September 19, 2019
Towson Chiropractor Sinus Headache Treatment

Towson Chiropractor Sinus Headache Treatment

Good afternoon everybody it’s Doctor Blake
Kalkstein from Doctors Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic, your Towson area chiropractor. And I know today we were gonna have Doctor
Jeff show you the sinus release treatment but he’s down in the ball park taking care
of the Baltimore Orioles, we’re the team chiropractor of the Orioles. And so he’s down there, so I’m gonna sub in
and show you the sinus release video. We talked about earlier this week it’s about
headaches and sinus headaches, and you’ve got two headaches up here which are your frontal
sinuses and you have two sinus locations here called your maxillary sinuses
So this is a technique that a massage therapist showed us about four years ago that specializes
in lymphatic drainage and sinus drainage, and this is what we started to do with our
patients and seeing amazing results from people. If you ever feel congested, you feel like
just there’s fluid and pressure buildup right in here, you got a headache behind your eyes,
behind your eyebrows, pressure in the front in here. So this is a technique that we use here. So first of all we like to come in here and
just we do a gentle massage across the top of the forehead here, and I’m just applying
a gentle pressure over the frontal sinuses. Ashley tell them, is that a lot of pressure
there or is that too much? Tell them what it feels like. It’s just moderate I guess. Not too light but not too hard. Yeah moderate pressure right there. And then next we’re gonna come and we’re gonna
get the sinuses that are the maxillary sinuses, so we’re coming across here. Now if Ashley was having acute sinitus or
acute inflammation of her sinuses this would be a little tender on her. So we would vary our pressure based on the
tenderness. And what I’m trying to do is just kinda massage
the sinus, the fluid out of the sinuses and get them to drain a little bit. So we’ll come here and we’ll go a little harder
pressure now. Now one of the best ways to get the sinuses
to open up is a little bit of percussion or a little bit of vibration technique to help
break up any of that adhesed mucus or adhesed inflammation in there, so take two fingers
right over the maxillary sinuses and we just do a gentle vibration technique to break up
any sinus fluid. This feels a little bit weird on the patience,
and it looks pretty weird. Ashley’s laughing over here. And it looks pretty weird too but it’s so
incredibly effective at breaking up some of that sinuses, and so after we do a little
percussion we start to drain it out again. And then when we’re dealing with sinus headaches,
the sinuses drain into your eustachian tubes and eustachian tubes run out of your inner
ear and down into the back of your throat. So if you ever hear like… pull snot up through
your nose or pull mucus up through your nose and you can feel it drain down the back of
your throat, it’s going down your eustachian tube down in the back of your throat. So one of the things that it allows the eustachian
tubes to stay open, it’s a series of smooth muscles actually innervated from C2. So I always check and make sure that C2 is
non-restricted. So after we’ve done this frontal sinuses,
after we’ve done the maxillary sinus percussion and vibration, and then we’ll come in here
and do a little bit more draining, and then I’ll come in and I’ll just check C2 right
now and she’s not so bad in here. Ashley’s moving pretty well here at C1, C2
is moving pretty well. A little tight right there, right Ashley? Ya, so we’re gonna adjust her right here. No? Okay. So if she was restricted over there we would
come over here and adjust C2. She’s moving pretty well so we’re not gonna
adjust her today. But that’s the technique that we use for sinuses. If you have any questions about sinus release
or sinus headaches leave a comment below, and we’ll see everybody on Monday. Have a great weekend, bye.

22 thoughts on “Towson Chiropractor Sinus Headache Treatment

  1. Pinch the cartilage on the bridge of the nose that sits right up against the nasal bone. Wiggle it left and right and up and down. You can sometimes hear it release with a low pitch horn noise. The patient will hear it because it's in their own head but it will release pressure sometimes. Do this last after you have rubbed out everything else.

  2. Hello Dr. Blake,

    You do a wonderful job with you videos. Could I ask you a few questions about marketing? Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Eric

  3. Your videos are awesome and very informative. please dont stop!! The vibration technique actually cleared my blocked nose!

  4. Can't believe she declined the adjustment…..from personal experience I know this would have helped. I guess everyone has their unique boundaries

  5. I can't really breathe through my nose that well, I must sleep with my mouth open to breathe. My nose is almost bent and to the side and clearly off center. I can breathe through one of my nostrils better than the other. I've never broken my nose or anything and I'm not sure what's wrong. Possible deviated septum or something? Thanks

  6. I'm feeling dizzy. Problems with fluorescent lights at place like Walmart. Eyes bother me. Feel like I am having a panic attack. I get a lot of popping in the nasal passage and in the ears.

  7. Hello! Just curious. I have really bad sinus headaches and tension headaches daily. Or at least that’s what they feel like. ( I get migraines about 2 times a month). I never thought going to a chiropractor would be a good solution. Are my two types of headaches good to see for in one visit? Or is it something two separate visits and examinations would be best for?

  8. I understand the benefits of the percussion but If the sinuses are under bone how does the massage affect them?

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