September 19, 2019
What is Ramipril?| Ramipril and High Blood Pressure | What are the side effects of taking Ramipril?

What is Ramipril?| Ramipril and High Blood Pressure | What are the side effects of taking Ramipril?

Today we’re talking about Ramipril. Ramipril is an ACE inhibitor which is
the sort of medicine that does a lot of things but in this instance, we’re talking about
how it can control your blood pressure. If you’ve got high blood pressure it can end up
leading to a lot of damage in later life so it’s really important to keep it well controlled Ramipril helps to very slightly relax the blood vessels so bloody can flow around your body
at a slightly lower pressure. Ramipril when you first start taking it can
sometimes drop your blood pressure very low and so it’s a good idea to lie down
fairly soon afterwards good idea probably to take it just before bed,
the first couple of doses if you’re lying down you can’t fall. Ramipril is a really good example
of the sort of medicine where it’s a good idea to get regular blood tests and check that thing like your sodium levels your potassium levels, all sorts of things like that are well controlled. If any of the numbers come back a little bit out the GP can give you some advice on how you can change that in terms of salt intake in terms of what you’re eating,
there’s lots that you can do to help out there. One of the things that contributes
to having high blood pressure most is how much salt we have in the food that we eat. NHS guidelines very clearly state we should be
aiming for 6 grams or less every single day. That’s for adults. One of the things with guidelines is that it’s
sometimes difficult to visualise what that means. So in order to help you reduce the amount
of salt in your diet and therefore reduce any risk of high blood pressure we thought we’d show you what those
guidelines look like in action so, here’s a day’s worth of salt. Not too much. Most of us are having more
then that every single day. Here’s a week. It’s a lot of salt. You could cut back on that
and probably not miss it too much. What does a year look like? It’s quite a lot of salt. But wait, we’re not done just yet. This is a year. That’s a year of salt. We can all cut back. For some hints on how to cut back on
the amount of salt that you’ve got in your diet check out the links that we’ve got below there’s some really good NHS guidance on salt on changing your food habits and it’s something we can all do to help ourselves.

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