February 27, 2020

100 thoughts on “STOP Hip Bursitis Pain Without Seeing A Dr or Having Injection

  1. Probably wont respond but in case yall do or ant other doctor or something sees this, I have damage to my metacarpophalangeal joint that has persisted for about 5 months and at the orthopedist they said it is not broken and I just need OT. What type of therapy should I do and how does it help heal it

  2. The IT band can not be stretched, it is just fascia and connective tissue which has no elasticity. Only the muscle to which the IT band attaches can be stretched.

  3. Lmao!…avoid things that irritate it….as a tile setter with paraformis syndrome…if I don't go to work I can't pay the chiropractor…it's a vicious cycle!

  4. I wish I had seen this before I had that dreaded injection! I was supposed to go back in 3 months, but I didn't! It got better and better the more time passed, thank goodness! If it ever happens again, I'll know what to do. Great video!

  5. Hi

    Could you please make an episode about serious benefitial stuff that actually works for osteoporosis from exercises to proven drugs? Thank you

  6. Hello Bob and brad! Can you tell me of how do you come about of having pain that cause bursitis in your hip. I know that this video indicates don't use injections as a treatment to bursitis of your hip; why is that; does it causes your hip to have/occur more problems? Thank You for your videos and laughter!

  7. I've experienced this, talk about agony. I used no painkillers, just an SI belt, posture, physiotherapist taught me a few moves to extend leg behind like Bob at 12:00 but to lean forward evenly on my elbows with hands over each other, good torso posture, on a counter or lounge, and deeply extend leg behind me for sets of 3 at 15 seconds each, that helped so much! Heat on bursa is a no no as it inflamed so ice it. Took weeks to get better but it did thanks to the physio help so go see a good physio! MInjections wear off fast and the stuff in it stays in the body for around 2 years or something so it's not good!

  8. My problem is a fist-sized hematoma on my left hip from a fall 4 years ago. It hurts me as it pulls the muscle in my groin area and down my leg and when I lift my leg. I found some sore areas around the side of my hip and where my hip and waist meet. It helps massaging those trigger points.

  9. Mine is relieved by doing standing clam shells, rotating the knee while standing on the other foot, bringing the leg all the way forward and back like doing a slow roundhouse or back kick. Is it bursitis or something else going on in there?

  10. Thank you guys for you informative videos, please could you do a video on wrist bursitis? I'm really getting tired of mine

  11. Second the comment about the inability to stretch the IT Band. There has been a good few scientific studies refuting it, I don't know why it's still mentioned. Personally, sleeping on the other hip has massively helped me.

  12. Thanks, guys! I've been nursing a hip bursitis for over a month. I've been doing stretching exercises, ice and heat, walking with a cane when I'm outside. I've tried walking my normal two miles but can hardly walk a mile so I'm reduced to walking inside, stretching exercises and riding airdyne. Surprising that the airdyne doesn't aggravate as much as walking does. I refuse to go to a doctor when I know I can heal myself. It just takes time. Love your videos.

  13. My Dr said it should go away on it's own within weeks – it lasted OVER 3 years 10 months. I exercised (special ones), ditched things that mentally stressed me, and changed my diet to an anti inflammatory diet – the ketogenic diet. I went away purely of what I DID! I don't trust doctors.

  14. I have bursitis but what can you do to those who have it combined with Meralgia paresthetica. Any stretching recommended for both of these?

  15. Last time I went to the physical therapist for bursitis they had me walk sideways on a treadmill. It was awkward and it's really awkward to do it outside on a Rocky driveway.

  16. I have it on both sides 🤷 it's lasted for months and causes me a lot of pain, especially when trying to sleep. I've been doing these stretches, icing, massaging, exercising (monster walk instead of clam shells). I haven't tried blasting it with nsaids though so maybe I'll go that route. I have fibromyalgia too which I'm sure isn't helping the issue. I really don't want to get injections. I'm 29 and want to be able to heal this more naturally.

  17. Oh my, I am so happy I watched this video this morning, after a sleepless night of pain. I will put these tips into action as I really love my sleep.

  18. My husband has a rip and tear on his hip… he has been to numerous consultants and doctors and they do nothing for him…. going on 3 yrs next year… he is in constant pain…have you any advice, for when we go to a consultant again… what to ask or what can be done for this… any advice anyone 🙏🏻😀

  19. I have posterior tibial tendonitis and have had 4 surgeries with three just on the right foot and ankle and I'm 60 years old. I think the way I walk now did not help the ongoing bursitis in my left hip and going upstairs has to be done differently now. So frustrated with it as it's been so painful almost more so than the foot and ankle complications. I'd say at least a good year dealing with it and I used to be able to do some yoga for stretching but even that has gone by the wayside. I just ordered the ice pack and I already use the pillow but will try some of the other suggestions you have both offered. Thank you for all the videos that you do put out because it's always nice if we can help ourselves instead of running to a doctor! I also do a pretty low carb diet and take no prescription drugs right now.

  20. I always get that when I skate…after 10min I just need to stop and it hirts for a few days then it goes away.
    Cant use a cain while skaiting XD

  21. Thanks for this!

    I broke my toe and the limping caused hip bursitis in the opposite hip. I'm on my feet all day and my hip has been killing me.

    My hip already feels better from the stretches. Hopefully I can get a good night's sleep tonight.

    Thanks again 😊👍

  22. Great information. Are there exercises for sit bone bursitis? I've had 3 injections. They do help but I would prefer not to have them.

  23. After injuring my left knee in a car accident the pain that I endured caused me to start limping which affected my entire hip/muscular region. That dang IT band is a killer. Ice/Advil/stretching/self massage has helped This video has helped me a LOT.

  24. Ive been dealing with bursitis on both sides for over 25 years!!! Ive been going to physical therapy and she gives me only 2 exercises each time at a cost of over $65.00, She showed me none of these exercises you showed, Its so odd she can’t just give me a sheet full of them, I will try these. I had super painful injections in both hips. thought i was going to pass out! the Dr. just poked around and it was so painful all over so he just guessed. Don’t know why he didn’t use a ultrasound to find the correct spot to inject. I was going to get this done again next week but will try this instead. It sucks as i love being active!!

  25. Pain from the hip and buttock and goes toward the groin. On a woman. Before she got to that point she had pain from her hip straight down the side of her leg and it hurt they checked for blood clots and found none. And could not tell her what it was. Now she is lay up on steroids do to the buttock and hip and groin pain. Any ideas.

  26. My hip feels “grind-y” and always has. It even hurts when I lie on that side to do exercises. It feel like there is gravel in there. How do I fix that? It hurts!

  27. I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and sciatica and s1 joint the back and hip pain (bursitis) are terrible and I have horrible front thigh pain constantly climbing stairs hurts so bad I could scream my Drs. are more concerned with my back and do nothing for my thigh pain it does feel like a pulling of muscle. Do you have any thoughts? Please!

  28. Boron… tumeric pills… and collagen.. all else fails… get CBD CREAM-500 milligrams , and rub onto afflicted area…CBD CREAM bought from N. Carolina.. but it’s called Evolution Organix ( on Amazon) expensive ($50 a jar) but works… that’s all that matters

  29. …….”We’re idiots”……love you guys! thanks for the skeleton demo….something my idiot doctors NEVER brought into the discussion to identify more precisely where my pain was centered!

  30. I have low blood flow to both hips because of the placements of stents. But I have so very much pain in the bursas. Can you help ? I cannot take many nsaids because of medications. Should I get cortesone shots? Thanks for any help you might give.

  31. i have tried everything. i have a replacement on one side and bursitis on the other plus sciatic. i can barely do stairs or even get up from the toilet. i'm only 47 years old. my office is on the top floor with 10 flights of stairs.

  32. Are the twisting exercises safe if one has had hip replacement? There are so many do’s and don’ts they warn us about.

  33. I would drop the “little girly man” comments. It’s about to be 2020 so let’s drop the “girl” as an insult. ….Doesn’t exactly sound like a professional

  34. I'm sure you have valuable information to share… But for clarities sake, please speak clearly…not so rushed and mumbly.

  35. I had hip bursitis for months until my nutritionist suggested the mineral sulfur ( I found it in angstrom molecule sized liquid form) within 2 weeks it was almost gone and after a month I have no more pain, I began by taking 3 tablespoons twice a day. 🙂 and now I have decided to stay on a maintenance dose of 1 TBs. a day.

  36. Thank you so much for this video. Seeing that band of red on the skeleton made me understand why I’m in so much pain. I’ve been battling this for years and it’s been so painful from my lower back, hips and down the outside of my legs. Thank you for showing simple exercises I can do.

  37. I contracted Psoriasis 18 months ago, both arms from elbow to fingertip. I got my 3% hydrogen peroxide and a cotton ball and applied it topically for about 5 minutes, let it air dry for 5 minutes, repeat about 4 times. I did this morning, noon and night for a week. Psoriasis gone. Then about a week or 10 days later I notice my right hip joint on fire (psoriatic arthritis). I get back out the hydrogen peroxide and do the same to the area surrounding the hip joint going from my lower backbone clear around to my mid-thigh, same procedure as above. All pain and flexibility restored within a week. 3% hydrogen peroxide can be used topically, but after about 10 days you need to give it a rest for a few weeks before resuming applications. It IS natural as the white blood cells surround foreign bodies with it to destroy them. However, it is in much smaller quantities; why the 3 week pause in applications. This also works on inflammation. Another trick is to take "Shark Cartilage" (not bovine, cow or pig, MUST be shark). This rebuilds soft tissues between bones. I was diagnosed with arthritis 20 years ago (at age 50, now I'm 70) and have 100% flexibility and zero % pain.

  38. I had a shattered femur bone 30 years ago – and back then placing a rod was experimental- so they created quite the large incision on my leg involving my hip muscles and I'm sure tendons
    I now 30 years later had decided start exercising my lower body three times weekly – only now to get this hip injury on that side
    the stretches feel good though – I'm sad its happened and can't even afford the diagnostic CT so have had to give up my exercise ….so sad

  39. What if you have bursitis in both hips? I have it in both hips and I can't sleep on my back I have severe back pain.

  40. one thing which helps me is to stand up and lift the right leg on to the 3 ft fence on the track and rotate the leg clockwise and counterclock wise.

  41. Thank you guys. I need to do research re: bursitis, osteo arthritis, osteo prosis and Circulosis ? (spelling) to see which I have.
    Working on the issue now. Best to you guys in 20-20.

  42. I put a small freezer pak in my back pocket of my jeans and it usually helps my sporatic hip pain stop. not sure if it is bursitis or not.

  43. I'm need to have my husband watch your videos and the correct ways to go the exercise options. Each time he is pushing the wheelbarrow he complains about his hips hurting. He's walking odd since he injured the back of his left knee trying to wrangle calves and one that tried to jump a fence. He did have a full knee replacement on the right. I now think it must be due to the recent injury after watching your video! Thank you so very much for the be information!

  44. 2:52 Trendelenburg means hips waddling!?! In every other modality it means a position of feet up and head down.

  45. My dog was aggressively attached by a French bull dog this evening. Finally was able to grab it and pick it up by the halter. The owner finally came out and took her dog and drop and it attached my dog again. She was crying, scared & limping. I wish people would start getting those $350 tickets for having their dogs outside off the leash. My dog has been getting over a limp on her front right foot and she has some back issues sometimes. The lady said she was sorry but that doesn’t pay the vet bills. Plus she took out her phone camera and started filming me. Of all the goddamn nerve! Anyway a couple hours later I started having pain in my upper leg and left hip area. It’s pretty bad! Iced it and took an Advil. I have issues with that hip already anyway. And had this same thing awhile back but not this bad. Guess I injured it protecting my dog when that dog attached her because I was fine before that. Hope my dog doesn’t wake up tomorrow with any limping injuries too. Hope I’ll be able to get her out for her walks tomorrow. Luckily I have a cane from 7 years back when I had a sesamoid injury on my right foot which slowed me down for 6 months. Those things are painful too! Thanks for the exercise suggestions.

  46. I have it in both my hips, it started on the left, I had injections and an op nothing helped, it's now in my right hip…. I've put on weight because I don't exercise anymore….. very depressing.

  47. Thanks for the information, I have one leg shorter than the other which makes me put all my weight on the one leg. The hip pain is bad. Would doing these exercises and having proper shoes to raise the other leg help me?

  48. Thank you so much for this video.both of you. are great therapist.you helped me on time for my big ptoblem,i cannot sleep.move or walk properly because of this pain.and i started doing this exercise and i feel the difference now.i can stand now without ache,and hopefully it will be gone soon. i feel great now even its only one time trying your exercise.thank you so much.no doctor no injection.♥️♥️♥️

  49. Please don't plug that Ibuprofen too much. I took it on & off for almost 10 years for torn meniscus not enough for surgery but enough to get arthritis. But that Ibuprofen is really bad for cartilage & prostaglandins processes takes pain away but breaks done your body in a bad way also can raise that old BP. Homeopathic & herbs are way better for you would like to say chiropractic too but can no longer do that after a compression fracture which is causing terrible hip pain in my now deteriorating hip according to xray thanks to poor diet, Ibuprofen use but I highly recommend none but that was all I was told for pain. Wish I could of met the man with the kinesiology/chiropractor degree long time ago. But messed that up when I broke my back.

  50. I get pain in my hips when lay on them but according to doctors there's nothing wrong with my hips. I don't know what I can do, because laying on my back is also a problem for my Lumbar and Buttocks. I've had X-Rays, Ct and MRI and nothing shows any problems. I'm at a loss to what's wrong.

  51. What does it mean if the pain is the inside of the hip in the groin area and inside the inner thigh? I’m having sharp jolting pain there, and it’s hard to even lift my leg and get out of the car. If anyone knows anything i’d love to hear any advice

  52. I have that in my hip but all's My dr wants to do is injection but I don't have it done. Mine swollen&painful at times. I do get a lot of pain at nite. I refuse the injections I do a lot of walking for excise .

  53. You guys are great! I've just recently been having problems with my hip joint and I think these exercises you show will be quite useful . Thank you so much for all your information. I thoroughly enjoy watching and listening to all your positive and informative information.

  54. "IT band" is short for ilio-tibial band, so called because at the top it attaches to the ileum (the high "flange" on the side of the pelvis) and at the bottom it attaches to the very top of the tibia (lower leg bone) on the side of your knee. Along the way it stretches over and is affixed to the trochanter of the femur. This is what it really looks like:
    I think these guys are great but I do wish they were a little more academic now and then.

  55. 7:00 Stretch exercises start, 7:50 2nd stretch starts, 8:20 3rd stretch, 8:51 4th stretch/wall stretch,
    10:00 Strength exercises (these are small muscles so do NOT overtrain!), 10:33 clam shell, 11:15 clam shell hard mode,

  56. Stopped eating gluten, my horrible hip pain went away, wonder if the bursa was inflamed, gluten is inflammatory….whatever it worked, thanks for your videos, will incorporate your suggestions (i did add a cane with my broken toe to smooth my walking, really helped)

  57. This is exactly what I’ve been dealing with since I fell at Thanksgiving. Just didn’t know what it was or how to help myself. I’m so thankful for the difference you’ve made in my life!

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