December 9, 2019
Supporting people with diabetes distress – Dr Adriana Ventura

Supporting people with diabetes distress – Dr Adriana Ventura

The title of the project is Supporting
people with diabetes distress, Development and pilot randomized control trial Of an online training module for health professionals. Diabetes distress
is one of the most common emotional Health problems affecting people with
diabetes. It’s associated with suboptimal self-care, Impaired quality of life and
elevated HbA1c And therefore is a relevant clinical issue That needs to be
addressed as part of routine consultation. Diabetes health professionals often
report an unmet need For training in the emotional and
psychological aspects of diabetes. Recognition of this unmet need learned
the NDSS to publish the Diabetes and Emotional Health Handbook for Health
Professionals in 2016 This resource has Undergone a preliminary evaluation and
received positive feedback but some Health professionals thought it would be
useful to have additional practical Training to further build their
confidence and skills in identifying and Addressing emotional health problems. While a written resource suits some Others prefer and learn more effectively
with online training. The proposed project Will take the emotional health
handbook to the next level. The overall objective is to deliver a
practical evidence-based online training Module to support health professionals
to identify and address diabetes Distress in adults with type 1 or type 2
diabetes. Development of the module will Be guided by an intervention mapping
framework. The aims are to determine the Acceptability and feasibility of the
online training module and to Investigate preliminary effectiveness of
the module for improving health Professional knowledge motivation and
confidence to identify an address Diabetes distress in practice. A pilot randomized control trial and a Qualitative sub study will be done to
address these aims. We are confident that This online training module will
significantly increase health Professionals ability to manage
emotional health issues in practice. We also plan to seek ADEA
accreditation to offer continuing Professional development points who can
the module. This research is novel, Relevant and above all, necessary to fill
a major gap in Australian diabetes Clinical practice.

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