November 20, 2019

15 thoughts on “What to Diffuse When You Have a Sinus Headache

  1. Hi Andrea!
    do you have a good way to label your Essential Oil stock blend bottles when you make them up? I seem to put a label on something and the oil tends to smear my pen ink and then I end up not knowing what is in the bottle, LOL

  2. I don't have Ravintsara essential oil. can I use eucalyptus instead? or any other oil? I have about 70 different essential oils.

  3. Can you please share what essential oil diffuser you use? I recently purchased one and it did not work right. I spent almost 90 bucks and I am hesitant to buy another eo diffuser. Can you give a professional recommendation?

  4. This is so perfect for right now. You are a goddess! My sinuses are driving me crazy. So thank you!

  5. Hi Andrea, I don’t have Revintsara, eucalyptus or Saro, Can you suggest another substitute please

  6. Hi Andrea, If I was going to put the essential oils straight into my diffuser how many of each oil do you recommend. Thanks

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