September 19, 2019
Slow Mo Belly Flop

Slow Mo Belly Flop

– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. Welcome to
“The Super Slow Show.” Today, we’re at
our super slow pool. Look at how crisp it is. – Very nice.
– Very deep too. ( rolling r’s) Crisp.
( laughs ) Remember those back flop
videos we did? Yes. ( sighs ) ( splash ) – Ow!
– ( laughs ) ( screams ) We’ll try belly flops
today. – Okay.
– But, with a difference. Instead we’ve got, like,
a fork lift truck. We got a big ruler
here that goes up to
15 feet. I mean,
I’ve jumped from
15 feet, but I don’t know if I can
intentionally belly flop from 15 feet
because that’s
gonna kill. – Your brain may not let you.
– Oh. ( sharp exhale ). Today, we’re doing
something we’ve never
done on this channel. We got a Phantom under
water. Under water slow-mo
looks lush. So, even though Dan
is a big pasty fleshy mess, it still should
look good. – Excuse me?
– What? Nothing. Oh! Why are you
wearing those? – What?
– I got– we had these. Yeah, but,
I’ve got to limber up,
these are my– We can’t show that. These are a more
streamlined look. That’s more
aerodynamic, but– – ( exhales )
– But we have to–
to budget now. We gotta increase the budget
to blur that out. These are–
these are tight. I feel like,
the forklift might have
been a waste of money. -( laughter )
– Well, look all right. I don’t remember the last time
I intentionally belly flopped. I don’t remember
how much it’s gonna hurt. – Okay.
– All right, and it might
look good enough – from this height.
– Okay, yeah. – So.
– There might be no need
for me to go for 15 feet. Maybe not.
You’re in total
control on this one. – All right. I’ll warm up
as it were.
– Okay. – Ready?
– I have to remember
how to belly flop now. Your mind will
tell you no. So, I guess I just
starfish, right? But your body will
tell you yes. Okay. ( chuckles ) Oh, man,
I’m nervous already. – Ready?
– Yeah. – ( screams )
– ( splash ) Uh, it stings so much
already. Your little yelp. ( screams ) Gav:Here we go,
from one foot up.
( scoffs, laughs )Dan:I just wanted to test
the water, literally.
Gav:Literally test
the water.
Dan:Literally test
the water.
That’s just
a really bad dive.
Gav:Yeah, you just really
front flopped.
Dan:That’s the sort of dive
that someone at the pool
would go,
“Ooh, that looked
like it hurt a bit.” – Yeah.
– But that was a bit
of a poor dive. So, how did that one hurt,
was that painful? – Oh, it hurt, yeah.
– Yeah? I mean,
a belly flop hurts,
right? ( water splashing ) ( rewinding sound ) – Gav:Ooh, hands.
– Dan:Oh, that looks wicked.Look at how cool
it looks under water.
Gav:You’re actually
just dragging down a big pocket
of air and then–
– Dan:That’s really cool.
– Gav:And then it all seals
back up.
– That was from this high.
– Yeah. So, what are your thoughts?
How are you feeling? Let’s just bring it to ten
and get it over with, all right? ( laughs ) – Bring her up.
– This is why I love
working with Dan. Bugger me. Bugger me! There’s no way someone’s gonna
belly flop from that height. That’s mental. People belly flop from–
well, accidentally usually from a lot
higher. What if I, like, get winded,
and it, like, kills me. I will fish you out. ( laughter ) There’s a net somewhere. You’ll send my
remains home, yeah? I’ll be repatriated. – ( laughter )
– Yeah? – That’s good to know.
– Yeah. – This is so dumb.
– ( laughs ) – Oh.
– Dan: This is so dumb. It is.
It really hurt. And I appreciate all
the effort and work you put into this
channel. – Bloody well better do.
– ( laughs ) Bugger. This is the hardest thing
I’ve had to do, I think. – In the whole
channel’s history?
– Dan: Yeah. Just think about how much
it’s gonna hurt. All right,
sorry about this. I’m literally wasting
thousands of– but, you know,
hours of people’s time
in total here. Just standing at
ten feet above. There’s a guy under water
there like, “Just get on with it,
mate.” It’s all right,
you gotta psyche
yourself up anyway. All right. Oh, ( bleep )! – ( splash )
– ( laughter ) – Oh! ( laughs )
– Ah! – ( bleep )
– Come over here. Oh, God. You absolutely
soaked me. Hang on.
( sharp exhale ) – Did it wind ya?
– ( sharp exhale ) I think my tongues fell off. That was abso–
to my eye, looked
absolutely flat. You’re right. That really hurt. Did it feel good?
Exhilarating? – Huh?
– Exhilarating? – No, not exhilarating.
– ( laughs ) – ( sharp exhale )
– ( laughs ) Are you glad
it’s over? Is it over? Let’s have a look
at the footage. Gav:Dan, let me ask you
a question.
What were you thinking…here?Dan:
I think I said it out loud.
– ( laughs )
– But you can’t show it
on this show because it’s a
family show. – Both:Oh!
– Dan:Oh, man. It hurts
again now.
Gav:The splash was colossal.– Dan:That is a big splash.
– Gav:It went, it covered meDan:I barely went
a foot in the pool.
Gav:Well, yeah.
It’s the equivalent of
pulling a parachute.
Look at the splash there.
It’s gone huge.
– ( Dan groans )
– ( Gav chuckles )
( Dan moans )Gav:You are dragging
so much air down.
Dan:Look at that.
Oh, man.
I do actually get
quite deep.
Gav:That looks so surreal,
doesn’t it?
That looks so cool,
I just–
I love watching water
in slow-mo.
This underwater camera
is really cool.
I wanna see what some
other landing types
look like.
We’re at max height
at the fork lift. I’m probably gonna
do a front flip over rotate
and just belly flop
again. I’d watch it.
( laughs ) – Dan: Yeah.
– Yeah. All right, okay.
This is a bit more
nerve wracking. ’cause I’ve never
done a flip from
this height. ( chuckles ) I don’t know
what I’m doing. No, I’ve never
a front flip before
in a pool like this. Okay, ready? Three, two, one. ( splash ) That’s quite graceful,
actually. My bum hurts. Ow! Oh-ho-ho! You’ll give yourself
another enema. – Yeah.
– ( Gav laughs ) Right up the butt. God. If there was anything
up there, it’s compacted now. Oh, God. – Gav:Oh. Good rotashe.
– Dan:Thank you.( laughter )It looks like I’m in
zero gravity, though,
doesn’t it?
– ‘Cause it’s so–
– Gav:It looks like you just
rotated on your head,but your head just
went still for a bit…
( Dan laughs )
and your whole body
swung over.
Dan:It’s quite– you didn’t
over rotate at all.
( splash ) Dan:Slap my butt
on the water.
Oh! You feel that impact.You can see my arms
keep going
and the rest of my body
slows down,
’cause the rest of my body
hits the water first
and my arms keep going.Dan:Let’s judge how
savage the butt impact
was from this angle.( both exclaiming, laughter )I can’t get rippled
Oh! Look at the bum skin.Oh, no!
It’s like pulling
the flaps off the speedos.
Gav:Oh, that’s really cool,you drag in with your fingers
a little air down.
– Dan:That is cool.
– Gav:And it just looks so
Very satisfying,
doesn’t it.
Shameless me
in there. – You could be like a nice
– Yeah, we could look around it. Attractive girls
and things. – ( laughs )
– Instead of some sort of
fat bloke. – ( laughs )
– Flipping around in
the water.( laughter )Gav:A little self-deprecating
on these events.
Dan:Well, look at like
some pasty fat guy
just swimming, it’s like,
we’ve got everything,
a 4K camera, it’s under water,
in slow motion,
and fat guy. You certainly take up
more pixels than
you used to. – Oh, all right,
all right.
– ( laughs ) Hopefully you enjoyed
watching that video, feel free to subscribe
to The Slow Mo Guys, and we’ll see you
in the next episode
of “The Super Slow Show.” Whee. ( splash ) Hi, guys,
we can’t wait to share
our extremely slow adventure
with you. Yeah, click,
uh, here for the latest updates
happening almost daily – on “The Super Slow Show.”
– Why do they put the button
on this side? It could have easily
just been just there, but it’s on this
side of me. It’s like somewhere
around here. Yeah, it’s right there. ( chuckles )

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