September 19, 2019
The US Diabetes Epidemic

The US Diabetes Epidemic

(Music) Announcer: Welcome to Your Health with Joan Lunden. Presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Joan Lunden: Hi, I’m Joan Lunden. Diabetes is a growing epidemic in the United States affecting more than 29 million people in our country. But even more alarming is that 25% of those people don’t even know they have it. So today we’re joined by Dr. Ann Albright, the director of CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation to discuss this dangerous trend in American health. Good to have you here. Ann Albright: Thank you. Joan Lunden: Why are medical experts really concerned about this trend? Ann Albright: Well, diabetes is a serious disease and it can lead to very serious complications, blindness, amputation, kidney disease, heart attack and stroke. Joan Lunden: So then let’s break it down, so people understand the basics, there are three major kinds of diabetes right? Ann Albright: That’s right. Type 1 diabetes, your body no longer makes insulin so you have to take insulin to survive, can’t prevent it. Type 2 diabetes is really your body is not using the insulin it makes properly. So we manage that with diet and exercise and various medications. It can be prevented or delayed. And then there is gestational diabetes which occurs when you’re pregnant and it should go away once you’ve delivered the baby. Joan Lunden: For all of those people out there watching today who are suffering from diabetes, what’s the takeaway that hopefully will help them prevent having those really serious complications? Ann Albright: Yes, it’s really to eat healthy, get physically active, take your medications as prescribed, make sure you make those doctor appointment visits for sure and absolutely get diabetes self-management education. Joan Lunden: To help manage it and be able to live well with diabetes. Thank you so much for sharing, really life saving information. To protect ourselves from this dangerous disease, we should consult our doctors about getting our blood sugar tested to find out if we’re at risk. And just remember all the information that you need to know and also to take a risk quiz can be found at Thanks for watching. I’m Joan Lunden, see you next time. Announcer: Sponsored by NACDD, with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Visit

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