November 20, 2019

100 thoughts on “The Evidence That Salt Raises Blood Pressure

  1. "After More than 150 random trials and 13 population studies without any obvious signal in favor of sodium reduction, another position could be that such a large signal does not exist".

  2. Our body needs a miniscule amount of sodium a day, the problem is we eat too much of it. It's like zinc or iron, we need a little bit but in excessive doses it's toxic. This study gave participants 6g in the soup, that's 3x the RDA and I'm not surprised their blood pressure spiked.

  3. High Blood pressure is not a disease. There are many things that raise blood pressure. Exercise raises blood pressure but that doesn't necessarily mean it's bad for you. High blood pressure from restricted arteries due to disease is a different story. However there are other things besides salt that may be even worse that raise blood pressure such as: Sugar, Sleep apnea, BPAs, Medications, Thyroid problems.

  4. I would like to know, what of a risk am I exposed to if I eat mainly plant based whole food, but salt the dishes quite well. How much salt puts me at low risk and how do I adapt my taste buds to less salt? Oh yea btw, how does fruits and vegetables make up for salt? :S

  5. What I love about Dr. Greger is that you get the facts and nothing but the facts and although I like to add salt to my food I have decided that I am going to quit using it.
    I am going to use the salt I have in my house right now and after that I won't buy any more.
    I am sure that if more healthcare professionals presented undisputable facts people would change their diet. Probably not overnight and not without some resistance but eventually they would get there.

  6. Dr. Mcdougall says salt isn't harmful to one's health. What do you say about that?

    Also an increase in blood pressure occurs during exercise but returns to normal later on. So what is the problem as long as nothing is clogging the arteries?

  7. to my eye, looking at the last graph, there is little difference between ~5-50 mmol/24h than with about 100-135. I mean it is there, but it is pretty small.

    in terms of the earlier data, did any of that deal with people with healthy blood pressure? or are the dietary guidelines really only known to be useful for people who already have high blood pressure?


  9. What about the type of salt? (Prosseced Table salt vs Himalayan salt.) Are there any studies comparing the different forms of salt on blood pressure?

    Just like you say eat whole plant based foods. Shouldn't you eat unprocessed salt with the minerals still intact?

  10. What about the type of salt? (Prosseced Table salt vs Himalayan salt.) Are there any studies comparing the different forms of salt on blood pressure?

    Just like you say eat whole plant based foods. Shouldn't you eat unprocessed salt with the minerals still intact?

  11. What about the type of salt? (Prosseced Table salt vs Himalayan salt.) Are there any studies comparing the different forms of salt on blood pressure?

    Just like you say eat whole plant based foods. Shouldn't you eat unprocessed salt with the minerals still intact?

  12. Dr. Greger,

    How does dietary salt requirements and biological activity vary between species ? Additionally, does the high blood pressure response to salt intake also apply to other species ?

    For example, my Horses and Donkeys have a craving for salt. Some people would attribute this behaviour to a Donkey's or Horses' "better senses" to their dietary requirements, but close association with my animals has taught me that they are no better than we are when it comes to "knowing" what is good, or not good, for them. I actually have a horse who wants and begs for human foods that she sees someone eating. My joke with her is the food must be good if she tastes a small sample and then asks for more, Horse Approved. ( Surprising for a species evolved on a diet of grasses )

    I provide my animals trace mineral blocks which are predominantly NaCl combined with other chemical salts intended to provide a healthy balance of needed minerals. Between licking and some individuals actually grinding on the blocks with their teeth to get more faster, they can spend time every day consuming the mineral block.

    During times when they are without a mineral block, the animals will spend daily time on various bare patches of ground where they will lick dirt. I know this Pica behaviour can also be seen in humans and, as I understand it, is a characteristic associated with a trace mineral deficiency. As soon as I provide a new trace mineral block, the pica stops immediately and they go straight to sucking on the salt.

    Do horses and donkeys have a real nutritional need for salt or are they simply doing the human equivalent of munching on potato chips ?

    Does this added salt consumption have the same adverse health impacts as seen in humans ?

    What would be a healthier alternative to the NaCl dominated trace mineral block that would lower their NaCl consumption while providing the necessary minerals to prevent their pica, or is their pica actually a better way for Horses to satisfy their nutritional mineral requirements ?

  13. I've been vegan for 10 years, and I eat a lot of salt, but my blood pressure is between 110 and 104/60….. is it necessary to reduce salt then?

  14. I'm having a hard enough time sticking to 100% vegetarian. Once i get a little better at this plant based diet, then i'll consider lowering my sodium intake.

  15. Using undeveloped countries throws in a lot of other factors that relate to blood pressure. Stress, exercise level, fiber intake. You would have to take people that live in western society that eat less salt. There lies the problem, since no one can stand a diet like that except a few fanatics. It's like telling people to eat the 80-10-10 diet. Maybe
    we should start with a whole food, low meat diet, and then do studies from that point. Instead of seeing how much we can restrict peoples consumption, figure out how much they can still eat and be healthy. I doubt that salt has that much of an influence, since it's also related to highly processed, fatty foods.

  16. If person takes med for hypothyroid, eats fruits veg, was told no salt, how do I get iodine plant based to lower med dosage. Want a cure, not pill get to cause. This didn't happen till in 50.

  17. Yes salt raises blood pressure – but look at the studies highlighted by DrJason Fung – there are no cardiovascular events associated with higher salt intake but there are with lower salt intake. Ie correlation is not causation in this case

  18. I quit eating bread and baked stuff last year, cause of the salt. I've heard my mother warn people about the use of the salt shaker many times, she always said it leads to high blood pressure, guess what she's suffering from herself now…

  19. I think a german doctor a while back said that refined white table salt in america and other anglospheric countrys is 1/3 sand 1/3 glass 1/3 salt. Which cuts arteries which is why it increases blood pressure or something he explains it on of the the videos I think it was Dr Leonard Coldwell.

  20. Curious does he have a video on normal heart rate? I eat really healthy 90% plant based and im in my mid 20s i don't exercise too often but my Resting heart rate is anywhere from 45-55. Some people say this is dangerous others say i have an athletes heart rate and i am really healthy.

  21. Does salt cause any other problems and why?
    I have been recommended to eat extra salt to keep my blood pressure up since it is very low. I believe it increases joint pains but I can not be completely sure it's the salt or why.

  22. I just ate my favorite brand of nitrite free bacon plain, and couldn't believe how much of a salt bomb it was… Normally, I would have a BLT, but didn't have any of the other ingredients…

    I love bacon, but I'm wondering how much I actually love it now…

  23. This makes me confused because McDougall said the exact opposite… so I really don't know what to think about it 🙁

    hh ttp: // www . tiny url . com / zre7s7g

  24. Salt is not your enemy, bad diets are. Sure salt has an effect on blood pressure, but if you eat healthy and keep your arteries clean salt won't be an issue. Hypertension is not a disease, it's a symptom of something else wrong with the body like atherosclerosis. The real enemy is sugar. That's what's gonna give you hypertension, and thus salt becomes your enemy as well.

  25. Thought: given the evidence that salt is so bad for you and MSG is not bad for you, would it be wise to encourage food processors and home cooks alike to switch salt for MSG?

  26. What I sorely want to know is, whether salt affects blood pressure in individuals suffering from high blood pressure or in everybody. My wife has a blood pressure of around 90/60 and no matter how much salt she has it doesn't seem to change. I have high blood pressure and salt has some effect but not much.

    That's why I ask the question of what it means for people in general.

  27. I wonder if there's other factors involved here? Where's the study comparing blood pressure of people who eat organic heavily salted food using raw salt to those eating organic lightly salted food using raw salt to those eating largely processed foods and add additional refined salt to… 🙂

  28. I'm not eating any processed food nor adding any salt for the last two months, 100% whole plant foods, getting about 100-200mg of sodium a day according to cronometer. Haven't had any problems so far despite running 15-40km a week. Haven't had flu this winter yet, either.

  29. I have hypertension (now completely under control thanks to diet) but have a "salt tooth". I would love to see Dr. Greger discuss the use of potassium salts as I use Nosalt to provide the salty taste I often miss.

  30. The good news is, for people who want to be healthy but love enjoying food- your taste buds adjust!! It only takes a week or 2, and something you previously thought was bland will taste very flavorful.

  31. Hello, I am wondering id Himalayan salt or sea salts are a better option? Also did you see Dr. Mercola's video on salt from 2011 which actually says salt is crucial to our health? I am confused here and I am trying to follow a low fat healthy whole food vegan diet. Thank you!!

  32. I have low blood pressure, and it is helpful to me that I can regulate it to a degree by monitoring my intake of sodium. I try to get around 1500mg of sodium a day, which is still considered low, but it's high enough to raise my blood pressure to a level that makes me functional, typically about 100/70. Periods when I'm eating no added salt to my whole foods diet my blood pressure can drop to 80/50, and during these times my intake of sodium from whole foods is usually around 500mg, which is too low for me.

  33. Japanese eat 3x-4x the salt of Americans and live 4 yrs longer on average. The type of salt is important because whereas MSG is a bad form, Himalayan salt with trace minerals is a beneficial form. Salt is a necessary nutrient and you'll die without it.

  34. My I have hypotension when avoiding salt. My BP goes from 95/65 down to 84/44. I cannot avoid salt! I add it to my water too including electrolyte fizz.

  35. there is 0 evidence of salt intake and blood pressure, this guy is a schlock, you need a balance of sodium, potassium, and magnesium, state your sources then if you are so convinced..

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  37. Very interesting! I wonder if the near absence of oil is also a contributing factor?
    That rice diet wasn't very oily, right? And the Yanonamo people – I got the impression that theirs was also a low fat diet. I support the salt theory, I just wonder about the role of oil.

  38. Can you do a video on the harm of salt restricted diet? you need salt? can you do a video on how low salt increases insulin resistance?

  39. Once again just a little bit of crap here. Real salt like Himalayan Pink or Celtic sea salt are very healthy for you. It’s the white table salt or White Sea salt that are heavily processed with high heat drying like 1200 degrees plus man made chemicals added makes this stuff horrible and raise your blood pressure. So don’t eat the white stuff. Think pink.

  40. FYI the Japanese eat on average 12-14 grams of sodium per day that’s double the average American and have less then half the heart disease or high blood pressures then Americans 🤔 that’s what I call a CLUE!

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  43. What exactly is Hybetez Remedy? How does this thing really work? I see many people keep on speaking about this high blood pressure secret remedy.

  44. What do you think of treat your high blood pressure issue naturally using Hybetez Remedy? I notice lots of people keep on talking about Hybetez Remedy.

  45. Every study you referenced was about sodium intake in people with preexisting hypertension. We know salt aggravates hypertension. You are intentionally staging this as "salt = high blood pressure" but the referenced studies do not back up that claim. I don't want to pay another tax on some subjective thing I do. My diet is not the responsibility or business of the government. I don't want to pay another tax because some food causes people who already avoid salty food to have higher blood pressure.

  46. Meaningless epidemiology used here. The cross country study chart proves only that those who have a low salt diet probably also have a low sugar diet because among the high salt intake countries there is ZERO relationship. Even this meaningless epidemiology does not support the hypothesis. I think you are a poorly trained scientist with little understanding of the weaknesses of most epidemiology.

  47. I wish I could lower my salt intake to lower my hypertensive pressure cause I'm hyponatremic and I'm 15

  48. Do anybody know about Hybetez Remedy? Does it really work? I hear many individuals cleanse their high blood pressure issue inherently with this high blood pressure secret remedy.

  49. If you search for "salt and high blood pressure" – it's unbelievable how many videos you get repeating industry misinformation… The government lied and salt doesn't raise blood pressure!
    Mmk. 🌱👍

  50. strange….people always say I use to much salt….and my blood pressure has been 125/70 to 130/80! And I am old! bullshit mr nutrionfacts…..But I know that people with high blood pressure get problems if they use to much salt.

  51. Hi, I normally have low blood pressure and I often feel very light headed during the day. I'm not sure if I consume enough salt daily. But everytime I do eat a soup of something with high salt, even if it can help with the dizziness, I just have apparent water retention symptoms and I face becomes very bloated. Is there a way I can have a normal blood pressure while avoiding the abnormal water retention sings? Thanks.

  52. I used to have low blood pressure during high school so bad to where I was nauseous and felt sick that I couldn't do my school work. Once I ate saltine crackers and drunk water I felt better so yes salt can spike your blood pressure.

  53. I add stevia to rice n pastas n less salt. Try not to add more than 1/4 teaspoon WHEN I use it, then I break from it. Taste buds change if you stick with it. Takes a couple skips n mistakes but….works

  54. People seem to get different results, judging from the comments. When I cut back on sodium, my blood pressure improved, in fact it went from 145/80 to 118/65 and as an added bonus my hands feel swollen and achey less often so I'll probably stay with low sodium around 1500 mg daily

  55. I'm sorry I don't care what video you posted. This is not true it's proven over and over salt stable blood pressure cholesterol but doctor's don't get this education. Also the reading of blood pressure and cholesterol is untrue what's dangerous hence why many are on medication. This may sound educational to many but your so wrong maybe you need retraining on natural resources . Lie lie lie lie lie

  56. But whats the least amount of sodium that i need?

    Im only eating vegetables, so my daily sodium intake is less than 200mgs and i have been feeling dizziness and lightheadedness.

    Ive see in others YouTube videos that too little sodium is also dangerous, so what is the truth?

  57. What would be your reaction to this research that a low salt diet does not affect heart failure?

  58. Wait wait wait: On the 8th of the same month that you posted this, “Today I found out” posted this video saying the opposite (that there’s no scientific evidence that salt raises blood pressure): (that there are no scientific studies that say salt increases blood pressure)

    Both content producers present their data and statements as scientific fact. What is the disparity??

  59. I have experienced hypertension & taking medicines ever since I was 26 yrs . old. Of all solution I have personally tried using, “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) certainly is the one that has shown to work on my blood pressure levels. The prescription drugs prescribed to me to have were not of used anymore after having a calendar month of loyally following this guidebook. .

  60. Some doctors say Salt is good and back it up with some theory and some say Salt is bad and also back it up with some other theory…….. It's hard to know who to believe. :

  61. OK folks, this is my experience. For the last 18 months I had just been feeling wiered. Like I had too much energy, I could not sleep very well. I took up 20 mins of exercise a day (usually at night) to help me sleep, which worked. I thought I was allergic to hair-dye, then gluten, then this then that, then thought it was my Adrenal glands, and im annoyed about this because I explained to my doctor how I felt he just went along with me testing my pee for my Adrenal glands. FFS. I was diagnosed with Divitiulotis in April this year, had the colonoscopy, even a scan, yep got Div. Now Ive been VEGETARIAN since I was 19. Im 51 this year. I have drank too much alcohol over the years I admit. In recent years been settled in a relationship and eat very balanced (maybe) diet. I love my veggies, my garlic, my turmeric, my salad sandwiches, I have liked salt though, but it is EVIL..well okI know we need a tiny amount. The other week I got ill with some chest infection (non smoker to of 15yrs). Got bad throat, bad chest, headache and my BLOOD PRESSURE went skyrocket. I started taking some BP tablets 5 weeks ago to help, they did a bit but still I felt like I needed to exercise b4 bed, if I woke I would be awake and sometimes for hours. It was a nightmare. So my BP went up with being ill, and we are talking 200/90..I felt like I was going to die. A different doctor looked at me as if I was going to die before her eyes, she mentioned salt again. That night whilst ill, I had my evening meal, plain rice, fried courgette and carrot (fried in olive oil) and ate that for two nights.

    BP came down, I started to feel much better. My life is changed. Tonight Ive had mash potato with a tiny amount of cholesterol friendly margarine added to mash, sprouts (no added salt) and plain boiled lentils-no salt/no sauce.
    Ive gone through my food cupboards and there is salt in just about every damn thing I have, even with being hummus? salt…my bread? salt…my cheese sauce? salt. even my tin sprouts have added salt. I know it is added as a "preservative" but for f** sake.

    I am begging everyone to review their diets. be critical of THE BLOOD PRESSURE TABLETS AND THEIR MANUFACTURERS. This is so dangerous what they are selling us. They are selling us poison, the salt is added to POOR food for POOR get people hooked on BP tablets etc. In the last few days I have reviewed all my food intake.I have reviewed all the foods I will buy from now on. FRESH VEGETABLES (and freeze them) I've looked at low salt this and low salt products but for f** it Im just going to MAKE MY OWN WITHOUT SALT. How dare they try and sell me a jar of pasta sauce that's low in salt for FOUR TIMES MORE.

    As you might imagine I am starting to wage my own personal war here. and I might come across at crazy bat shit, but I just want us to wake up, to be healthy. Not to be pawns in a bigger game of nonsense. please please please look after yourselves you lovely people.

  62. This video is a total lie! Table salt with anti caking agents is bad for you, Real salt, Sea salt, Pink salt has minerals that we need. There is no study that show reducing salt reduces blood pressure. SALT help regulate and keeps your hart functioning properly. Junk foods with plain SODIUM is bad for you. Stop the junk food, Don't touch the salt in dinners, BRING your own. This is ridiculous.

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