November 17, 2019

Yoga Block Pose To Relieve Back Pain, Anxiety & Improve Posture – Yoga To Feel Your Best

welcome today the majority of us have a
lifestyle that closes off the body daily tasks like standing or sitting long
hours working out running after the kids hunching over our phones all of this
often plays a role in our posture how we feel physically and emotionally and how
we breathe when the body is closed off we feel stressed not only physically but
emotionally as well creating anxiety and anger unable to function at our best
this pose I’m going to show you today will help open the chest upper back
shoulders to help counteract our daily habits to help you feel and move your
best for this pose you will need a yoga block or as shown here a tightly rolled
up towel or blanket that you can fit along the spine let’s begin place your
block or rolled up towel behind you come to your forearms and use your hands
to adjust the prop as you begin to lay back until the crown of your head rests
on the mat you if the head doesn’t quite reach the mat
yet or it feels a bit too intense feel free to place a pillow or prop
under the head for some extra height wherever you are here straighten the
legs begin to allow the body to melt over the block full inhale exhales sighing out any tension within
the shoulders the neck the upper back just be surrendering even if it’s just
for one moment even a millisecond just be enjoy allow here
it’s completely normal that when the body is tight to want to pull away from
the pose or tense up clench up it is our human nature when we are on our backs or
in a vulnerable position that we want to clench or tense do your best here to
utilize your exhales to sigh out all that tension softening the body again
even just for one moment surrendering here with a slow gentle inhales and
exhales no forcing just allowing the breath to flow in and
out at a nice gentle pace option to rest here if this is enough
for you you do not have to go any further or deepen the posture really
listen to the body be kind to the body however if you’d like to go deeper go
ahead and grab opposite wrists along the belly to add a little more weight over
the block you can play around here if this feels
good you can stay here or you can deepen the posture a little more by grabbing
the opposite elbows and taking an overhead again playing here see what feels good
you can also take the elbows in line with these shoulders for cactus arms
this is quite an intense chest opener so if you are just beginning this posture I
advise you stay exactly where you feel most comfortable when you’re ready gently come to your
forearms and remove the block come back to resting on your back you can to hug
the knees to chest give yourself a big squeeze here nice big hug you option to stay still finding some
stillness here or begin to rock side to side giving the back a nice little
massage release the feet to the mat allowing
your knees to fall inwards resting against each other nice deep inhales here with your exhales
softening the upper back shoulders no attention here just be taking a moment
to soak in the work that you did notice your breath just observe how it’s
flowing in and out maybe it’s easier maybe there’s no difference just yet
just observe when you’re ready roll to your right
side slowly come to seated take a nice big inhale hands coming up
overhead exhale heart center thank you for
joining namaste if you enjoyed this video don’t forget
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