December 8, 2019

100 thoughts on “X Ambassadors – BOOM (Official Video)

  1. This is the perfect " Kiss My Ass Goodbye !" song…. I'm not totally blind. Just 90% Hats off to the keyboardist. BOOMBOOMBOOM !!!!

  2. I don't like the ad these kind of females make me sick, always trying to prove strength. The can't just BE. I'm gllad i don't always have to act stupid like that.

  3. I very specifically searched, found and came to this video just down down vote it after the 40th time hearing it when trying to watch videos. Even now I'm writing this post just to talk shit about how much I hate your ad. I dont even know if I've used trip advisor but I'm irrationally irritated with your business.

  4. When I first initially heard the chorus I thought this was gonna be the stupidest song ever. But I was sadly mistaken. This song is so good I listen to it every single day lol

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