April 6, 2020
Voice Coach Reacts | Mariah Carey | HERO | Tokyo Dome 1996 | LIVE

Voice Coach Reacts | Mariah Carey | HERO | Tokyo Dome 1996 | LIVE

Today I’m listening to Mariah Carey sing
“Hero”. Keep watching. Hi, everybody! It’s Christi Bovee with The Voice Love Company.
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details in the description box below. Now let’s get started. I’m picking my way
through requests that have been on my list for almost a year and this is
definitely one of them: Mariah Carey singing “HERO” at the Tokyo Dome in 1996.
Let’s dig in. 🎶 🎶 It’s interesting knowing that she’s in
the midst of a concert. Her voice sounds a little tired to me and a little extra
compressed. I’m feeling a little worried.
I love Mariah Carey’s voice! I should probably preface anything that I’m going
to say with that, but I have actually not seen this video before and I’m just a
little concerned, you know, that she may be fatigued. That her voice is gonna be a little bit tight and
therefore strained. Let’s just keep going and hope for the best. Here we go… 🎶 🎶 What a great song first of all. Amazing.
It’s so much fun to have these songs that are blast from the past. They bring
back great memories. I’m still a little bit gun shy. I’m feeling like she’s
singing with a lot of fatigue and so therefore it is taking a lot for her to make the
sound. Let’s see how she recovers. Here we go… 🎶 🎶 🎶 Wow, I mean it’s just incredible her
ability to float from one end of her range to the other! She’s without peer
really. Just talented! She is so stinking talented. so yay I’m still hearing a
little bit of that fatigue, nevertheless, and some of it is the way she comes into
her phrases. There’s a lot of compression and pinching to get into it and so you
know that’s very tiring to the voice. Having a lot of glottal attacks, a lot of tension…
you’re really working the vocal folds and the muscles here and it is not as
supported with the breath. Nevertheless it’s worked for her, right? I mean, she is
truly incredible! so let’s just keep going and see how she does here… Can you hear that pinch and stress? Everything is very pinched and
compressed. And that creates vocal fatigue. It really does. And sometimes when you’re
already tired and you’re continuing to sing a song with a lot of this
kind of compression, it is hard not to just go all the way into full vocal tension. So be careful. It’s a cautionary tale I guess I should say. Okay, let’s keep
going… It’s interesting to see her larynx! It
actually looks very relaxed! There’s not a lot of movement with it going
up and down. It’s just very, very relaxed So, that’s awesome! Okay, now we’re going
into the bridge…here we go… 🎶 🎶 Oh my gosh! She is so good. It’s so
lovely to hear her in her prime. She was amazing and just her melodic choices are
so tasty, so well done! Whether she’s tired, whether she’s using
compression… let’s all put that aside because she’s a master! This
is a master class in riffs and runs without a doubt! It’s just so
enjoyable to hear how she can take a song that she’s sung hundreds and
hundreds of times and make it fresh and new every single night. Okay, let’s keep
going. 🎶 How much fun must that be to be able to
sing like that? Oh my goodness! Wow. Incredible. Okay, let’s deconstruct this
just a little bit more. Just as a cautionary tale for those of us who are
human because she is out of this world obviously. When we sing down in our chest
voice with a lot of heaviness…there’s a weight to how she’s singing and you
could hear it here. It’s really important that we use a little more levity, more
lightness in those low notes so that we have some buoyancy to get up to higher
notes more easily. I’ve worked with students on this song before. This is kind of an “Everest”
song I would say for a lot of my students because it’s very difficult. But
one thing I would tell my students quite often is watch how heavy you’re singing
those chest voice notes. Because if you’re singing them too weighty it’s
gonna be really hard to get up and over to the top notes. Now she has managed this is incredibly
well in her career. She is up and down her register… 🎶 without any problems at all! She’ll just take a right turn and sing way up high where you don’t expect it without
any trouble at all. She is the equivalent of an elite
athlete here and I think that’s something to keep in mind as well. There’s not
too much more that I want to say about this video other than to point out some
of my favorite places where she’s just a master at her riffs and her runs… Here’s another run that I just
absolutely love. And let’s not forget this masterpiece. That’s my favorite one!
Oh my goodness, I love that interval. it’s gotta be….oh, it’s what? Is it a ninth? It’s
such a fun surprise that I wasn’t expecting, but she just nails it. I mean,
wow. I really appreciated the surprising twist in this run… It would be so awesome to be able to
master some of these. It makes me want to go and practice! I can really hear her
working her resonators. She’s able to flip up into that very breathy,
head voice placement… But then also have a really strong high
belt note as well…That was really a lot of fun to hear again! Loved it! Well, that’s it for me today. Like if you
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wonderful singer and definitely someone worth emulating, but be careful! Keep
finding YOUR voice and making YOUR sound in the world today. Not Mariah’s, but
YOURS. The world is waiting for YOU to show up. And remember: YOU ARE LOVED. Bye guys!

23 thoughts on “Voice Coach Reacts | Mariah Carey | HERO | Tokyo Dome 1996 | LIVE

  1. Her voice does get tired easily because she has vocal nodules. They became more obvious as time went on but the signs have been there through her whole career. I can’t believe she gave us amazing vocals with them. I’m glad you noticed the phrasing problems on certain words the nodules can be very obvious even in her early studio recordings. It may be because she doesn’t have good vocal cord closure she has to work harder to phrase her words and get the sound out. She also does breathy whispers a lot I think that may be part of bad vocal cord closure due to the nodules but it makes it easy for her to do light falsetto whispers and according to her the nodules make it easy for her to hit the high whistle register. At 7:25 when she sings IS it’s like their is a small vocal break I’ve noticed this on certain words her voice tends to crack because of the nodules I believe. She still has a beautiful voice but the nodules definitely continue to affect her.

  2. I have a great request! Celine Dion "Vole" from Paris 95. It's a beautiful song which was gifted to her, Her niece Karine who passed from cystic fibrosis at the age of 16. She actually died in Celine's arms as she sang to her. It's really a stunning song but a sad one!

  3. She’s singing absolutely this was at the end of the most vocally demanding show in music history and she made it look like a piece of cake there’s no surprise she’s the GOAT in singing the resonance on that F5 and G5 is what makes her the greatest vocalist of all time as a vocal coach it was a privilege seeing her live in the same year at London

  4. She’s the BEST!!!! This was the 14th out of 15 songs that she performed that night, and all of the songs before she performed hero were sang live without playback and were equally as vocally challenging as hero, probably why the Daydream tour took a huge toll on her vocal quality. PLEASE REACT to MAKE IT HAPPEN live from Tokyo Dome 1996 (same concert)!!! Make it happen from the same night is one of her best performance ever!!! NEW SUBSCRIBER HERE ❤️

  5. I love the "breakdown" part of this video which I don't see on other reaction channels. I hope you can react to her other performance on that concert. Try 'Anytime You Need a Friend'.

    P.S. New sub here 🙂

  6. Please react to If It's Over at the Grammys. It's really her best performance vocally and technique wise.

  7. omg I love your style of reaction. please react to her song "If it's Over" performed at the Grammys 1992 and arguably the best Grammy performance EVER and she showed how to use all of the registers from low to modal to high belts to whistle register flawlessly. 💜

  8. Hi! First time watching your videos and this was very nice 🙂
    As a Mariah fan, I think this performance is by far not her best and it's very hyped because of the 'extreme' vocals she used on the climax of the song, which is great. But for this song, there are far better performances, and even not for a reaction but for you to watch on your own, I'd recommend it live on Spain in 1994.

    And for other Mariah reactions, I'd really like for you to react to her performance of "Love takes time" at Kulan back in 1990

  9. I hope you react next to “Love Takes Time Stockholm Live 1990” it’s one of her most legendary performance ever. I promise u will get goosebumps ❤️

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