September 15, 2019
When Should I Go to the ER for Chest Pain? – David Feldman, MD – Emergency Medicine

When Should I Go to the ER for Chest Pain? – David Feldman, MD – Emergency Medicine

– When should a person know to come to the emergency
department for chest pain? It’s when they have chest pain that they’re concerned
about and they would like to make sure that it’s not
life threatening or dangerous. So there’s two buckets of chest pain. Those that are life
threatening and dangerous, and those that are not. If you come to the emergency room we will be more than happy to see you. We’ll do the appropriate testing and we can determine if the
cause of your chest pain is something that’s acutely
life threatening and dangerous. We may actually tell you, as
the emergency room doctor, I don’t know the cause
of your chest pain today. That’s actually a good thing. Because that means that I’ve eliminated the dangerous causes. I’m not saying nothing’s wrong. That you have chest pain is that something is abnormal with your body. But, then you can safely follow up with your primary care doctor. And then they have tests and specialists they have access to that we don’t in the emergency room. Really, the answer is,
the legal definition is the common person’s or lay person’s definition of emergencies is essentially anything you’re concerned
about, especially chest pain. The early warning signs, you could seek emergency care immediately. In terms of examples of
symptoms would be things like chest pressure, chest
discomfort, squeezing tightness, sharp pain and then associated
difficulty breathing. Certainly if there’s any
fall or recent injury and you’re having chest pain from that you should come in as well.

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