December 13, 2019
Tragic Details About Demi Moore

Tragic Details About Demi Moore

After becoming a household name in the 80s,
Demi Moore’s A-list status was basically revoked following some ill-fated movies a decade later. While she’s worked on some films here and
there, she’s become best known for her relationship dramas. Here are some of Demi Moore’s saddest confessions
about her life. Pressured into drugs While Moore has become more open about her
personal life in recent years, she’s always been a bit of a sharer. When she spoke to the Lawrence Journal-World
back in 1985, the up-and-coming starlet revealed that she started messing around with drugs
when she first arrived in Tinseltown. She explained, “I moved out of my mother’s house when I was
15. I traveled a lot as a kid…and I never felt
I had any roots, any friends. So I became obsessed with the idea of being
liked.” According to Moore, she found the “sudden
burst of fame” that General Hospital gave her very difficult to navigate. But she wasn’t used to being around Hollywood
types, and so she did what she felt she had to do in order to be accepted. She confessed, “I got involved with drugs because I was young
and didn’t know how to become part of the crowd.” Body value Using her General Hospital exposure to book
some movie gigs, Moore appeared in 1984’s Blame It on Rio and 1986’s About Last Night,
though those early roles weren’t exactly empowering, as Moore was little more than eye candy. “Well you know how it is, Dad. When you’re hot, you’re hot.” She told The New York Times in 2019, “When I was younger, I was obligated to be
of service. I wouldn’t be loved if I wasn’t, if I didn’t
give of myself. My value was tied into my body.” On Good Morning America, she recalled one
studio executive from her past saying: “If there wasn’t going to be a sex scene,
then you know, why was I in it?” A decade after About Last Night came out,
Moore was starring in a now infamous movie called Striptease, but this time she was taking
her clothes off because she wanted to. Moore later confessed to The Guardian that
she’d always been “uncomfortable” with her body. She took on the role of an FBI secretary-turned-stripper
in Striptease because she wanted to feel, quote, “female and seductive” for the first
time. She added, “It was difficult for me to do the dancing
and the stripping, and the gain from it was different to what I would have imagined. While the public perception was hyper-focused
on what I was being paid for taking my clothes off, for me it was the intense focus of connecting
with my body and myself in a sensual, sexual way, in a way that I’ve never felt before.” Equal pay Moore was reportedly paid $12.5 million for
Striptease, according to The Guardian. While that’s still a considerable sum for
any actress, back in the mid-90s, a woman commanding this kind of fee was pretty much
unheard of. However, Moore knew that she was a hot property
and understandably wanted to be paid accordingly. The Striptease fee became a point of contention
among critics, but the fact of the matter is her husband at the time, Bruce Willis,
was earning just as much per picture, if not more. She’s considered a trailblazer today, but
Moore has claimed that her equal pay demands got her the cold shoulder in Hollywood. She told The New York Times, “With that came a lot of negativity and a
lot of judgment towards me.” She went on to say that she’s happy to have
suffered through this if it made a difference in terms of gender equality in the long run. According to fellow actress Gwyneth Paltrow,
it most definitely made a difference. Paltrow said of Moore, “She became a movie star in this time where
women didn’t naturally fit into the system. She was really the first person who fought
for pay equality and got it, and really suffered a backlash from it. We all certainly benefited from her.” A “crushing” failure Unfortunately, Moore’s performance in Striptease
earned her a Golden Raspberry Award for worst actress. And when her next big movie, G.I. Jane, failed to impress, the actress was forced
to take a hard look at herself. She told The Guardian, “I took a lot of criticism, a lot of heat. [I] got hit really hard for both of these
films, I think because there was a lot of money attached to it…Both these movies combined
to give me some big lessons. I feel I betrayed women with Striptease and
men with G.I. Jane.” Moore played the first woman to go through
Navy SEAL training in director Ridley Scott’s G.I. Jane. To her credit, she did her research for the
role, but the film was still called out for inaccuracies by military veterans. Retired SEAL Tom Hawkins told The Baltimore
Sun, “The way they present training is bloody way
off the mark.” When Moore sat down with The New York Times
in 2019, she was still sore about the harsh criticism that G.I. Jane received. She said, “They weren’t going to let me win. That, to the little girl in me, that was crushing.” Unhealthy obsession During her candid 2007 interview with The
Guardian, Moore revealed that she developed an unhealthy obsession with working out and
dieting around the time she was making Striptease and G.I. Jane. Both pictures required her to be in peak physical
condition, but she found herself going way beyond the call of duty while training. “And I, like, cross the finish line, literally
take a right turn, puke my guts out, get back in there.” Eventually, it caught up with her. She explained, “After G.I. Jane I was burnt out. I stopped work and I stopped exercising. I realized I needed to come from the inside
and find a sense of peace. I realized being thin did not equal happiness.” When she sat down with Elle UK in 2011, Moore
claimed that she was finally happy with her body, revealing that her, quote, “extreme
obsession” with it was finally over. She explained, “I made it a measure of my own value. I tried to dominate it, which I did, and I
changed it multiple times over. But it never lasted and ultimately it didn’t
bring me anything but temporary happiness.” The actress went on to say that being thin
doesn’t “resolve anything.” Health trouble Around the same time she spoke about that
obsession, the press linked Moore’s dramatic weight loss to her turbulent personal life. When she stepped out for the premiere of the
movie Margin Call reportedly looking, as the New York Daily News put it, “even more gaunt
than usual,” people were quick to blame it on then-husband Ashton Kutcher’s alleged infidelity. He was said to have allegedly spent the night
of his and Moore’s sixth wedding anniversary at a hotel with a 22-year-old blonde, who,
according to the Daily Mail, sold her story to the tabloids. The stress of all the headlines was most likely
a factor, but when she talked with The New York Times to promote her memoir, Inside Out,
in 2019, Moore revealed what was really going on. The actress was experiencing autoimmune and
digestive problems, and things got pretty serious. She explained, “Something was going on, including my organs
slowly shutting down. The root was a major heavy viral load.” Luckily, she was able to recover. Blaming herself Moore makes a number of confessions in her
tell all memoir, Inside Out, but the most painful of the lot has to do with her and
Kutcher. She and her younger former husband finalized
their divorce in 2013. However, it wasn’t until six years later that
Moore revealed she was once pregnant with Kutcher’s child, something she’d dreamed about
since the pair got together. When The Guardian asked if she wanted kids
with Kutcher back in 2007, she said, “We would love that. It would be just fantastic. We are doing lots of practicing. And you can’t complain about practicing with
him.” What Moore didn’t reveal was that she had
already been pregnant with Kutcher’s baby. It happened not long after they first started
hooking up in 2003, though sadly she suffered a miscarriage six months into the pregnancy,
losing their little girl. She told The New York Times that she and Kutcher
would later seek fertility treatments, but it just wasn’t meant to be for them. Moore reportedly blamed herself and turned
to alcohol and Vicodin to help deal with the loss of her unborn child. Battling ageism As of 2019, Moore is in her 50s, but she’s
actually been struggling with Hollywood ageism for years. When she spoke to Red magazine back in 2007,
the actress confessed that she was coming off “a challenging few years” in the industry. She explained, “I am not 20, not 30. There aren’t that many good roles for women
over 40. A lot of them don’t have much substance, other
than being someone’s mother or wife.” Moore wasn’t ready to play those kinds of
roles, and that unfortunately meant no roles at all. She made a big comeback in the 2003 reboot
of Charlie’s Angels, but she started booking less and less parts as the years went by. She told The New York Times, “They’d say they don’t really know what to
do with you, where to place you. I was like, ‘Oh, well is that supposed to
flatter me?'” Losing teeth Moore has been pretty open and honest about
her health issues, both the physical and the mental ones. In 2017, she told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight
Show that she’d been suffering from stress so much that she ended up losing her two front
teeth as a result. “I think it’s, literally, probably after heart
disease, one of the biggest killers in America, which is stress. Stress sheared off my front tooth.” Mental health issues remain close to Moore’s
heart. When she was named Woman of the Year by the
Los Angeles-based women’s recovery center Friendly House in 2018, the actress reminded
those there to honor her that everyone struggles from time to time. According to Variety, she said, “Life is certainly not a straight line. I know that in a moment of great struggle
for me, I reached out to a wise teacher and I expressed my fear that I wasn’t good enough
and she said, ‘You will never be good enough but you can know that value of your worth. Put down the measuring stick.'” According to Moore, receiving this award was
all the acknowledgement she needed. Family lies When Moore was 15, she found out that the
man who raised her wasn’t her real father, and the revelation rocked her world. While speaking to The Guardian in 2007, she
said that she would never keep such a huge secret from her own children. She added, “If I didn’t step out of how hurtful that
was, it would have been mind-twisting for me.” The movie star also told the British newspaper
that she often had to play the parent at home, claiming she, quote, “took it all on.” Things only got worse when her stepfather
took his own life. Her mother hit the bottle hard in an attempt
to cope with the loss, but Moore didn’t let the experience break her. She explained, “You could either be trapped by what was going
on around you, or you could find a way out. I think that everything, even if it is scary
or good, comes into our life to help elevate and expand us as human beings.” Saving mom Losing one parent to suicide is bad enough,
but in Moore’s case, it could have quite easily been two. According to The New York Times, Moore’s mother
would make regular attempts to take her own life, and her stepdad would often seek Moore’s
help in those situations. When she spoke to Harper’s Bazaar for a cover
story interview in 2019, Moore recalled a harrowing incident in which she had to save
her mother from an overdose, saying, “I remember…using my fingers, the small
fingers of a child, to dig the pills my mother had tried to swallow out of her mouth while
my father held it open and told me what to do. Something very deep inside me shifted then,
and it never shifted back. My childhood was over.” The pair reconciled later in life, but they
didn’t get to spend as much time together as they would have liked. According to Fox News, Moore’s mother died
of a brain tumor in New Mexico in 1998. If you or someone you know is having suicidal
thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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  1. Everyone has ups and downs in life.
    It is amazing how much our childhood effects us as adults.
    Bullies in school can have a long lasting negative impact on children's lives.
    Parents and teachers need to address bullying when they see it.

  2. For all of her troubles in Hollywood, just imagine beimg a woman of color. Asian, Latina & Black are even less able to get roles.

  3. I’m so sorry any lady who suffers a miscarriage. It’s tragic it hurts. Give her a break People on that. Drug use she has to deal with her own demons. Wish her well. ❤️

  4. “There aren’t a lot of good roles for women over 40. A lot of them don’t have much substance other than being someone’s mother or wife”, then goes on to take a role in Charlie’s Angels, a role that was about as deep as an empty pond btw.
    Moore isn’t the brightest actress in Hollywood. I get it. She’s eye candy and that’s it, but this quote is so offensive. What? Mother and wife roles can’t be “deep”?
    There are a multitude of mother/wife roles where, without the mother, the rest of the movie would not be the same. In most movies, the mother is at the center of the entire movie. People remember good mother roles (whether their character is a “good” mom or an “evil” mom). Same is true for TV shows. Difference being: Moms get more lines on tv shows than they do in movies.

  5. Idk, having a mother that peddled her children to hold onto her husband is bad too. Being sent at 11 to the bar with pockets full of pennies by your mother for cigarettes isn't exactly family unitity.

  6. I hate it when actors give away stupid self-fulfilling-existentialist answers to really simple questions. You did the role because of the BIG MONEY! Simple as that!

  7. Still admire her today as I did in the 90s. I was a kid then when I first saw Ghost but I think it's her 80s movies or "The Rat Pack" that made it worthwhile to watch all those flicks. Hope one day to meet her.

  8. its not hollywood ageism, its lack of public interest. celebrities want to be stars their whole lives but the public gets tired of them and loses interest which they cant understand/accept.

  9. suicide hotlines dont change the circumstances that provoke people to kill themselves. try living wages, healthcare, and losing the apathy and actually giving a shit beyond mere words. dumbasses

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  11. youtube has a demi Moore movie, the free one. Fascinating comment by someone who met Bruce and demi at their Idaho ranch while he was delivering a ''custom glass''. it went like this…..''bruce told his housekeeper to bring us ice water. demi said "let them buy their own water".

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  14. Dear Mz Swift. If you see Miss Moore, Explain this too Her, Now is the time for the Industry to exemplify and glorify, The Bonds of Marriage, Parental guidance, The importance of the inclusion of Grandparents, These are the times to Show the Heroics of Saving The Family, Marriage, And keeping The innocence of Childhood alive, Keep this in mind. All these situations in real life, Are surrounded by Humor, surprise, Celebration, and a testing of our wills, To believe in something Higher than our selves

  15. What a loser…doing drugs and alcohol and exposing herself sexually. Doesn't she have anything real in her life? Being a sinner isn't a life. She is a loser.

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