December 8, 2019
Treating pulmonary hypertension

Treating pulmonary hypertension

How does a specialist treat pulmonary hypertension
and what should a patient expect? So the treatment of pulmonary hypertension
really depends on what causes it. Now we can say you drive a car, but that’s the same as
saying you drive a Toyota, or a Ford, or a Honda, or a Rolls Royce. And everyone is different—just
like every type of pulmonary hypertension is different. It’s up to us as lung specialist to make sure
that patients are being treated for the correct type that they have and in the best way possible. There are certain causes of pulmonary hypertension
that respond very well to certain medications. There are other causes of pulmonary hypertension
where those same medications actually cause harm, that can cause patients to have more
complications and to actually have a higher risk of death. And it’s our job as lung specialists to really
say, what is it that you have that caused this problem and what’s the best way to treat
it. For some people, it’s treating chronic blood
clots in the lungs and we put you on blood thinners, we make sure your oxygen doesn’t
drop low. For other people, it’s because the heart itself
is backing up all this pressure into the lungs and we really focus on the heart. And for some people, it is the blood vessels
themselves that become too thick and too muscular. And being strong is not always a good thing,
because if they’re squeezing too hard and raising this pressure and causing you disability
from shortness of breath and inability to do the things you want to do, we focus on
those blood vessels. We have medications that can be taken as a pill, some are inhaled,
some are shots, and some go through a vein and do things like tell those blood vessels
don’t build up so much muscle or relax a little bit, let this pressure come down. But again, we have to be very specific as
to what we use, because you never want to cause a patient harm. I tell every patient I ever see, don’t let
a doctor just tell you to take something just because. Everything has side effects and you
should understand what it is that somebody is treating you with and why they’re using
it because we never want to give patient risk without benefit. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Schreiber,
call 702-671-5060.

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