February 21, 2020

The ARTFUL Upper Cervical Adjusting Program – Kairos Training Culture with Dr. Brett Jones

five years ago when Kairos Training
Culture first broke into the chiropractic scene we had one major
mission, “evolve the art of chiropractic” now the biggest hindrance to this
evolution was a lack of creativity and a lack of innovation both stemming from
one major statement that was dominating the chiropractic profession
and that was saying that “if you are jack-of-all-trades that you are master
of none” and so what you would find is that instructors would primarily want
you to practice one technique; now upon evaluation of multiple techniques what
you’ll find is that they all operate within certain value systems that will
lock them into a certain perspective or paradigm that will then create certain
strengths and weaknesses, so we dare to dream what would the Jeet Kune Do of
chiropractic look like? What would it look like if you could deliver a
rock-solid Upper Cervical Knee Chest adjustment and a precise specific Toggle
Recoil and a powerful Virgil Chrane occiput lift Seated Occiput Lift
Supine, Prone whatever was called for in the moment that you had a
multi-disciplinary approach because you are an artist of life co-creating in the
moment to deliver the best adjustment possible and that’s why at this moment
we’ve developed the Artful Upper Cervical Adjusting Program and we’re
excited for you to check it out – SEE LINK TO JOIN

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