September 19, 2019
TAVR Technology – Innovative Heart Treatment Option

TAVR Technology – Innovative Heart Treatment Option

(upbeat music) – Aortic stenosis is a
disease of the aortic valve. The aortic valve is the
valve on the top of the heart that lets all the blood out of the heart when the heart contracts. And what can happen is,
like with any moving part, the valve can wear out. And when this valve typically wears out, most often it gets stuck shut. So instead of opening all the way to let all the blood out, it gets stuck shut, sometimes so tight it’s
just a pinhole left and all the blood going
to feed the entire body is going through a small little hole. And there’s two ways in
2019 that we can replace the aortic valve. The old fashioned way
is open heart surgery where we put you on
bypass, stop the heart, cut the old valve out,
and sew a new one in. The other way to do it
is something called TAVR, or transcatheter aortic valve replacement. And that’s a procedure where
we can replace the valve with a catheter and
essentially put this new valve inside your existing valve
to take over its function. You know, I think what we’re proud of here is our experience level and
the fact that our volumes are very high. So we’ve been doing this
procedure for a long time, we’ve done over 800 cases
and the companies that are manufacturing these valves
have recognized that, and thus they’ve given
us access in bringing new technologies to us first. And so we are participating
in a lot of clinical trials where there’s very few
sites in the country. The newest trial we’re just starting, we’re one of nine places
in the United States where you can actually
get these new device that is not available anywhere else. And so these are all things
that I think stand out as far as our structural heart program compared to others. (upbeat music)

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