December 14, 2019
T-Pain on Dr. Dre and Eminem’s “Forgot About Dre” | VERSES

T-Pain on Dr. Dre and Eminem’s “Forgot About Dre” | VERSES

(reel clicks) – What? Dr. Dre rapping like Eminem? That’s more astounding than Eminem rapping on a Dr. Dre beat. So that was, it was smart. Oh good God, they’re rich. (hip hop beat) I feel like this is the best approach at this style of rhyming, this style of lyricism, these rhythms, this kind of beat. We know Dre for super west-coast beats and those crazy snares. Oh my God, those snares will
make you go deaf in a Dre song. But these were kind of laid back and this was kind real chill. The beat was chill, but
Dre was going the fuck off. So this was a change
of pace for everybody. The fans, Dre, Em … What a pivotal moment. If I was a fly on the wall in that studio, I would 100% guarantee that
Eminem came up with this concept because Eminem was so big and he’s like, “Do ya’ll not remember Dr. Dre?” This man had a hook of a hit song that went “Ring-ding-dong.” “Ring-da-ding-ding-ding-dong.” (laughs) This man had a smash single that went He didn’t say that. That’s not in the song. You know what’s most special about Dre? Because we got the Era Now people talking about Drake having
ghostwriters and stuff like that. Dre didn’t have ghostwriters. Dre will let you know, “I didn’t write this song.” “You know for a fact I
didn’t write this song.” Dre will tell you, “I can’t rap.” “But I delivered it and it happened.” You would know that Dre
didn’t write the songs and you just would not care. You would not care because
the collaboration in itself was more of a, not so much an achievement, but an astounding happening for the fans. (reel clicks)

100 thoughts on “T-Pain on Dr. Dre and Eminem’s “Forgot About Dre” | VERSES

  1. “If it was up to me, yo mo’fuqaz would stop comin’ up to me with your hands out lookin’ up to me, like you want sumtin’ free when my last CD was out, you wasn't bumpin’me….” one of the best flows I ever heard comin out Dre’s mouth. That sh*ts fire son!

  2. If you’re to young then look for keep your heads ringing. That’s the ring ding dong song. It’s not as stupid as pain makes it seem.

  3. lol Angie Stone's rap group The Sequence had a hit with 'ring ding dong, ring a ding-ding-ding dong' first. Dre borrowed those lyrics from the Sequence

  4. Man fuck t pain. T pain couldn’t lace eminem and dr.dre’s boots. Little auto tune using, mumble rapping, off beat rappin bitch! Seriously T Pain ruined hip hop

  5. As far as writing the verses for DRE goes I still think The D.O.C. is still miles ahead of Eminem. Em writes for himself but dumbs it down for Dre, while D.O.C. seems to fully understand Dre’s mind!

  6. T-Pains obviously very concerned with world's environment issues as well with his 2 disposable cups for the 1 beverage.

  7. I like how people say eminem wrote the whole song and blah blah blah.
    but don’t forget that Eminem wouldn’t be shit without Dre.Eminem is not self made.

  8. I thought everyone knew Em wrote Dre’s verse. It was so obvious that I thought it couldn’t be mistaken. So the title is stupid.

    It should be, “ t-pain talks gibberish about a verse some guy wrote for another guy”

  9. How did T pain create a whole new alter ego and capture LA with the name 03 Greedo. On some mankind/dude love WWF shit

  10. Only 2 rappers I want to hear on the same beat is


    The 2 most skilled rappers
    Would be fire 🔥 fuk t pain and them 😂

  11. One of the best tracks in history, the delivery, lyrics, beats, energy whole package in this song. Brings back memories of em ol days.. mother fuckers forgot about dre ?!

  12. Ghost writers in the 80s 90s it was more honesty involved eazy e was no rapper nor was Dr dre. And many others. It was about the sound of your voice on the mic coming out them damn speakers. Remember mc breeds ain't no future in your fronting. Yeah… Lol enters Rick Ross the biggest boss lied about having a job as a co just to appeal to the audience he wanted smdh. So having a job is a bad thing I guess? But b4 for him we had Nelly who told us he work in a fast food joint with his mother got his deal went to that job told his mother to quit we good. 2pC said hold these artist accountable for what they say. He called out big for getting on and not keeping it real. Big was a good rapper just wasn't on the black power shit PAC was on. Big got money and went on as a player Don type persona dress nice fly getting girls smoking good living life. Jay Z and JD said money ain't a thing enters cash money tricking ain't a thing enters Lady's twerking and now we have city girls and megan the stallion talking reckless u lady like shit. Why because metoo and others said respect all females no matter what. Lmao when Delores Tucker said the music is disrespectful to woman lol 😂😂😂 to me too saying it's cool now if we dance to it twerking in booty shorts or raise our dress up to show no panties or whateva if they touch us we screaming rape and locking they ass up. If we chase them for they money live off them for yrs and they get rid of us fuk divorce we getting they ass lock up for abuse. Lmao yes hip hop has change the world especially I America 🇺🇸 😂😆😁. Stay bless and good morning America it's 6:08 am here. 😉

  13. Yeah, Dre's verses on that song just sounds like something Eminem would say. Lol. But who cares… all time classic and timeless record.

  14. But the difference is Dre always been open about it, jay z wrote the next episode lyrics for Dre and he said it from the start. Drake denied everything, then got caught out! So he got shit for it……

  15. Fun fact Dre did write music too as a matter of fact he wrote Eazy'er said than done for eazy but not everyone knows that

  16. The chronic 2001 was like the sound track to the doorway into the new age. Like this is what we put out. This is what we strive for.

  17. Dre was always a producer, a beat maker, he never actually claimed to be a rapper nor writing his own stuff anyway. People don't give a fuck because production and features are the things people look forward to on a Dre album. Sure, Dre raps pretty good but his thing is the beat. Drake is a R&B Singer who like rap a lot to me because a rapper shouldn't really use ghostwriters at all.

  18. “Turn me back into the old me” is shit eminem says daily. So we know that Dre didn’t write that. Tpain sitting there looking like a black santa claus….. can’t unsee that.

  19. You can hear that it's Em because it's his writing structure, yet he nailed imitating Dre's cadence, and how he would say things. Just like Jay did on Still D.R.E, but you could hear Jay in it a lil more. Still wished he released Detox. Everyone was mocking him for the T.I. track that leaked, This Is Detox, but I thought that was FIRE!!!

  20. Dre got so much god damn talent, who gives a fuck if he doesn't write the lyrics. He's got a hell of a lot else to offer on a joint!

  21. ok well the diff bet dre and drake is that dre from the start told that he was a producer. he didnt go around rappinga nd acting tuff like drake was. drake was trynna ignite beef then when he got hit w the ghostwrite punch he got semi-bodied. dre on the other hand is a legend partially because of his honesty imo

  22. Damn didn't even talk about Em's verse. "Cicka Chicka, Slim Shady, hotter than a set of twin babies, in Mercedes Benz with the windows up and the temp goes up to the mid 80's" straight flames

  23. T-Pain on "Forgot about Dre", it's like Jim Carrey on the NBA Finals, I mean… what the fuck??? lol
    (No shade at T-Pain, but let's be real for a second)

  24. Once again, Chronic 2001 a classic album, both commercially and in the streets, with plenty of lyrics ghost written by Em, yet dude's talking about he don't have no hood bangers or he gets no play in the hood. Goes to show it's all race related. If dre came out and said Em wrote all his parts on that album, people would change the tune to Em writing lyrics with the N word. People just want to find a reason to hate. “Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated.”

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