September 19, 2019
What Does Chest Pain Mean | Seven Causes Of Chest Pain

What Does Chest Pain Mean | Seven Causes Of Chest Pain

Seven causes of chest pain. It is often thought that chest pain is not
related to dangerous situations, but if you feel your chest pain on a daily basis, it
is important to consult a doctor if something is not hidden.
Most women may have experienced a state of chest pain or sensitive. Many people think that it is a serious disease
or inflammation because it is worried that there is something wrong. In fact, this symptom is related to various
factors. It is due to a possible illness or a change in hormonal condition. In this video, I will introduce 7 causes of
chest pain. 1. Factors related to hormones. General hormonal balance fluctuations are
the main causes of chest sensitiveness and pain. When young women start a physiological
cycle, they often experience pain a few days before that cycle. It also occurs frequently for people with
premenstrual syndrome and irregular menstruation .
As ovulation, pain may also occur during menstruation .
The use of pills and hormone replacement therapy may be a further cause of this symptom. 2. Cysts in breast tissue. The cyst is a protuberance of the skin filled
with bodily fluid, made in the breast tissue. There are things due to hormonal balance change
and inflammation, but it may happen when the mammary gland grows big. I think that there are times when you start
to feel uneasy about being visible, painful, or breast cancer, but they are benign that
you can easily treat. However, it is important to consult with your
doctor as soon as possible before getting big enough to feel uncomfortable or visible
. 3. Chest tumor. Chest weight and pain may be an infectious
condition known as a tumor. Accumulation of pus accumulated in the tissue
of the chest causes small lumps, causing pain when touched. It is mainly caused by bacteria that enter
the chest through cracks caused by drying which can be done when nipples or breast-feeding. Antibiotics are required to control immunity,
so it is important to have a doctor’s diagnosis in detail. 4. Breast cancer. Inflammation and pain of the breast tissue,
especially when repeated symptoms , and breast cancer might be related. Nonetheless, it is rare that breast sensitivity
is due to breast cancer. Pain in the chest due to cancer is evidence that cancer development
is slowly beginning to appear, so if the cause of the pain is breast cancer, other symptoms
accompanying it may already have already occurred. 5. Pregnancy. Changes in hormonal balance associated with
pregnancy are also one of the main causes of chest pain. Actually most women become
initial symptoms during pregnancy. Women feel more sensitive when they are first
pregnant or when pregnant at a young age. In early pregnancy, the chest increases in
size, and in addition to pain, blood flow to the chest increases, so blue small veins
may appear to emerge. 6. Breast feeding. Breastfeeding is a special time to feel connected
with children, but pain is inevitable. Regardless of whether a woman is nursing or
breast-feeding , breast milk production and hormonal movement are accompanied by unpleasant
pain. In addition, if there is dryness or cracks
in the chest, invasion of bacteria or yeast infection may occur. If pain occurs regularly and does not improve
even after a long time, please consult a doctor about suspicion of infection. 7. Mastitis. Mastitis is a state of inflammation, which
occurs when the breast duct is tied during breastfeeding. It is susceptible to attacks by viruses, bacteria
and other bacteria on breasts during breast-feeding, causing inflammation. In addition to pain, it may accompany the
following symptoms. Redness.
inflammation. heat.
Feeling of exhaustion. General discomfort. As I have introduced, my heart is a sensitive
part that is affected by various factors. If you have any problems, please consult
your doctor.

37 thoughts on “What Does Chest Pain Mean | Seven Causes Of Chest Pain

  1. it helps me a lot to know what is the reason why i feel uncomfortably in my chest…thanks for sharing your video in youtube

  2. I feel chest pain on hourly basis, most of the time when I feel chest pain it's when I deeply breathe in (or deeply breathe out). What does that mean and how do I treat it? (I'm 14 years old)

  3. Every time I take a breath (sometimes) my heart hurt only I thought it was chess but no… I hope this information helps a lot or someone tells me what does it mean God blesses you šŸ˜ƒ

  4. I have a question why everytime I kept feeling chest pain on the upper left side of my chest on some days or some weeks or some years which is so irritating and weird.

    Its showing redness after sleep

  5. I feel pain in my right chest, sometimes left and i cant breathe, my neck hurts and, the pain lasts about hour everyday. But i still feel pain thoughout the day. Should i see a doctor?
    i also feel anxious and cant sleep propely, my back hurts

  6. Hi, i am a boy and on my left breast is paining when I touch hard plz tell me my age is 12 years

  7. I came here cus my mom had a very bad chest pain she is in the hospital right now thank you some much for the information

  8. I'm six years old, I've talked to my doctor about chest pain. I have anxiety and my doctor said "it's because of anxiety" I believe that

  9. wow i get pain on hourly basis the pain around my man boob like on the left side of the boob on left side of my chest what does that mean? is that a heart diseases? i mean i get chest pain sometimes but like it isnt really painful its like small pain on my left boob please help (14 yrs old)

  10. Chest pain can also be cause by iritation to a rib bone. The rib bone too close to the inside. Though it is not serious it will cause pain or discomfort. It is caused by growth so if you grow you may have chest pain. This type of chest pain last for a few weeks. If it gets worse, goes on for more than a few weeks or worsening symtoms you may want to see a doctor. Just take pain killers or see a doctor. It happened to me and I went to the hospital because my dad did not want to take chances they gave me some kind of pain killer and so far I feeling good. The doctors may also so a x-ray, or some kind of sonic thing. If you got to this sentence thank you for reading.

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