September 19, 2019
When to see a neurologist for headaches or migraines

When to see a neurologist for headaches or migraines

One of the most common things we see in our
practice is headaches and specifically migraines. And not all headaches are migraines, but all
migraines are headaches. And to kind of specifically migraines themselves,
the classic textbook description is a one-sided headache usually kind of toward the front
area that comes on somewhat quickly, becomes quite debilitating and usually people get
nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity and find that going in a dark room and kind of and
taking a nap is the most helpful. People often wonder, you know, when do you
see a doctor for migraines? Migraines are quite common in the general
population but not everybody sees a neurologist for one. Usually we see people who have frequent migraines,
they’ve never had headaches before and now they’ve started having headaches, or they’re
having some infrequent migraines but they’re so debilitating that it’s causing frequent
ER trips. The most common type of headaches we see we
call primary headaches, which is where we don’t have an exact answer as to why we’re
having headaches. However, we can usually treat them; people
can do quite well. When it comes to migraines there’s usually
two kinds of medication treatments. There’s the medications you take when you
get headaches, called abortives, the medications you take each day to try and prevent those
episodes from happening in the first place or decrease the severity of ones that do occur.

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