December 8, 2019

When should I see a spine surgeon for my back pain? – Reston Hospital Center

Back and neck pain is very prevalent. It’s only second to the common cold for cause
of missed work in the United States. It is a delibitating condition that can often
times resolve itself with activity motification, short periods of rest, and going back to your
normal activities within a couple of days. Often times what I tell patients is that if
you develop back pain, start with ibuprofen or some sort of anti inflammatory. I would keep moving. Ideally the more you get your heart rate up
and the oxygen up to tissues, patients typically do better. So we try to recommend to stay as active as
tolerable. If you are not better within a couple of days
I would consider discussing that with your primary care physician. If you’re not better within a couple of weeks,
depending on where the location of the pain, you may want to see a spine doctor.

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