September 19, 2019

Tasty Solutions for Diabetes Lunch Menu part 1

– [Announcer] The
following is a production of New Mexico State University. – [Narrator] Today, on Tasty
Solutions for Diabetes, hosts Kelley Coffeen and Lola Cunico prepare three tasty lunch dishes. We continue our conversations
with Skip and Maria. Two people highly determined
to manage their diabetes with the advice of experts
from Harvard Medical School. Tasty recipes, important
medical information, and more, today on Tasty
Solutions for Diabetes. (bright music) – Hello, my name is Lola Cunico and I am a certified diabetes educator. – And I’m Kelley Coffeen, home economist and food consultant. – Today we’re gonna make
some great recipes for lunch. – And lunch can be challenging, you know, we’re always on the go, so you’ve got to take time to plan and select the proper
ingredients for a healthy lunch. – You’re right, Kelley,
it’s very important to have protein, vegetables, and carbs for a balanced lunch. Let’s get ready to make lunch. – Yeah, let’s do lunch. (jazzy music) – [Narrator] Tasty Solutions for Diabetes uses three main concepts
for its recipes and menus. Concept number one, Eat a variety of nutritious foods. Eat foods packed with
vitamins and minerals as opposed to foods that
contain mostly fats, sugars, and starches. Foods that are nutrition
superstars, include leafy green vegetables,
fruits, whole grains, beans, lean meats, nuts, and
low-fat dairy products. Concept number two, Balance high carb foods
with lower carb foods. Foods are made up of
three energy nutrients: Carbohydrates, or carbs for short, proteins, and fats. Each of these play an important role in maintaining a healthy body, so it’s not a good idea to cut out any of these
nutrients completely, but eating carbohydrates
makes our blood sugar, or blood glucose levels, go up. A person who does not have diabetes will release insulin
to keep the blood sugar from going too high. Unfortunately, people with diabetes have to help their bodies keep blood sugar at a healthy level because their bodies don’t produce or properly use insulin. So it’s important to control
your carbohydrate intake. The key is to choose some
foods higher in carbs and some foods lower
in carbs at each meal. Usually about half and
half is a good balance. The third concept we need to emphasize is portion size. In today’s super-sized world, huge portion sizes have become the norm. A key to calorie and carbohydrate control is to eat reasonable portions. For each recipe, we’ll
show what a reasonable portion size looks like for the recipe and other items on the menu. Now, back to the kitchen. (jazzy music) – The first recipe we’re gonna do today is our version of a Southwest sandwich. – No, my version of the– – [Kelley] Well, it’s my version. – [Lola] I think I made the recipe. – But anyway, we’re gonna do it and we’re gonna show it to you together. – And the first thing,
instead of sliced bread, we’re gonna use tortillas,
low-carb tortillas. – [Lola] Right. – So, you wanna keep your tortilla moist, you want to put something on it, some type of a dressing or a mayonnaise. They have a new light mayonnaise out, but they’re all flavored. And this one happens to
be wasabi horseradish, so we’re gonna– – [Lola] Wuh-saab-ee! – [Kelley] Yeah, so we’re gonna use some flavored mayonnaises, we’re gonna do a turkey breast. – [Lola] Right. – [Kelley] Okay, just a
deli-style turkey breast. – And you can buy low-sodium turkey breast at the deli now too, so if you do have high blood pressure, that would be a good idea. – Okay, and then, of
course, we’ve got avocado, we want to have some of the good fats. – [Lola] Right, and it’s
about a fourth of an avocado. – Fourth of an avocado and then lots of crunch. We’re gonna do, this is– – [Lola] And bad breath. – We’re just gonna do a
light, just a little bit of pepper, and this is just a
yellow pepper that you can buy – [Lola] Wait, Kelley,
I love a lot of pepper. – [Kelley] You can put a
lot of pepper, there’s no problem with putting a lot of
crunch in your tortilla wrap. And, of course, we’ve got red onion, and I like to do, you
can do any kind of onion, but I like the flavor of red
onions, but I like the color. And then, we also want
to use a good lettuce that’s easy to roll, and
this is a green leaf. So, your green leaf is great. – [Lola] And it has more
nutrients than iceberg lettuce because the greener it is,
the better it is for you. – Right. The other thing
that we do to add flavor is you can do your red
bell pepper roasted, and that roasted flavor is wonderful. So I’m gonna go ahead and
just take some of this red roasted bell pepper
and put it over here so we can add that to our recipe today. – Great. – Alright, so let’s start
with this flavored mayonnaise. And probably what, just a tablespoon. Alright, and we’ll just
spread that around, and if you’ll grab some of the– – [Lola] Turkey? – Well, you know what,
let’s start with the, I want some crunchy on the outside, so let’s do a little bit
of the green leaf lettuce, and I like to make it, yeah,
go all the way to the edges. Cause you wanna have
crunch all the way through. Okay, and then we can do our turkey. And you know, the deli style turkey breast is really what you want. And you want it sliced thin
so that you can roll it. – [Lola] Could you also
use the shredded turkey? – [Kelley] Sure. Now you
can do your avocados. – And avocados have lots
of fiber, and also they have heart healthy fat
like I mentioned before. And fat helps to keep you fuller longer so that you don’t get the munchies. The hottie was supposed
to put the peppers on. – Is that you? (laughing) – Yeah. – So we’ve got the yellow peppers that we’re gonna put here. – [Lola] The stinky one does the onions. – [Kelley] Yeah, go ahead, put those red onions on, will you? – [Lola] Not too many, cause
I have to work with you. – (laughing) But the whole goal here is to do this as well, very thin, so that you can roll this. And the same thing with
your, just do some slices of those roasted red peppers,
or if you do the fresh ones, then do them very thin so
that they roll up easily. Now what I’m doing is I’m
spreading a little bit of this out because we’re gonna roll it from one side to the other. And it isn’t gonna be easy to roll, so just know that, and you
just have to work with it, and then we’re gonna put – Look how beautiful that is. – Yeah, and we’re gonna
put a toothpick on there. – You want it right in here? – Yeah, just right there’s good. And then if you’re taking it with you, if you’re eating it now,
slice it and enjoy it. But, if you’re taking it with you, then use some Saran
wrap, some plastic wrap, and really work it,
because you really want all those flavors to kinda
spread out on that tortilla. – [Lola] Kinda like marinate it? – [Kelley] Yeah! And then,
see how I’m just kinda rolling it up, you’ve got
your toothpick in the middle so be careful of that. And then this is just really
a great way to pack it when you’re taking it with you somewhere. – Maybe we should open a restaurant that’s burritos on the go. – Lola’s wrappers. (laughter) And there you have it, you’ve
got your lunch on the go. – [Lola] The turkey avocado pepper wrap has about 250 calories, with
about 12 grams of carbs. But if you include a small apple and about 8oz of milk, it comes out to about 400 calories, with about 45 grams of carbs. This makes it a very balanced meal. (jazzy music)

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