September 19, 2019
Wholesale Real Estate | House Headaches & Popup meet in ATL

Wholesale Real Estate | House Headaches & Popup meet in ATL

(upbeat electronic music) – What’s up, guys? Welcome to another week of the vlog. We’re still here at Ebert
and it’s pissing me off. Here’s the reason, this
happens with flips. That’s why wholesaling
is much more beautiful, but flips are essential to this business. Some of them you’re just not
gonna be able to wholesale and you don’t wanna throw
money away in your business. So back we’re at the flip. Let me tell you the problem. There’s a water issue at this house with the drainage from the roof and where it goes and where
it drains off to the yard. And with these houses, your yard’s gonna get soaked regardless. And where the brick meets the foundation, we’ll go downstairs and look at it, sometimes you’ll have seepage, but what we had is a couple problems. We replaced the entire
gutters in this house, so all those white gutters are new, but the problem is the water was running, the problem is, the water was running down into that hole and
that hole was clogged. So Francis unclogged the hole, but before that, we thought that was our main drainage issue, but it’s not. There’s another one on the
front side of the house we’ll come check out. So pretty much, a lot of this roof, all the water runs to
this drain right here. Everything you see up here, pretty much this entire side of the house, runs to this one drain. So over the last week, we’ve
had very hard rainstorms, which is a good thing,
’cause we’re able to test the water retention in
this yard and downstairs. So that white pipe extension wasn’t there. All that water was
running directly down here and either sitting and
seeping down to the basement. And I’m gonna show you the solution, the problem and then the
solution that we came up with. So check this out. This is the back side of the house and this is the door I was telling you where all the drainage
was comin’ in originally. But what happens is when the center block meets the actual foundation
of the floor here, there’s usually, it’s not sealed. So what we’ve done in the past, what we’re gonna do with this one is we’re gonna cut a line about this big through the whole thing, and then we’re gonna seal it with this very aggressive adhesive that won’t allow water
to come in through there. And that’s just from water
seepin’ down in the ground and then eventually coming this way. So that’s how we fill that. We also direct all the
water from off the house as much as possible, because this basement is gonna be finished, and you
don’t wanna finish a basement knowing that there’s a water issue. It’s just bad juju. Let me show you the
front side of the house. So what happens when you have water, and this is the front side of the house where pretty much half
of the house’s water was coming to a drain right here. And you can see that by the drain now. The previous homeowner didn’t know how to take care of the problem. So usually, that usually happens, they just leave it. So we had to divert the
water somewhere else and make sure that it didn’t soak. Then the last rain held up. So what we do is we scrape
these walls completely. And then we’re gonna use
this very aggressive DryLok that’s gonna seal the entire walls, and we’re gonna make sure we
divert the water with the pipes away from the house, so
that we don’t have this. ‘Cause Francis, this is not good. – Right, yeah, and well the good thing is that if it ever rains like it did last week, if there was a little chance
of a little water getting in, we’re now finishing this area. – [Max] Correct. – So it’s not gonna– – Yeah, this side won’t be finished. – Right. – This side won’t be a finished basement, but we’re gonna make it
look nice and presentable. That side’ll be finished with air, carpet, the whole nine that’s gonna
be an extra 500 square feet. So this is the main reason
why we’ve been delayed, probably about two weeks, is that this stuff we’ve had to get done. And we couldn’t continue without knowing the exact place of the problem and how to fix it. So now that we’ve found that out, the solution is on the way, and we’ll be done with this house. I am saying in three weeks this house should be pretty
much close to being buttoned up. So the next time you see it, and I know I said that the last time, but the next time you this house, it’s gonna be done. I’m not showin’ you this house again until we’re pretty much done and we’re doing some of the final stuff. And then in the morning in a few hours, we’re headed to Atlanta to have a meeting and probably do a pop-up meetup. So if you guys are in
Atlanta, I will see you there. Hey what’s up guys. Welcome to another vlog,
another part of the vlog. We heading to Georgia. Atlanta, Georgia to be exact, and I got a meeting tomorrow, but I decided I wanna do a
meetup, because I always interact with you guys online, in
a Facebook group, YouTube. Now I wanna meet you in Atlanta. I’m gonna be at the Battery
at seven p.m. tonight. Hope to meet everybody there. And we’ll talk about real estate. See you guys later. (upbeat electronic music) Yo, what’s up Atlanta? I finally made it. And tonight at 7 o’clock
I’m gonna be right here. Right now it’s empty. I’m kinda hopin’ that
you guys from Atlanta can fill this up. We’re gonna talk real
estate for a couple hours, hang out, Q and A. I just wanna meet everybody, all right? I’m goin’ on this mini-tour. I wanna meet everybody
right here in Atlanta at the Battery Park, 7 o’clock tonight. Let’s talk real estate. See you later. (upbeat electronic music) What’s up man? Max alright, nice to meet you brother. – Nice to meet you.
– My pleasure. What’s up y’all? What’s up everybody? How you doin’? Max, nice to meet you. How you doin’, nice to meet you. Max, what’s up? Nice to meet you. What’s goin on man? Max. Pleasure, nice to meet you. My pleasure, how y’all doin? What’s up brother? How you doing? You doing alright? (upbeat electronic music) – So I recently just picked up my first lead list.
– [Max] Okay. – Like two days ago. And the list is a lot
longer than I thought it was gonna be. – [Max] What kinda list is it? – Uh it is an absentee on the list. – [Max] In state, out of state or both? – In state. – [Max] Okay. – So essentially the issue is now how should I go about like filtering out, where to aim, like skip tracing? Who can I hire or where can I go? ‘Cause I think, I’ve tried skip tracing a list once. It took me weeks to get it done. – [Max] Yeah, it’s hard yeah. – It’s a lot. – So how many is it, your list? – 30. – 30? – [Man] Around 30,000. – 30,000? Okay so what you need to do is you need to reverse engineer. You know how to find the
hottest zip codes in, what market are you in, Atlanta? – [Man] Mmhm. – So find, you know how to
find the hottest zip codes in the area? – [Man] Mmhm. – So look that up and see what the hottest zip codes and then match all your houses to that and start with those first. I would start with your top three before you start skip tracing every 30,000 ’cause that’s big. I mean I only skip trace 50,000 a month. You starting out with 30, that’s heavy. You’ll pay a lot of money but, but just what I would do is go on ListSource, and Google, YouTube, how to find, how to zip code with ListSource. And it’s gonna show you
how to do that, it’s free. Then match your zip codes with any house that you have for that area. And only take the top three
zip codes and skip trace those. Don’t skip trace, ’cause absentee necessarily doesn’t mean somebody is also motivated either. Alright it just means
they have a possibility of being motivated. Alright, so you might need to run that against another filter and take out people that’s like
absentee plus ten years. You know what I mean? – I have another question, you’re talking about ListSource
and everything like that. I remember one of the podcasts, you were talking about like getting real granular and getting into different lists and putting like, I guess different lists together. Can you go into a little
detail about that? – So I use this software
called Property List Manager. Alright and what we do is we pull data and we put it all in one
property list manager. And what it does is never
duplicates an address but it will tell me, hey this address is on
four of my lists, right. Could be on my tax delinquent list, my probate list. It could be on my vacant list, and my code enforcement list. Well if they’re on four lists, – Motivation’s gotta be up. – Exactly, right? So you gotta, you wanna take the time
and go after that one. Even more seriously. – The three key things that you know now, that you wish you had known when you first started out that may have brought you
success maybe a little quicker. – [Max] Yeah, three things right? – Three things. – Uh so, I don’t know if many of you know my story. Two years ago I was broke. Like 100% – [Man] Right now I’m broke. – Alright so I was, I was probably worse off
than you were, right. I was living back at my mom’s house at 30 years old. So I was done, I was dead broke. – [Man] Two years ago? – Two years ago, right? And since then I’ve made
over two million dollars in hotel and real estate. And one of the things that changed, the only thing that really changed, nothing around me changed. People were still doing the
same BS they’re doing today. The only thing that
changed was my mindset. Alright I started thinking
of things in abundance versus it being a limited thing. I stopped thinking, oh I can’t get that house for $10,000. And I was getting it for seven. Right I started thinking differently. And then I became one-track mind focused. As an entrepreneur, I have a problem chasing shiny objects. Right so I stayed at one, I stayed at this hotel and real estate until I knew it in my sleep. Right so I would say, maybe
I don’t have three things but I would say stay
focused, one-track minded, and change your mindset
to an abundance mindset. Really think of the glass half-full, versus half-empty. I know people hear that, that’s an elementary saying. Literally, the glass is half full. Right, ’cause if you go
in the wholesaling group, I see people skip trace their lists. Right, they’ll skip
trace a thousand lists. And 600 will come back and they’ll say, well what about my 400? Well what about the 600, you idiot? Think about it, you know what I’m saying? There’s probably three deals over there. Why are you worried about this? Figure that out, right. So if you put your mind to it
and become obsessed with it, right, obsessed with it, that’s when you start learning, 100%. I didn’t, I stopped listening to music, I don’t watch, I still don’t
watch football anymore, like I could, because my Sundays are now occupied with teaching myself how to do things now. I just cut that out. And it became a habit. I love football but I
don’t watch it anymore. If there’s a pawn shop
within 20 miles of it, you should go for it. Yeah, because think about
the concept of a pawn shop. – Right that is true, that’s true. Because you know in certain areas, like here in Georgia you have like the southern, southern areas
where there’s a lot of vacant homes, and a lot of homes that – It might be hard for you to sell it. – That’s what my worry is. – So just because a deal is only a deal if it’s truly a deal. Like, I don’t know how to say this. A house in Atlanta versus, there’s areas of Georgia that you’re probably just not, people won’t buy that, not enough population, the job market’s not good enough. Right, people gotta want it, want it for it to be a deal. – If you see some form of
re-gentrification going on, then
– Absolutely jump on it. – Jump on it quickly. – Yeah, I mean– – And if it’s slow. – Jump on it. That’s fact. The investors know about it, you gotta get on it. – What’s your best practice
on the double close? – I’ve never double closed in my life. – You never double closed? – [Woman] Even with a higher– – I made 50 grand on a wholesale. I never double closed. – The only reason I ask was you had so many times
you had those buyers that are looking more savvy, and they’re looking at their home once so you do the sellers– – I tell them to go kick rocks. Because what I tell my buyers is when I first interview them is, listen, I’m a wholesaler. I spend a lot of money
finding these properties. I might sell you a property
for 50,000 that I found for a dollar. Do you care? – I’m talking about on the front end. – Get a better attorney. Get a better attorney. – I’ve heard around here, what they want, they want
you to sign a document where the buyer and the seller signs it saying that you’re gonna
make this much profit. – Well it says it on the HUD. I don’t know what they do. – I saw it on the HUD, I just wanted to say you know what, when you get
to the closing table that you know that– – First thing my attorney does, when we get to the closing table is sit down, slides the unsigned check
in front of the seller. And they’re looking at that with the number that we
promised them on there. And he says okay, here
goes the HUD documents. This side, this side, sign right there. You’re gonna get this amount of money. Like I’ve never had that problem. – [Man] How many of them actually look at the HUD? – That’s, they care about the check. – So you always trust
it with your attorney? – Every time. My buyers, they tell me close my attorney, I tell ’em go kick rocks. My attorney knows how to control the deal, and set the expectation for the seller. Come on through here, what’s up? How you doing? – [Woman] How you doing? – He’s all occupied. – How are you doing? – I’m good, how are you doing? – Nice to meet you.
– Likewise. – Um, I have a question right, okay so I have a partner
and I’m working in Montgomery. We’re just getting started. – You just drove two hours
from Montgomery, didn’t you? – Yes I did. Just got out of the car (laughs). And well we have a potential seller. The man is looking for 100K on this house that is in a neighborhood where the houses sell for like 60,000, 66,000. And like, how low should we go? We were thinking like– – So the ARV is around 70,000. And you’re saying he wants a hundred? – Yeah. – That’s not a deal. – That’s not a deal, okay leave him alone? – And you could ask. So how I do it is I tell, if you watch Lewis, we just hired Lewis. – Yeah! – Right, so we tell Lewis to ask questions knowing that you want the answer. Right? So if you have kids, you
know how to ask questions knowing you’re gonna get that answer back that you want, right? Say hey, what are houses selling
for in your neighborhood? Uh, 60, 70 thousand. Another question, what type of repairs
does your property need? – Right, we can see the repairs. – Oh, like 15,000? Okay, so you understand
that I’m an investor and you want me to pay over retail for a house that needs repairs? And he’s just gonna go ding, light-bulbs are gonna go off. Or, I guess he just really
doesn’t wanna sell it, or he’s just playing games with you. – Okay, this is my first
time talking about this– – But I’ve went into houses
where people have said, hey I want a hundred thousand, I walked out with a $50,000 contract. – Right well I’m supposed
to meet with him tomorrow, and I wanna see how it goes. Do you think I should just cancel it? – No, you should get on the phone and say, I did some research in the neighborhood. Do you know what properties are selling for in your neighborhood? – Right. – He’s gonna say 60,000. 70,000. – Okay I do have one more question about, okay so today me and my partner, we were like sitting down
and trying to call people and trying to find
information on their homes and stuff like that. Like what is, I don’t
wanna say like an easy way, but what’s a sensible way to try to find all these homes, besides ListSource, is the court house like a good source? – So do you know the house address? – Yeah, we have the
addresses all written down. – So every county in
America has what they call a GEO or a GIS. So you’re gonna say Montgomery County GIS. And it’s basically the
Geographical Informational Systems. It’s basically the tax data. You put an address in
there or the person’s name, and it’ll pull up, oh this person owns the house. This is what they last bought it for. Here’s the tax value. It might even show you if
they owe taxes on it or not. Stuff like that. Do you know your hometown? – Yes. – Then you should do deals in there. It’s that simple. Even if you get one or two deals a month. I know people in Dayton that crushing it. So if you know the area, you could live here and
do deals over there. Yeah, I wouldn’t worry
about if it’s booming, worry about if people are buying. Right? Booming don’t matter. Cobb County ain’t booming. Or, or, what’s some other places that, not Cobb County but there’s Macon. Macon’s not booming. But the people are buying. So if you think it looks vacant and they’re paying their taxes. It couldn’t be a, it doesn’t have to be a money situation why they have to sell. It could be that they live, they had the house, it was a rental. They no longer want to be a landlord. They could be financially fit
to pay their taxes every year. Taxes are not expensive
in certain parts, right. So they could pay their
tax bill every year it comes in. Six, $700. but they no longer want
to be a landlord no more. And you calling them, and they know it’s not MLS ready. But they know they don’t want, you could just call them and it would be a big relief off of their heads. What’s gonna happen? Yeah I want to sell, no I don’t want to sell. You know what I mean? Don’t be scared of it. – I’m not scared, I just, I looked up the tax and I was just like, Why is everybody responsible? Everybody paying their taxes? – Because taxes are not, now if you go in certain places, taxes are way more expensive. Tax is cheap in Dayton, right? – Oo! That scenario is 100% what he’s saying. I got a property at 24, 28
Reeler Avenue in Dayton, Ohio that I’ve been letting sit for two years. – I got a question for you. How many absentee postcards do you get from other wholesalers asking you– – Hold on, I’m not a wholesaler. – No no no. – Oh, all the time. – Yes because you own a property
and you don’t live in it. So it shows up as absentee. – Yeah, period. – So you get stuff in
your P.O Box or whatever. – I throw it right away. – And it says, do you
wanna sell your house? – Yeah I just throw it away. – But you understand
that probably you didn’t, did you know about
wholesaling for a long time? – Oh yeah. I’ve been a real estate agent. – Nice to meet you man, absolutely. Thank you, thank you for coming out. Thank you, absolutely. – I’ve been a real estate
agent for 18 years, going on 19. – So you understand it. – I know, I’ve done all of it. – So why have you never like, wholesale it? – I have. – Because you bought so much, you bought so much property, you had to run across, you probably were wholesaling, you probably were wholesaling before you knew what wholesaling was. You came across something
you wanted to buy, and your friend was like, nah I’ll buy that from you. Oh, give me an extra three grand. – I bought a house at an auction, didn’t even know where it was. I asked my guy, this is an 830, I know all my addresses, I’m never home. So it’s 831 Ferguson Avenue
in Dayton, Ohio 45417. So with that being said I’m like, where is Ferguson Avenue at? He was like, it’s over in the hood, just say no. I jumped on the phone. I bought it for 7500. Jumped on the phone, sold it for 17, five. And I ain’t even see it. I go over there that
night with a flash light, I’m like oh, thank god I sold it. (Max laughing) (upbeat electronic music) – So that’s it. You got to witness a cool meetup. This is my second one. Baltimore was the first one. Atlanta was my second one. I think there was
probably a hundred people that came out. When I do these type of things, I am so appreciative of
people that are coming out, and wanting to learn about real estate. I’m truly obsessed with real estate. So it’s cool to meet other
people that are obsessed with it, and talk about it. But maybe I’ll be in your city next. And like I always say, if you’re watching this
vlog at this point, please subscribe. Press the bell so you
get the notifications and like this video. And I’ll see you guys in the next video. (steady music)

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