November 12, 2019
Sober Curious: What is this Movement?

Sober Curious: What is this Movement?

(audience cheering) If you’re finding it hard to bounce back from a night of partying and want to experience life with more clarity, there may be a new way to party down and still be able to get right back up. Check it out. Welcome to the Sober Curious Movement, where individuals want to be sober without the connection to addiction. Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook are blowing up with hashtags, #sobercurious, #partysober, and #soberfun. People from all over are enjoying rum-less pina coladas and tequila-free margaritas while still being able to make the early workday meeting headache-free. So is having a few cocktails really a big deal? Or can becoming sober curious finally let you have a fun nightlife without the dreaded drinking side effects? Today, joining us is addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky. Yeah.
Welcome doc. Welcome doctor.
Welcome. I am so excited for you to be here, number one, just to be on the show, but topics like these are so important to discuss. Everyone’s talking about sober curious. Right.
So this movement, then, might be for those who want to try life without alcohol, but do not consider themselves to have a problem that is a big enough problem to go to AA or maybe seek professional help. Is that fair to say? That is fair to say.
Okay. And within that population are people who are burgeoning alcoholics and people who are just drinking too much. Those are two different populations. So here’s the thing– I’m surprised it took so long to come up with an alternative to AA. But do you really think this is an alternative to AA? ‘Cause backing up a little bit, I think we’re seeing the rise of this a little bit because of this whole wine mom culture– Yep, that’s it.
And this sort of glorification of drinking.
It’s a cultural gloss we put on it, right? It’s a glorification– Correct.
You’re saying. So you don’t want to minimize what is actually happening here. Some people can control it. I mean, you may not be an alcoholic. If you can control it, go ahead and control it. The Doctors! Twelve years in! The prognosis you prayed for. For the first time in public, I want to see if she can take a few steps. This is so scary, wah! The treatment you needed. My boyfriend, he’s the best chef. It’s the daytime talk show that’s been your cure for over a decade. Woo! That is literally taking the lives from their community. I can’t believe that this is happening. With the issues affecting your health right now. It is not housing. It is not economic inequality. It is a health crisis. I lied to you, and I lied to you. I have a truth that I’m going to reveal. The Doctors. On call for season 12. Premieres September 9th.

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