do that drop those shoulders from the ears again nice work so let’s gently bring the chin
all the way back down gently roll the head back down Chin’s coming to the
collarbone and then where needs an inhale to lift the chin back so we’re
just gonna be bringing our hands behind our head for some support I’m going to
move into the front of the neck so just place the hands I like just kind of cut
the bottom of my head just there for support and you’re just gonna start to
lift the chin away from the collarbone so that you might lift just a little bit
you might lift a little bit more or just use your hands behind your head just to
hold all the weights because your arms might get a little bit fired up here I’m very slow we’re just gonna bring our
chin all the way back down to neutral neutral and then you’re gonna release
our arms to our lap so just kind of wiggle the shoulders a little bit we are
gonna do that all one more time with option to go a little bit further so
that was perfect for you it was it was a deep stretch through the neck you’re
just gonna do the exact same thing if you want a little bit more we’re just
gonna use some weight from the arms just to add a little bit more of a stretch
but let’s be gentle just acknowledge where you’re at mmm be
nice to your neck be nice and gentle with the neck so we’ll start with the
back of the neck the chins coming towards the collarbone yes maybe you’re
staying here like we were before just let that head be heavy hmm maybe you
want to clasp your hands behind your head and then just use the weight from
the arms to take you a little bit further but try not to pull on your head
just let the arms be heavy if you were using your hands on your
head just let them go back to your lab and then we’re all gonna let our head
roll over to the left shoulder again so move nice and slow if you need to take a
break you can take away a break but let the head roll over to that left shoulder
start to feel that stretch this side of your neck stay here or maybe the left
hand is gonna be a little extra weight on the head again not not pulling on the
head just letting the hand rest and the arm be a little heavy just a little longer in this one if you
want a little bit more that right hand it can actually reach for the floor and
as you drop that shoulder a little bit more you might feel that extra length
through the neck nice work you guys so whatever hands you might be using I want
you to let them go just keep your head falling over towards that left shoulder
and then slowly slowly let’s let the chin fall back down and go all the way
over to the right side and then just take a moment again if you started to
slouch sometimes that happens let’s sit up a little taller maybe adding your
right hand maybe not and that left hand also wants to reach
out for the floor answer to do that now nice are you guys so let the hands go
slowly drop the chin towards the collarbone pause here recenter relax
your shoulders and I’m going to use an inhale to bring the head back up or the
chin back up so just a little wiggle the shoulders a little rock of the chin
we’ve got one more we got to the front of the neck one more time so if you want
the hands behind the head for support bring them behind your head you can
start to lift your chin some of you might feel like the hands behind your
head actually prevent you from lifting the chin a little further you might want
to have your hands on your knees and just lift the chin let the head fall
back only go as far as Suniti or as you’re comfortable going we don’t want
to force anything nice this feeling all that Lang for the
front of the neck under that chin and then super slow you guys you might want
your hands to help you come back nice and controlled awesome work
all right just move a little bit maybe even give yourself a little massage of
your neck so who thinks that was super simple and you could have done that all
on your own had you just thought to take a seat and stretch your neck I know
if only we could do this every day just get into the habit we’d feel amazing I’m
sure but sometimes just doing super simple things we forget about and we
need somebody to remind us that we don’t have to do all these fancy stretches to
get a really good stretch so I hope that you’re feeling some love through your
neck move around you need to move continue giving yourself a little
massage ooh do it one more time whatever you need you guys until next
time bring your hands together in front of your hearts namaste have a great day you

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  1. Joined the 1,000 subscriber club last night 🤗❤ thank you all so much for reminding me why I do what I do 🙏. Have an incredible day! Today's practice is short and sweet so if you feel like you want more I have a ton of other videos you can choose from 👏❤

  2. Loved the video Rachel! I have been doing yoga since I was a kid!! Can never have enough of it! just subd you! hope you can return the love!

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