February 28, 2020
TMJ Pain Services Springfield IL

TMJ Pain Services Springfield IL

– So for people who have TMJ disfunction, one of the things we hear a lot of times is that they struggle to eat real food. And by real food I mean anything that requires a lot of chewing, a lot of processing in the mouth, so things like steak,
chicken, some of those really good foods that
people aren’t able to eat because it causes too much pain and too much tension in the jaw. And when I hear that, I
don’t like hearing that because I want my
patients to live the life that they wanna live, and I want them to have a high quality of life. And when I hear them
not able to do things, we wanna help with that, we wanna help you if that’s a problem that you’re having. We don’t want you to have
to be drinking smoothies and things that are easier to process just because you have
a condition in the jaw. No, we wanna get to the
root cause of that problem, and we wanna work on
correcting it so you can get back to eating the
foods that you enjoy. So while you’re under
care, we do put a little bit of restriction on certain things because we wanna make sure that
the healing process occurs, but ultimately our goal is to get you back to living the life that you wanna live. So here at Springfield Wellness Center, we do a lot of TMJ work
and we’d love to help you. (upbeat music)

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