September 19, 2019
Two Things to Focus On to Rid Diabetes Type II

Two Things to Focus On to Rid Diabetes Type II

Hi guys. We’re back again in this video.
We’re gonna talk about two things to focus on to rid diabetes type 2, okay? Out
of all the things that you can do, there are two things that are the most
important. The first question is, what is diabetes type 2? It’s a problem with
insulin. It’s actually too much insulin. Type 1 is not enough insulin, but type 2
is too much insulin. So what is insulin? Insulin is a carbohydrate hormone. So
it’s a hormone that regulates carbs. So the two big things and there’s a lot of
things that can trigger insulin. The two big things are number one, consuming
sugar AND frequent eating. So if we take a look at sugar and frequent eating. So
which one of these do you think is more important to focus on, okay? It’s this one
right here. Frequent eating. So if you, if you actually just make this one change
and you eat less frequent and let’s say you do two meals a day. Some people even
do one meal a day or even three meals a day, no snacking you will see more change
than if you cut off the sugar and kept eating all day long, okay?
So this is the most important thing right here to focus on. This is the
second most important thing to focus on. Now if you do these in combination, it is
very, very powerful. But the problem is that people, in their mind, they don’t
realize what sugar is. They think, oh just added sugar. No, I’m talking about
all the foods that turn into sugar very fast. Like the breads, the pasta, cereal,
the crackers, the biscuits, the waffles, the pancakes, the muffins. It’s hard to go
anywhere without running into sugar. I mean I was at the grocery store the
other day and I saw this wall of Gatorade, you know. It’s all sugar water,
sports drinks. It’s everywhere. Juice, alcohol, there’s a lot of hidden carbs
and social events, birthday parties. I mean it’s in popcorn, and chips, and
potatoes. It’s everywhere. So you really have to just be aware of what sugar is
or what a high-glycemic food is and start to cut that down to the point
where you keep it really, really low. And then frequent eating, that’s another
challenge too, because all you’re doing is you’re spiking insulin and then
what’s happening, the insulin is bringing the sugars down now you’re going to be
hungry again. So you want to gradually phase into this.
Now I created a real simple, easy, fast mini-course down below. You could click
that and just learn how to do this. Where I combined everything at once. So you’ll
see huge changes just by tweaking these two things right here. Alright? So if
you focus on that, that’s going to be your greatest tool to overcome diabetes.
Thanks for watching. Hey, thank you so much for watching. Keep spreading
the word and share this video.

90 thoughts on “Two Things to Focus On to Rid Diabetes Type II

  1. Hi Dr Berg, Does HIIT (intensive Weight training) and lack of sleep affect Blood sugar levels in the short term? (as in lead to a temporary increased Blood sugar reading)? many thanks

  2. I'm absolutely astonished! Eating every 2 hours was the last item on a long list of behaviors the doctor gave my newly diagnosed hubs to do! Luckily I found your videos in time to help him decrease his fasting blood sugar by more than 100 points in a month (Ha1c now 5.6). We've completely ignored the doctor's advice, ate your (Karen's) bread recipe instead of store-bought whole grain bread, but I'm still sending snacks in hub's lunch. He can eat it all at lunchtime now. So, so thankful to have found you.

  3. Dr. Berg, I was experiencing tingling and numbness in my feet, was informed I was pre-diabetic. I went on no meat, only vegis for three months. Didn't lose a pound and I continued to feel the tingling and numbness and blurred vision. I found you online and started following your advice. I've been Keto eating for only four days now and my husband and I went to bedbathandbeyond lastnight-tingling and numbness are gone, I sleep all night now, I feel emotionally strong and I'm never hungry! And I was able to put on jeans I haven't zipped up in 4 mths:) Four days only!!!! If anyone is suffering w diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure please listen to this man!!!! I'm so excited to be able to play tennis, or just walk and not feel that crazy feeling of Tingling and numbness! Thank you Dr. Berg. Also, do you have a book??

  4. I have been in Ketosis 5 weeks, however, I'm already fit, never been overweight, and I always exercise and do a cardio workout, I always eat healthily, I made total cholesterol test and I'm really surprised ! how come my LDL cholesterol high! how this possible! does anger, stress or depression sometimes raises the LDL cholesterol? here is the results: Total Cholesterol 205 (100-199 mg/dl) – Triglycerides 49 (0-149 mg/dL) – HDL Cholesterol 71 (>39 mg/dL) – VLDL Cholesterol 10 (5-40 mg/dL) – LDL Cholesterol 124 HIGH (0-99 mg/dL) ! Thanks

  5. Thanks Dr. Berg. I will send this to my mother, who is an adrenal type. I try to convince her the keto is the way to go but she says she can't go w/o carbs to feel full. Insulin resistant too I fear 🙁

  6. Please advise about spinach powder? are they same in Nutrition ? can we use it to consume lot of vegetables in easy way ?

  7. Completely agree… except…. Making it sound like you can never have unhealthy foods. Husband and I have made a rule to not eat sweets (or other unhealthy foods) unless it is at a celebration ie. wedding, birthday party, etc.

  8. Love what you do. Great video . Do you have a video on a cold diet …. Where I work I really don't have a microwave, I'm a commercial driver and have a really difficult time not having warm food

  9. Hello Dr. Berg, can u tell why I crave for something sweet after dinner. I don't crave for it after lunch or breakfast. It only happens after dinner. Thanks

  10. Thanks Dr Berg, I have done this thanks to you and my levels are way down and I am over 60 pounds lighter and feel so much better. You have helped me more with these videos than my many doctors have in 10 years . Thank You!!!!

  11. You forgot excersize and high intensity workouts. Building muscle mass also highly increases insulin sensitivity and helps the body get rid of excess sugar faster.

  12. Hi Dr Eric I want know how to create a muscle building deit plan I have read that many articles that says 1 gram of protien per pound of bodyweight , 2 gram of carbohydrates per pound of bodyweight and fat 0.3 gram per pound of bodyweight. I know that protien and carbohydrates have 4 calories and fat have 9 calories but don't get enough calories against my activity levels. I would like to know how to create muscle building plan or fat loss plan accordingly to my activities level and intensity in a workout for example what would be the difference in nutrition and calories when I train 3 days a week against 6 day a week . I hope you will reply as soon as possible.

  13. Dr Berg, Your course was very informative, but can we Please Please have those 2 lists to download too GI index etc foods high in sugar and carb list high in hidden sugars too. I have asked for these in the past as they would be helpful reminder when out food shopping! Let us know if you update to download 🙂

  14. I told my new FP that I was on IF on Keto. After my surgery in July 2017 my Hemoglobin A1c was elevated , .05 over the limit. She wanted to start me on medication for Type 2 Diabetes. I explained to her I had lost 30 pounds since July and wanted to wait until my labs came back. So happy to report the labs came back with my sugar in normal range. Her comment was maybe I should look into this WOL! 😍

  15. I from my own experience have seen that if my mom doesnt eat as soon as she wakes up ber bg goes up. i asked my doc why this happens and he was clueless and told me m wrong and it doesnt happen. my mom takes insulin and if she doesnt eat every 2 hour then she might get hypo or sometime hyper. eating every 2 to 3 hours is what keep her sugar levels stable.i may be wrong but this is what our exp says.

  16. Thanks Dr. Berg. my my sugar count is 98. I stopped frequent eating and stop medicine.. I have type 2 diabetes. monitoring results daily.

  17. I have type 2 diabetes and have being doing fasting but i cannot lower my blood sugars its at 190 and in the morning sometimes its above 200 what do you recomend?

  18. Great advice and the right advice but even at my ideal weight at 55 I’m still getting insulin resistant— and I’m eating low carb healthy fats whole food and mostly vegan.

  19. Dr Berg i am type two diabetic,i started following your advice from last month i.e 22nd March..I was 82 kgs at that time ,today i am 70kgs but on the day i started my one day a meal fasting my blood sugar was 180mg/dl(fasting) and this morning i checked again instead of decreasing it has increased to 293mg/dl..i am so depressed..what did i do wrong?

  20. I have a question
    Do probiotics have an effect on insulin
    I have a symptom of low energy everyday..I took a course of anibiotics for 2 weeks for a Bactria called h pylori
    I successfully remove it out my system but I was left with this symptom …now do probiotics have an effect on energy levels do I need it back in my system I been like this for 6 years now I can’t figure it out I checked my blood level and I was 144 I know I’m not diebetic but why can’t I gain my energy back

  21. Hi dears.. I request you anyone to give me the exact video what we should do to control diabetes..Its for my dad.. I request

  22. hi,
    Dr Berg just have a question can type 2 diabetes be really cured by diet,losing weight and exercise alone or does it just go into remission ?
    so if you go back to your old ways eating unhealthy and not exercising does it comes back ? if you can answer this it would be most appreciated thank you.

  23. Dr. Berg, I have a question if you don't mind. I am diabetic type 2. A1C is 6.5 and was diagnosed in March. My blood glucose has improved tremendously since I went full keto. My 2 week blood glucose average right now is 120. About how long on the keto diet should I expect it to take to go into full remission from Diabetes?

  24. My uncle recently was diagnosed with diabetes. I know it can be reversed, so which book do you recommend I should I give him? THANK YOU!

  25. I am Type 2. So, if that is too much insulin, why am I on insulin shots? Two weeks ago I started a keto diet and only eat during an 8 hour period, my need for insulin has halved. My goal, no insulin and no Metforin. Next goal, lose 100 lbs.

  26. I totally get how IF would be more important, but fasting became much easier to do once I was in keto. The carb cravings make it very hard to be moderate. Once I stayed true to no sugar and very low carb, the cravings and crashing subsided, and I could go longer without eating. For me, it went hand in hand.

  27. This sounds like a great way to control blood sugar but will it actually cure type 2 diabetes? Like will I be able to eventually have a piece of cake and not have a high blood sugar?

  28. Insulin does not control only Carbs. It controls most nutrients that are needed in the cell. Potassium, Vitamin C, Amino Acids. Please don't make Insulin sound bad. Greatest hormone known to man.

  29. I'm a little confused by his comment that Type 2 comes from too much Insulin. Type 2 comes from too little Insulin production or Insulin Resistance or a combination of the 2.

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  31. Hello friends
    I cure my type 2 diabetes following a natural method here you can see it:
    => thebigdiabetes-lie. com <= (Google it)
    greetings and good luck.

  32. Hi Dr berg. A friend of mine is pre-diabetic and has hyperinsulinemia and tried keto for 2 weeks and felt dizzy and almost passed out twice and so she stopped doing it. I searched all of you're videos looking for a solution but can't find anything. She says her insulin levels spike 3 hours after eating instead of slowly and gradually after eating like a normal person and her doctor says keto is not safe for her. I would greatly appreciate a response or video for this because she is looking to lose weight and control these 2 conditions but her doctor recommendeds intermittent fasting but with low carb (still including grains etc). Her pre diabetes number is 6.1 I think.

  33. Ok I have a few issues here. One there is no cure for diabetes. Well there maybe but no drug company will ever release it because diabetes is a money-making disease. I’ve been diabetic 30 years. I don’t drink alcohol, smoke or drink pop or sugar based or high carbohydrate foods. I don’t eat after 8 pm as well. I have had retina re attachment surgeries in both eyes, have diabetic retinopathy as well as diabetic neuropathy please explain that . Also diabetes is a genetic disease passed on through generations. So please explain this concept. Thanks my email is available upon request.

  34. How much does one eat at one or two meals a day? I can't eat that much at one sitting. I just feel better if I have "mini" meals 4 to 5 times a day. One meal a day? I'd be so hungry I would get really nasty. Btw, I've reduced my A1c and my weight recently eating a variety of foods, although I have cut down on sugary foods and "white" carbs for several years. Works for me.

  35. Hi, I love your videos. My husband and I have been on keto for about 1 1/2 weeks now. My husband went into ketosis after about 72 hours. Not me. I have diabetes and I’m sure fatty liver. I have had type II diabetes for probably 25 years. I try to only eat about two meals per day and have done at least one day of fasting with only one meal. I’m trying really hard. I know this will take time but how long in your experience before someone like me might hit ketosis? My morning blood sugars are still around 125, normal for me. I stopped my metformin. My evening sugars are around 100. So not horrible, but not good either. My last A1C was around 6.

  36. but I would be worried that if I dont eat for a long period of time, my blood sugar would be too low. Do you have any comment on this? I had a horrible time at night with sweating, nightmares, shakiness before I found out it was low blood sugar

  37. Hello everyone. I have prepared a document highlighting some of the powerful antioxidants and vitamins to treat Diabetes/weight problems and effective measures which can be incorporated in our busy lives to treat Type-2 Diabetes as well as Pre Diabetic conditions. If you want to get that document which contains several resources, Reply here. Thanks! (:

  38. Does anyone know about physiologic insulin resistance? It's completely diferent from the dangerous patholical insulin resistance. I can't find much information. It supposed to be a good insulin and not to be worried.

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