November 17, 2019
Top 10 Scary Underrated Creepypasta

Top 10 Scary Underrated Creepypasta

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Channel on the Internet! I am your host Miss Rebecca J Felgate… and
we are talking the Top 10 Scary Underrated Creepypastas. We’ve heard of Slenderman, we know Jeff
the Killer, we’ve heard of The Russian Sleep Experiment but are there any hidden gems out
there….stay tuned as once again I am your spook duke, guiding you through the murky
depths of horror….. Don’t worry, we’ll make it out alive,
just don’t drop your torch! Because Creepypastas are lonnngg this video
is quite lengthy, so why not boil the kettle and settle in for the ride…. Before we get into this video why don’t
you tell me what your favourite scary story or creepy pasta is… I used to love the one about the hair toe. Who knows the one with
the hairy toe? OKAY LIKE SHARE SUB – creepy pastas in description
box. 10 – Satellite Images
This is a sad and touching creepypasta about a woman in a wheelchair who uses google earth
to explore places that she can’t go. She really enjoys it a first but then she
sees a happy carefree looking woman, with her face blurred out obviously, strolling
through streets in paris and she feels sad because she knows she can’t ever do that. She starts using google earth every day and
spots the same woman over and over…. In different countries and continents. She was showing up everywhere…… it was
almost like she was digitally haunting her. Guess what happened when the woman started
getting knocks on her door and she google street view searched her road…. 9 – The Couch
Sometimes I dream of owning a beautiful 1970s style gold vintage couch… but then I think
… Okay I love vintage things for their look and style.. But should I be stopping to think about who
owned them before me? After reading this creepypasta, I am thinking
yes, yes I should. The couch is credited to Johnny – the story
goes that when Johnny was little he was playing with marbles on the floor by a vintage couch
– a flower patterned sofa…to go along with a lot of the mismatched second hand furniture
the boys family owned. One day his favourite marble rolled under
the couch. He reached his little hand under the couch
but couldn’t get it. He went back to the rest of his marbles to
keep playing when he saw an old, dead, withered looking hand reach out from underneath the
coach and extend as far as it could, as if trying to touch him. He screamed and told his mum who thought he
just had an overactive imagination, but the boy spent the rest of his childhood imagining
a village of hand people living under the couch. … when he reminded his mother of
this as an adult she seemed more freaked out than she had back in the day…. It seems that the previous owner of the couch
was an old woman who had died at home….although the person who gave it to her didn’t say
where. Perhaps it was the couch. 8 – Where Bad Kids Go
This story doesn’t have a credited author which makes it even scarier. It is short and to the point which I like. It is about a guy who grew up in Lebanon in
a period of war. During that time kids were scared by the media
in order to keep them in line. Good kids stay inside and go to bed when they
are told. Bad kids…well.. Apparently there was a show about it. The moral of every episode were things like
“bad kids stay up late,” “bad kids have their hands under the covers when they sleep,”
and “bad kids steal food from the fridge at night.” The closing scene of the show was always really
creepy – an old rusty door….text would appear on screen in Arabic saying: This is where
the bad kids go” The narrator grew up and the show kind of always stuck with him. He grew up to be a photographer and journalist
and decided to do some research. He said: I finally managed to uncover the
location of the studio where much of that channel’s programming had been recorded. Upon further research and eventually traveling
on site, I found out it was now desolate and had been abandoned after the big war ended.. What he found when he went inside….well…. It will haunt him forever. 7 – Happy Sun Daycare
This is a creepypasta written by Chelsea Adams 524, it is quite long and has a surprise twist
so I will give you a summary and leave a link for you in the description box so you can
check it out for yourself if you want to. SO…picture this….an old abandoned daycare
with a sign outside that reads Happy Sun Daycare – with a little cartoon picture of a sun….creepy,
right. Absolutely. Well the story goes that a journalist does
some digging into the Daycare’s past and finds out that adults who went there as kids
seem a little scared…. They all seem to have memories of a bad dog
and a room with a grey door. What the Journalist uncovers is utterly terrifying. I’ll leave it there! 6 – ON The Bus
Buses in general are underrated, right… good old buses get you from a to b and are
a low cost way to travel… like.. I’ve got the bus to manhattan from Toronto
a few times and it has been so great because it drops you right in the city and its so
cheap… buuut it does take 12 hours. This creepypasta is about a bus in Bogata,
Colombia. The male author us aware of a number of urban
legends around the city, including a one legged wailing banshee, a backwards footed doom goblin
and a phantom bus that, if woman board it, are found dead days later. The guy didn’t believe in the legends at
all, and one day boarded an old looking bus, which isn’t uncommon in Bogata. The guys phone battery was dead so he just
kind of stared around a bit… he notice that everyone on the bus was old. When the bus reached the guys stop, he realized
no one had got on or off for thirty or so minutes which was weird for rush hour. The guy dinged the bell to get off, got up,
walked to the door…then found himself back in his seat facing the front of the bus. He thought he was going mad so he tried again….got
up…pressed the button… found he was sat back down facing the front. On his third attempt he catches the eye of
an old woman…who he has never met but her gaze seems to speak to him. She doesnt say anything, but she stares. He walks to the front of the bus again…screams
at the driver…threatens him to let him off….and boom… he is back in his seat again. It is like groundhog day but on a bus…although
the guy doesnt stay the same….he looks down at his hands and they seem to look…older
somehow? Rougher…more wrinkled. He keeps trying to get off the bus, and the
old woman he saw reaches out and grabs his wrist. She stares at him and he notices that she
is wearing young clothing…the type of clothes a teenager would wear…but shes..old….very
old. He finds himself back and his seat and this
time his hands look even older.. Much older. So old. This arm hair is white. It is a struggle for him to try and make it
up to the driver. His body aches. Yet he tries to get off the bus.. He finds himself sitting in his seat facing
forwards….forever facing forward….forever on the bus. 5 – Polybius
Polybius is creepypasta turned urban legend, as they often are! The story is about an arcade game that may
have been leading people to disappear. The creepypasta says that In the year 2000
in Portland, Oregon there was possibly a government conspiracy involving a video game. Basically the story goes that a black box
arcade game started showing up in arcades across the city – a throwback to the videogame
era of times gone by and people were into it. The game didn’t have any branding, it was
simply black and mysterious, but people were intrigued and played it anyway. The game involved geometric patterns and eye
wateringly bright,colourful shapes. It seemed like the game was hypnotising people,
making them sick or, in some cases, making them disappear. After gamers played, men in black suits were
seen servicing the machine, which led to rumours that it was part of the CIAs MKUltra mind
control pursuits. Storytellers named the game Polybius after
a Greek historian who said you should never report what you can’t verify. Whether or not the story is true, it has become
part of pop culture, with the Simpsons placing a polybius machine in the background of a
scene in 2006 . Would you play it? 4 – Lisa Lisa is a reasonably well known Creepy Pasta
but I feel like it deserves more airtime because it comes replete with scary drawings. It seems to have been told from a child’s
perspective – I’ll start you off…if you want to read the whole saga the link is in
the description box! So…the first part is a drawing of a little
girl with a spooky looking imaginary friend with red eyes….if a child as to draw blood…. Is that how they would do it. The text under the writing reads. “This is Lisa. She is my friend. My mom and dad cant see her so they sed she
is an imaganery friend. Lisa is a nice friend.” – note the spelling areas for added kid writing
effect…. Sure, lisa is described as a nice friend…
but is she! You’ll have to read the creepypasta… because…well…
they say don’t judge a book by its cover but Lisa is a GHOUL. 3 Annie 96 is Typing
This Creepypasta is pretty extra as it is a horror story told in real lime! The story comes from Pascal Chatterjee in
2014. The story goes that the writer…airquote…stumbled
across a whatsapp thread from two people…Annie 96 and McDavey . The Creepypasta was popular
at the time of its release but people seem to have forgotten about it. Its long, like most creepy pastas… but if
you want to live in real time through what Annie and Davey were talking about….and
find out what happened to them, then check out the link in the description box. Things are getting interactive with a game
you can play at home at at number 2 2 Midnight Game This is a creepypasta that you can try out
at home …although don’t! According to the creepy copy pasters of the
internet, there is a spooky game called Midnight Game. Baaa baaa baaaa…according to the pasta,
the game takes its basis from an old Pagan punishment ritual used to scare people into
obedience. SO in this game, a person writes their name
on a piece of paper, which is sealed with a drop of their blood. The player then lights a candle and tapes
the paper with their name on it to a wooden door. Wooden is importhing …so is timing.. T – you have to knock on the door exactly
22 times, with the last knock at the stroke of midnight …hence this being the Midnight
game. The player then opens the door, blows out
the candle, closes the door and relights the candle. This apparently means the Midnight spirit
is now in their house. It is the players job is to avoid being caught
by the midnight man, who will try to scare you until 3.33am. Some absolute witching hour horror! Radio Silence I am a writer…. Or I try to be when I am not churning out
two 12 minute, 2000 word Most Amazing videos a day … I understand what it is like to
craft a good story… this creepypasta is beautifully written so instead of paraphrasing,
I am going to read you the story verbatim. Radio Silence was written by Ben Bartlett
and had 4.3 thousand upvotes. 36,400,000. That is the expected number of intelligent
civilizations in our galaxy, according to Drake’s famous equation. For the last 78 years, we had been broadcasting
everything about us – our radio, our television, our history, our greatest discoveries – to
the rest of the galaxy. We had been shouting our existence at the
top of our lungs to the rest of the universe, wondering if we were alone. 36 million civilizations, yet in almost a
century of listening, we hadn’t heard a thing. We were alone. That was, until about 5 minutes ago. The transmission came on every transcendental
multiple of hydrogen’s frequency that were listening to. Transcendental harmonics – things like hydrogen’s
frequency times pi – don’t appear in nature, so I knew it had to be artificial. The signal pulsed on and off very quickly
with incredibly uniform amplitudes; my initial reaction was that this was some sort of binary
transmission. I measured 1679 pulses in the one minute that
the transmission was active. After that, the silence resumed. The numbers didn’t make any sense at first. They just seemed to be a random jumble of
noise. But the pulses were so perfectly uniform,
and on a frequency that was always so silent; they had to come from an artificial source. I looked over the transmission again, and
my heart skipped a beat. 1679 – that was the exact length of the
Arecibo message sent out 40 years ago. I excitedly started arranging the bits in
the original 73×23 rectangle. I didn’t get more than halfway through before
my hopes were confirmed. This was the exact same message. The numbers in binary, from 1 to 10. The atomic numbers of the elements that make
up life. The formulas for our DNA nucleotides. Someone had been listening to us, and wanted
us to know they were there. Then it came to me – this original message
was transmitted only 40 years ago. This means that life must be at most 20 lightyears
away. A civilization within talking distance? This would revolutionize every field I have
ever worked in – astrophysics, astrobiology, astro-
The signal is beeping again. This time, it is slow. Deliberate, even. It lasts just under 5 minutes, with a new
bit coming in once per second. Though the computers are of course recording
it, I start writing them down. 0. 1. 0. 1. 0. 1. 0. 0… I knew immediately this wasn’t the same
message as before. My mind races through the possibilities of
what this could be. The transmission ends, having transmitted
248 bits. Surely this is too small for a meaningful
message. What great message to another civilization
can you possibly send with only 248 bits of information? On a computer, the only files that small would
be limited to… Text. Was it possible? Were they really sending a message to us in
our own language? Come to think of it, it’s not that out of
the question – we had been transmitting pretty much every language on earth for the
last 70 years… I begin to decipher with the first encoding
scheme I could think of – ASCII. 0. 1. 0. 1. 0. 1. 0. 0. That’s B… 0. 1. 1 0. 0. 1. 0. 1. E… As I finish piecing together the message,
my stomach sinks like an anchor. The words before me answer everything. “BE QUIET OR THEY WILL HEAR YOU”

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Underrated Creepypasta

  1. #1 (you can put this is true stories if you like) when you read out be quiet or they will hear you I was sitting on my bed in the corner of the room when long scratching noises came from my left inside the wall that sent a chill down my spine. I've heard noises inside my wall around my bed before but presumed they were rats. Is it possible I was wrong?

  2. Here is one creepypasta and her name is Time travel is not what you think it is. I was literally in shock when I was listening you people need to read it. You can find it on r/nosleep sub redit

  3. My favorite creepypastas are
    Ticc toby, Ben drowned, Dr. Smliy, E.J, Jane the killer, clock work, Trender, L.J, Smiley dog I like alot of them actually ALL OF THEM! MWAHAHAHAHA

  4. when he went to the other side at the door he saw blood,poop and an old rusty mic hanging at the center of the ceiling

  5. I believe that the current thinking is that our radio and television signals aren’t going out as far as we thought. Evidently these signals eventually degrade and since these waves are slow-moving and the nearest star is around 120 trillion miles away, it’s possible that no one is “hearing” any of our nonsense. That’s probably a very good thing.

  6. I absolutely adore rebecca she is so amazing everytime I click on one of these videos I hope to hear hello and welcome to the most amazing channel on the internet I'm your host rebecca felgate

  7. Google Earth one was a woman with the girls shoes type and unique purse/messenger bag which made her stand out and every place she searched the woman was there. After Google search her town then her street it got scary. She stopped for a bit then went back to see the woman on her porch right before the door knock.

  8. My favorite creepypasta is Jason the Toymaker or Pdychosis and favorite scary story is maybe the Two dead Boys-poem

    The poem just confuses and slightly freaks me out

  9. I have a scary story, not scary but weird. So, I was on the bus on my way to the mall. And, the announcements came on and off and it was like "Yes, do that" "No! do this". super weird

  10. Omg, my mom and dad used to tell me the toe story when I was young. But it wasn’t my hairy toe, it was , “Who’s got my big toe?”

  11. My first Creepypasta (narrated by MrCreepyPasta) was Abandoned by Disney… The first time I heard it… I was so freaked out, I slept with the lights on. XD I later got to MEET MrCreepyPasta himself, and told him, and we both had a laugh about it.

  12. I remembered reading a creepypasta about a boy being kidnapped by a monster. Him and a couple of other boys were forced to enjoy the monster’s plans. The monster uses this some sort of dust to keep them in tranced. Fortunately the main character broke out of the trance and got away but with a price. He lost his right hand. But he can’t leave the place without killing that monster. For his name is “james hook”

    Literally I can’t remember this story’s name and thus I can’t find it. If anyone knows…. please tell me

  13. I remembered reading a creepypasta about a boy being kidnapped by a monster. Him and a couple of other boys were forced to enjoy the monster’s plans. The monster uses this some sort of dust to keep them in tranced. Fortunately the main character broke out of the trance and got away but with a price. He lost his right hand. But he can’t leave the place without killing that monster. For his name is “james hook”

    Literally I can’t remember this story’s name and thus I can’t find it. If anyone knows…. please tell me

  14. Who I love in MA?

    I love everyone in MA especially Rebecca. She’s beautiful, knows sense of fashion and the most i love about her is that she’s fun, giving the positive vibes and i smiled when she did jokes. 💕💕

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