September 19, 2019

Simple Daily Stretches

Hi, I’m Jaz. In this video I’m going to show you daily stretches that I’ve been doing for more than 30 years. I’ve just turned 54 and I have no aches and pains! What is the aim of these stretches? These daily stretches tone your muscles and joints and also strengthen muscles and
give your joints flexibility and they can be done in the comfort and
convenience of your home Don’t worry if you can’t do all the stretches at the same intensity hopefully, if you do these every day, your body will stretch over time ok, let’s get started The first exercise … feet slightly apart we’re going to bend the left leg, and lift the right leg up and balance with our arms out you can use a wall a table or a chair for support what I’m going to do is just turn our foot to the left a few times then to the right As we bring it down, bring it down down on the toes only and then scrunch the toes and then back down do that a couple of times … and then we change Now this exercise works the ankle the knee and the arch of the foot helping to develop posture and balance The next exercise is calf raises Feet slightly apart we’re just gonna lift our
legs, hold for one second, and back down …up…down… just do this six times or so you should feel the stretch on your calf muscles and lower legs The next exercise
we’re going to have our legs apart and squat all the way down … gently does
it just hold for 15 to 20 seconds A long time ago, this was the natural human sitting position before furniture It was also the number one and number two position before toilets were invented we’re going to get back up, put our arms out and use our thighs to lift ourselves up, like so Then legs apart, slightly bent, stomach in arms bent, shoulder height We’re just going to twist our body left and then to the right Not forwards, not backwards, keep the back straight just twist… when the elbow is at the front, you should be able to draw a straight line through the elbow, through your body and through the other elbow at the back then legs together, we’re going to work our sides, so one arm goes up and the other one goes down again not forward not backwards, keep your back straight…up and down…like so… Do that six times or so okay feet apart again we’re going to work our shoulders and our upper back so arms bent go underneath, back, on top, back, underneath, back, on top Do that a few times, then go over the head and then down over the head and then down okay to finish off, bend our arms and just stretch the elbow like so to the left and to the right then we’re gonna work the wrists by just turning the hands one way and then the other way Now we’re going to rotate our
shoulders … a few times then we’re going to rotate our neck very gently … a couple of times … and the other way Then look to the left as far as possible
and then to the right okay now we’re on the floor lying down. The first exercise we’re going to work the hips now the feet legs and back stay on the ground what we’re going to do is move the hips in a zigzag position like so the hips are moving in a zigzag
position … up and down Then we’re going to bring the left leg up, as far as it goes … and down the right leg and do that a few times Then both legs are bent, the back stays on the ground We’re going to turn the legs to the right and then to the left so we’ll be turning them to the right, the right knee touches the floor and then to the left, the left knee touches the floor do that a couple of times then keeping the left leg bent we’re going to raise the right leg as far it can go the back stays on the floor … three times … change legs And now keeping both legs bent we’re going to raise the back off the floor your arms stay straight on the floor stomach is tight lift the back as high as possible … hold it for a second and then back down, do this three times on the third time hold it
as long as you can … for five to ten seconds if possible this exercise really strengthens the back muscles and then lower gently then we hold the back of my thighs and we just bring the knees to the chest you could actually rock the legs just to give it that good stretch …then down now when we get up, rather than getting up like this you could hurt your back So what we need to do is put our arm out and put our left arm and our knees to the ground like so and then lift up with the arm Then sitting down, legs straight… we’re going to touch our toes Start with the knees, the shins and then the toes some people can bring their forehead right down to the knees, so just depends on how far you can go holding the toes get a good stretch in the back and underneath the legs and hold here for a second then we’re going to clasp our feet, bring them towards the groin, stretching the groin no need to rock at all …just hold for a few seconds and then let go Now we have just a few
more exercise to do standing up we’re going to continue with the groin
stretch … so legs apart left leg slightly bent, right leg straight, go down as far as we can, hold for a few seconds Then change, right leg bent, left leg straight … hold for a few seconds … and come up we going to continue with the groin
stretch and get our hands to the floor so hold the knees, to the shins, to the floor and hold for a few seconds … and then come up and now we’re going to stretch our thighs so again you can use the support of the wall, table or chair, where you can develop your balance so bend your left leg, left arm out, grasp the right foot and just lean forward, bending the right leg and hold for a few seconds … one, two, three, and down right leg bent, right arm out, grab the left foot and just bend and lean forward, hold for a few seconds, then down… Now the last exercise is touching our toes so feet together gently go down, looking forward… to the knees, to the shins, to the floor don’t worry if you cant do this straightaway, over time your body will stretch and you will be able to touch your toes … and finish off and that’s it. so these daily stretches should take no more than 10 minutes or so I hope you enjoyed the video, please subscribe and don’t forget to click the notification bell to be the first to receive our next video, bye for now

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