December 14, 2019
Women Try Crystal Healing For Chronic Pain

Women Try Crystal Healing For Chronic Pain

– There is no scientific evidence that crystals and gemstones
are able to treat ailments based off their color and chemical make. – Yeah, but it’s like
what else is healing us? Certainly not science, so. – Woooo! (air horn blasts) Shots fired at science! (tinkling music) – Hi, I’m Kelsey!
– And I’m Lara. – And our lives fucking suck. – Pretty much, yeah. – A lot of the time.
– Yeah. – We both live with chronic pain. And we’re not just talking about like, “Ooh, my shoulder hurts a
lot, ’cause I’m getting old.” I have a neuropathic pain
called trigeminal neuralgia. – And I have endometriosis, among many other pelvic
floor dysfunction issue. – The difference between the
two chronic pains that we have was that yours is possibly
from just genetics. – This is just something
you were born with. – Yep. – And mine came from a
mistake that a doctor made. But I’ve never tried
crystal healing, have you? – I have not. I have a crystal dildo
(laughs), to be honest, that someone recently gave me because they felt like it
was gonna heal me, but– – Were you just supposed to to shove– – Yeah, that’s the thing, like
– It up there like a fuckin… We use things like comedy as a defense (laughs) to get through the day. (new age music) – [Kelsey] After I did a
video a couple weeks ago where I tried medical
marijuana for my chronic pain, I thought, what else could we try? – Absolutely.
– Because– – I’ll try anything.
– Right? At this point if someone told you to stand on your head and sing
the ABCs you’d do it, right? – Probably already
have, honestly. (laughs) – Hi, my name is Julianna
Davis. I’m a Reiki master, crystal healer, sound
healer, spiritual teacher, psychic medium, and the owner of Auralux. – Oh my gosh, how long is
your business card? (laughs) What is crystal healing? – Crystal healing is using
crystals, which come in all various different kinds,
forms, colors, for healing. They have one of the most
pure geometric structures in all of nature. You actually can put an
intention into a crystal or program a crystal to do something, and it will vibrate in that energy. – It’s hard to get in that
mindset of not being like, “What the hell are we
doing here?” (laughs) And take it seriously.
– Yeah. – Though I don’t want to
disrespect the practice in any way, I want to take it seriously, but– – But you gotta admit,
it’s fuckin weird. (laughs) – It’s hard, yeah–
– It’s fuckin a weird thing. – It’s like, what are we actually doing? Sometimes I wonder who I would be if I didn’t have chronic pain?
– Mm. Oh my god. – I think I would be a different person. I’d be less angry, and– – Irritable.
– Yeah. – Are you ready? – Yeah. I’ll try anything. (oriental string music) – I’m just feeling into the endometriosis and everything that you’ve been through, with the surgeries, and the
pain, and the frustration. And I’m feeling some hopelessness as well. – Penn Medicine warns,
“Be wary when someone says that oils and crystals can cure
chronic medical conditions. Since those claims have not been proven, oil and crystals should be
used as complementary medicine, used in addition to,
rather than instead of, regular treatments. – So why is crystal healing
something that you would prescribe to people over regular medicine. – Like Vicodin. – I wouldn’t prescribe
it in lieu of anything. I think that’s the mistake or misinformation that’s out there, because it can very much
complement Western medicine. This is lapis lazuli which
is great for our third eye, and I’m gonna put it there for you. – Penn Medicine also points
out that crystal healing may have a placebo effect on people, because patients a positive outcome. I am highly susceptible to suggestion. I have taken a test before
where it actually says that I would be a really good candidate for placebo medication. – Visualize yourself walking through a beautiful forest on a bright, warm, sunny summer day. You might feel it in a
way where you feel heat or cold sensations
moving through your body. You might feel electrical pulses or waves of energy
moving through your body. You might just get into a
very deeply relaxed state, and almost fall asleep so you’re in this deep meditative state. Some people have actual physical releases. Their central nervous
system will release– (record scratch)
patterns of energy. – I’m not gonna shit my pants,
right? (laughing chatter) I don’t wanna shit on the table. – More of like a twitch or something. – Oh, got it.
– Okay. Does it ever not work for people? – I think that, once you get on the table and are actually receiving the treatment, (crystalline hum)
it’s hard to deny that something is happening.
(resonant crystalline hum) – [Lara] I’ve tried
Botox, I’ve had surgery, I’ve had things stuck to
me that shock my muscles, I’ve tried changing my diet approximately 3 million
different times (laughs). At the end of the day there is no cure. – I think I’ve tried every pill
known to mankind, which has (crystalline tone)
terrible side effects. I’ve had needles stuck into my brain stem, I’ve done every kind of scan, every (laughs) kind of weird Eastern pill mix of spices (laughs) and changing my diet, massage
therapy, physical therapy. – I think it’s important to be realistic– – Yes.
– You know, as well. – Of course. Yeah. There’s no magic pill that I’m gonna take that’s gonna cure me, but to
me being cured isn’t so much never having pain again, ’cause I don’t think that’s
realistic for my life. I think it’s coming to terms with it and being better equipped
at how to deal with it. And I guess that’s my goal. That would be a cure, to me. – I can feel it a lot in my hands. – Yeah?
– Yeah. It literally feels like
something’s vibrating in my hands. – Feel the grass and the
earth beneath your body, supporting you as you
gaze up into the sky. Gaze up into the sky and see beautiful white fluffy clouds. And as you’re gazing up at these clouds, you notice this beautiful beam of light begin to shine down towards you. (swiftly descending music) – I’ve never experienced
anything like that before. I just feel really relaxed and at ease. – So I was incredibly uncomfortable pretty much the entire time. I was itchy, and my foot was twitching. – Maybe it’s wishful
thinking, but it felt like she was pulling some of
my pain out of my stomach. I don’t have any right now, and
maybe it’s a placebo effect, maybe it’s the meditation,
but going into this, I had felt like shit all day,
my stomach hurt really bad when I laid down, and I feel better now. – The coolest part, though,
was with the sound therapy. (crystalline hum)
I could just feel that vibrating on all these muscles, and because I don’t have
any feeling in my face, I was able to feel it in other
areas, that felt really good. The pain, where it normally
is, is not as severe right now. So I definitely think there’s
some sort of connection between the crystals and the
relaxation that it brought. But I can’t stay this relaxed. I gotta fuckin function as
a human and boss-ass bitch and take over the world and shit. So it’s like where’s the compromise. I can’t just be taking an
hour out of my day every day to get to this level of
relaxation to not feel pain. – To just take that weight
off my chest was just one of the more freeing
experiences that I’ve had. And it’s hard to do that ’cause you don’t wanna burden people, and you don’t wanna burden yourself, but it gets really heavy. And it was like I felt
the weight coming off. – I think anyone who has a chronic pain should come at least
do this, at least once. So that someone can
read you and feel places that your body is trying
to tell you something. And we can’t always be in
tune with our bodies the way that someone who’s practicing
this every day can be. – I absolutely wanna do this
again, even if it’s just to take an hour for myself
every couple of weeks and allow myself to feel
exactly what I’m feeling. It’d be worth it. I’m not gonna stop going
to physical therapy, I’m not gonna stop seeing my doctor, and I’m not gonna stop
seeing my psychologist, but I think adding this in and
giving myself another outlet to just deal with the shit
that comes with chronic pain. It’s important to do that for yourself. (gentle hopeful music)

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  1. Behold the power of the placebo. Turns out that if you believe hard enough that your pain will go away, your pain may actually go away… for a little while. The brain is a wonderful thing, it can and does fight through all kinds of annoyance. Your crystals do nothing but look pretty, it's all in your head. That's not to say stop, if a placebo is working because you believe in it, cool you do your placebo. Just don't claim it's not science, it is. It's the science of psychology and you ran head long into the part where we laugh at you for believing weird things but then never tell you not to.

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    90% of the population wouldn’t be here today without the science that increased life expectancy and quality of life

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    How about if you go to the ER we give you crystals instead of treating your actual ailments.

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  8. I am a chronic pain survivor and a reiki healer. It has helped me dramatically to remain in control. Love and light to you both💖✨

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  10. I did the same, I have PCOS and try other healing types to achieve relief. Keep in mind crystals HAVE to obey free-will, they will only help if you allow them.

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    Child: I'm in PAINNNNN
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    Mother: I'm glad
    Child: I'll go recommend this to allll my friends!
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    Ok! When you get cancer don't bother going to the hospital. Just let it progress. Keep doing that crystal healing stuff. I'm sure it will work, and you won't die within a month! 🙂

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    That was honestly the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Do the world a favor and never procreate.

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  19. Everyone pre birth, chooses then writes a contract for the lives they are about to take. Roughly writing all aspects of their lives to endure. To learn necessary soul growth through life lessons.
    Spirit has the answers for etc

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  29. Don’t be dense. The science comment is a joke. And if you know both of their stories- medical science and doctors either didn’t take them seriously or was the cause of the pain. It was a joke.

  30. I'm a Crystal Healer and I'm so happy you guys were honest and true to your feelings before and after the session. Before I started studying and getting to know more about this therapy, I was just like you – skeptical and afraid of being deceived by a 'quack' therapist. Luckily I was terribly wrong. I felt the same way you did: I got into a deep relaxation that brought me clarity over many issues I was storing inside of me – kinda like recognizing and seeing my blind spots. After that session I had to study more about the crystals until I've found the technique that spoke to my heart. I started practicing it on my friends first and measuring the results after each session. I got really surprised how the crystals could work differently on every person, giving them exactly what they were asking for: relieve, relaxation, confidence, motivation, joy, bliss, balance… How can I doubt its power when I've seen so many positive results in less than one year of practice? I'm always looking to learning something new to improve my practice and I'm grateful for your shares in this video. Love is all there is. May the healing you're looking for find you unexpectedly. S2

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    Medicine: Lidocaine spray or injection. Look up ketamine clinics for pain. Zipsor is the best anti-inflammatory in the world.

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    Here's you scientific study that frequency therapy works!

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