November 19, 2019
Tension Headache Treatment

Tension Headache Treatment

Hi I’m Dr. Jeff Turner of Texas Migraine
Clinic. You may be convinced that you have Tension or Stress Headaches because
you can feel tightness, or a dull aching pressure across your forehead or on the
sides of or the back of your head, combined with tightness in your upper
shoulder muscles. Sometimes the tightness even creeps down into your shoulder
blades. Sometimes you think there’s sinus headaches because you also feel pressure
and your sinuses inner nose gets really stuffy. You especially notice that your
symptoms get worse as the day goes on, usually by early afternoon that’s when
you find yourself reaching for the advil or excedrin. You don’t think it’s a
migraine because maybe because you don’t get
visual disturbances like an aura or nausea or vomiting anything like that
dizziness, that said, they still seriously affect your mood, your concentration, your
productivity, well, everything and you love for them to go away forever.
Well, if you’re ready for something more than just relief for your tension or
stress headaches, then take the quiz, below, to see if you’re a candidate for
our advanced treatment. Because once we reverse all of your symptoms, we can then,
very likely, get you permanent relief so that you don’t get tension or stress
headaches ever again. In other words, we have consistent success reversing these
problems with a natural system that is both fast and lasting. And it doesn’t require
medication, injection, surgery, ongoing therapies, it’s routine that these
symptoms rapidly become less frequent, less intense, than progressively absent
all together as healing occurs. Thanks so much.

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