September 19, 2019
Way Back When Episode 3: 21 // Viddsee Originals

Way Back When Episode 3: 21 // Viddsee Originals

Hey Jon! Hey Luke! Hey bro, how are you? Good, I’m good. Nice to see you. I am okay too. This is Rebecca? Oh, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I’m Jon. Hello Jon. Jon is my buddy in secondary school. Looking good huh? Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, very compatible. Hey bro, you are my only hope ah. Don’t disturb me. Well, I’m going to get some drinks. Do you all want anything? It’s okay, we will get it ourselves. Sure? Yeah. Okay can, I will see you all later. Okay, thanks man. That was Jon, prankster in school– Luke! Hey! How are you doing? I am good, you? Good, yea! Have you graduated already? Um no, I still have one more year to go. You are? Hi, I am Rebecca, nice to meet you. Hi, I am Charlotte. Charlotte was from my clique. Girlfriend? Yes. Funny how we are both dressed like Princess Leia. Hi! Can you introduce me — So this is Joshua, he is Emily’s cousin. This is Lucas, my neighbour and my secondary school classmate. Luke Skywalker, cute ah. Oh yes, and uhhh– sorry I forgot… Rebecca, nice to meet you Boyfriend? Not yet. How did the two of you meet? Oh! Funny story, he dropped me a message on Facebook. Never have I ever, understood soccer. Let’s drink! For soccer, bro! Go on, some more, some more! For soccer right?! Okay next, next! Never have I ever liked — Star Wars. Star Wars! Never have I ever– used a cheesy pick up line on someone. Why you all look at me? She’s looking at you! Drink, drink, drink. Faster! Next, next! Come, my turn, my turn! Never have I ever — had sex with someone, in this circle. Why so quiet? Hey, confess la, confess! Hmm, okay okay. Woah! Drink, drink, drink! Let me help you. It’s okay, it’s okay! Faster, faster! Ah Ma. You shouldn’t have drank so much, you came back all drunk. Here you go. What do you think you were doing? So embarrassing. How did I come home last night? Charlotte and a guy brought you home. Huh? Where’s Rebecca? Why wasn’t she back with you last night? Luke! Why did you drink for her? Luke, talk to me. Go away. It was her king’s cup! Why did you have to do this? Luke! How is he? Hey, are you okay? Next time, don’t do that okay? Why? Because I can take care of myself. No, you can’t. Yes I can. Let’s go. You know, I will do anything for you.

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  1. Actually it's a very good show, but why don't want remake all with a 1hr movie. This episode seems not link with ep4 grandma passes on.

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