November 12, 2019

Sinus Headache Oil

(soft music) – Hi, I’m Andrea Butje
from Aromahead Institute and I want to show you how to make my favorite sinus headache oil. It’s really effective if
you have that kind of pain that’s right here from a sinus infection or congestion or even just from allergies that are causing a headache. This is a great one. It’s got a base of trauma oil. And trauma oil is a urbanely infused oil that’s made with arnica flowers and Saint John’s Ward flowers
and calendula flowers. And it’s a great one for reducing pain and also inflammation. So I have a nice blue glass bottle and it’s thirty mLs or one ounce and I’m just gonna pour this trauma oil right into the glass bottle and I’m gonna fill it most of the way, leaving just a little bit
of room for essential oils. There we go. Good. And in this blend I’m
gonna use eucalyptus, eucalyptus globulus, and I’m gonna use roman chamomile and frankincense. And we have eight drops of
eucalyptus in this blend, and probably you’re
familiar with eucalyptus, it just opens up your sinuses and it’s incredibly
effective at reducing pain. And so I’m gonna put eight
drops right into the trauma oil. There we go, they come
out fast those drops. And then I’m gonna put six
drops of the roman chamomile. And Roman camomile’s great for pain. I love using it in blends, good six, When I’m trying to calm down and reduce any sort of inflammation and also stress. And we all know how stressful
it is to have a headache. And then I’m going to use
four drops of frankincense. And this frankincense is beautiful. It’s from a distiller in Vermont and this distilleries called Boswellness. And they import their
resins from Somaliland and distill the oil right in Vermont, and it is beautiful and a
great one for headaches. It’s actually one of my
favorite oils for a headache. Four drops there. Okay so, we have this beautiful blend that smells incredible. What I’m gonna do with this blend is give it a little shake and then I’m just gonna put it
on the back of my neck. That is the ideal place for it to go because the eucalyptus is so strong that if you actually put it on your face, it can really irritate your eyes, so if you put it on the back of your neck it’s perfect for relieving a headache. And then I just want to
put a little label on it so I know what it is I’ve made. So I have this roll of
these purple labels. They really don’t say anything on it, just my Aromahead website. So I just write on it with
a Sharpie pen, magic marker, and put it right on the blend. So I just put the label on. And then I have the laminate labels and they’re clear and they go on top. So this way you won’t spear the writing on the label if the oil drips on it. So I just put it right
over it just like that, and now it’s protected and I know what I have in my bottle which is great. Hope you enjoy it.

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