January 23, 2020
trigeminal neuralgia treatment review -Best laser dental clinic chennai india

trigeminal neuralgia treatment review -Best laser dental clinic chennai india

My name is Venkatachalam. I was diagnosed
with Trigeminal Neuralgia by Neuro specialists. They prescribed me Carbamazepine tablets for
it and I was under those medicines. Whenever I take those tablets, I will start feeling
drowsiness and it was difficult for me to concentrate on other works sincerely. I was
searching for a permanent remedy for my condition. I came to know about Dr. Murugavel through
my relatives.The doctor advised me to go for oral surgery for my problem. Previously I
was struggling for 5 years. 2 years back I came here and got my surgery done. I was very
much relaxed after the surgery. Previously I was suffering a lot due to my problems and
the neuro doctors told that there is no cure for it and only open surgery by opening through
the skull will help which does not has 100% success rates because sometimes the nerves
of the eyes may get disconnected or affected during that surgery. I was really relaxed
after my oral surgery here in this clinic. I do not have any difficulties or problem
for past 2 years. Recently I got an initial symptom of the same pain. I immediately rushed
here and it was diagnosed that my nerve had grown again. Again a surgery is performed
and now I do not have any problem. When I use tongue cleaner especially, I got the same
pain. When I was lying down with my one side, I will get pain which comes when the nerve
is touched and stimulated. After surgery I am totally comfortable. My routine life is
undisturbed now. Because with pain I would not be able to perform any other work. Without
that pain I feel clear and bright now I give my heart felt thanks to sir..

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