December 14, 2019
What are the Controversies associated with Hypertension?

What are the Controversies associated with Hypertension?

morning my name is Professor enicore
agabiti rosei i am a professor at the University of Russia I am the past
president of the European Society of hypertension on May 14 at 11:30 European
time I will give a live lecture on hypertension and in particular on
controversies in hypertension’s despite many studies and research in this field
there are still some points that need to be clearly elucidated in the meantime
also according to the guidelines that have been released by several scientific societies
and in particular on the European society within society of cardiology
European society of adaptation we have given a some indication on how to manage
some important topics related to the management of adaptation for the daily
clinical practice in particular I will touch the point of blood pressure
measurement and especially the use of out of office measurements that seems
more and more important in the clinical practice in order to have more
information on how to treat these patients than particularly on how the
blood pressure may be controlled by interpretation treatment for the
evaluation the assessment of hypertensive patients a particularly in
Europe the use of the measurement of initial Sub clinical damage our target
audiences have become a common practice this is particularly important not only
because the presence of early cardiovascular structural alterations
which the indication of increased cardiovascular risk holds because this
alteration may be regressive by anti potency treatment and this regression
sometimes may be related to an improved clinical prognosis in addition there are
several point on treatment dare to deserve some discussion first of all the
lifestyle approach which is very important for every patients for those
who remind a potential those who with more advanced and disease and among the
non pharmacologic approach certainly the reduction of sodium intake is very
important but when and how much the sodium intakes should be reduced that is
still a matter of research in the treatment of hypertension in order to
obtain the maximum benefits what is very important is to establish when to start
treatment and what is the target of treatment certainly many places are not
well controlled this is due to several causes and particularly to poor
adherence to treatment as well as to clinical inertia by the doctors and this
point deserves some discussion as it is very important to establish what is the
best way for choosing the treatment the pharmacological treatment in
hypertension and which drugs to use in some specific subgroups of patients and
as most of this patient should have a brass blocker in their treatment is also
important to establish what are the advantages and disadvantages of using as
inhibitors or angiotensin receptor rockets finally particularly European
guidelines but also American guidelines and the importance of
a combination treatment in order to obtain the target blood pressure and
more cardiovascular protection Korean guidelines suggest that in most of the
cases combination treatment we should be even from the beginning so these are the
points that I’m going to discuss and I’d be happy to show what is the view
particularly how European doctors and also to answer to your questions thank
you very much

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