November 17, 2019

46 thoughts on “Treating Gout with Cherry Juice

  1. NaturalnewsDOTcom has great advise concerning nutrition and health.  They have their own google at the top right of the page where you can google your condition and see what food and herbs help!

  2. Had Dr. Greger slowed down his speech some in the second half and stretched it out closer to four minutes, I could have enjoyed this video much more. Parts of that speech were getting PRETTY fast. I think someone was in a hurry to get this posted and get to bed. LOL.

    BTW, stay away from foods high in uric acid and you should not be bothered by arthritis…dairy, beef, pork, cheese, ice cream, and a few others. When cherries are in season I buy bags and bags of them and always eat a lot. They are also good for cleansing the liver.

  3. Thank you so much dr Greger, my dad had gout attacks a few months ago and his foot looks horrendously swollen and painful 🙁

  4. An individual that I met at a previous job was on crutches one day and could not walk.  I asked what happened and he said he was having a gout flair up.  He said it was incredibly painful.  I asked him if he was willing to take extreme measures to cure it.  He said he would do anything.

    I told him to cut all meat and dairy.  Go vegan.  He said he would try anything.  This was on a thursday.  On Tuesday he came in with a smile on his face, no crutches.  He said he immediately went vegan on Thursday and the pain was gone some time before Tuesday.  I ran into him 2 years later.  Still vegan, and no gout attacks since.

  5. I have had 2 gout attacks one in June and one in July. I had been taking a diuretic for blood pressure, and this was my problem. I have been a high carb low fat vegan for 2 years, and I should have ditched the medication before, because my blood pressure went down after quitting it. Now I eat cherries, cut back on alcohol to a glass of wine per week, and drink more water. I hope I am done with gout.

  6. Hounddog I checked the naturalnewsdotcom , that site seems to be selling a lot of products and snake oil remedys, hounddog it only takes a few minutes to research , you need to think about some ones interest when they sell every type of oils, books, teeshirts, seems to me you must have a vested interest in that site I am sure you mean well , but as for me I dont trust anybody that says they are there to help and whats to sell you something thats my belief, there are lots of web sites that give good advise that dont have a corporate backers just take a minute go to the right all those little boxes click one and start your have a great day.

  7. I imagine no matter how many studies there are showing Cherry juice as being effective to reduce gout, there simply won't be enough "evidence" for the drug companies the regulators who are bought by them. 

  8. Highly unobvious research this is not. It's well known that phytic acid competitively inhibits xanthine oxidase. Plus the extra antioxidants in the cherries will help the underlying cause of uric acid production, which is almost surely due to oxidative stress.

  9. Kill Gout Pain kill Gout swelling with fresh lime juice Guaranteed lime juice neutralize uric acid within hours I know i had Gout but I do not ever get it now Please get limes if you do not want gout again 

  10. There is definitely no immediate cure  for gout, but you can get rid of the acute pain caused from gout within a few weeks all by all natural treatment method.

  11. I accidentally stumble on the secrets to reduce the symptoms of gout and finally, I could manage to stop the ache recurring within a few weeks.

  12. No matter how long you have been endured the pain, you could get instant relief of pain within 3 days simply by letting your body heal itself, all naturally.

  13. So last night I was drinking a little (alcohol) and my big toe all of a sudden felt swelled, was hot, and hurt.  Nothing crazy, but it was definitely concerning.  It definitely doesn't LOOK like anything serious – just red; no giant bulges or anything.

    I'm only 24 years old.  Is this gout or an ingrown toenail?  Freaking out a little!

  14. Black cherry tart juice helped me in 3 days. Now I know why I never get gout in the summer. It's in season and I love picking up from people selling cherries on the road or at the farmer's market.

  15. There is a Black Cherry juice sold at Walmart and Albertsons in my town .Its sold in a small glass bottle near the other shelved juices . It has helped me greatly. I still get gout but its not as painful. Very important to read the labels to make sure there's just cherry juice .

  16. Natural Factors Curcumin Double Strength supplements relieved my gout in just 3 days. I recommend this product to anyone with gout or arthritis. I usually take it with freshly cracked black pepper to increase its bioavailability by 2000 -3000%.

  17. i eat pounds of cherries a week from the time they come in season till they go out of season i still get gout during this time so it don't work for me .. glad it works for some

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  21. My gout hasn`t bothered me since I have started a morning/ night routine of this gout treatment “Vοvοpαm Azb” (Google it). This product suits me best and it provides the most suitable outcomes. This product is certainly for keeps and I like it. Compared to chemical drugs, this treatment is better with no dangerous side effects.

  22. Perhaps researchers should test cherries on bipolar mania too as uric acid levels are elevated during mania. Love your work Dr Greger!

  23. Whenever you have a gout flare up, start popping 3 cherry supplements a day. You'll actually begin to feel the uric acid leave your body

  24. How about stop eating animals including "seafood" and not getting gout in the first place ? Prevention is much easier than treatment . I doubt the cherry thing works , especially if you get gout often.

  25. Was diagnosed with gout a week ago. Been vegan for 10 years, so it must have been the alcohol. Have significantly cut down on the alcohol and now, during the week, replace with with cherry juice in my wine glass.

  26. I've noticed a trend that the little hats like to do. They find an old staple that is cheap, and nobody uses any more. Then they promote it like it is a superfood, and jack up the prices. Examples tart cherry,kale, coconut oil, beets. It's all sneaky little hat business.

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