November 20, 2019

100 thoughts on “SIAMÉS “The Wolf” [Official Animated Music Video]

  1. Got this randomly recommended to me after a long time of not listening to it. Oddly, I needed this today compared to when I last listened to it. Thanks Siames!

  2. This is literally life.

    How you may ask?

    Well, this song and it's beautiful illustrations exist, but there's nothing to explain why it's there.

    Instead, you have millions of biological creatures that experience this that attempt to make meaning out of it.

  3. I really want buy the shirt but it is in dollars and im from Mexico TnT) i hate my county now… that shirt is awesome

  4. The guy on the bike is a Procrastinator
    The guy with the glasses is an alcoholic
    The girl has a Nicotine addiction.

  5. Ok so if the one who drunk is chase by the wolf, the women who smoke is too… what about the one on bike? Maybe pollution is his fault? Or just cauz he eont face his problems? Cant really understand that part

  6. In the colored section, you can see the girl seemingly reach out to motorbike guy, calling out to him.

  7. I was not trying to look for great songs that will shange me but Guess what……… siames has blessed me with a amazing song that i love many people love and well it is amazing keep up the great work

  8. All y'all over here getting philosophical trying to find some deeper meaning, and I'm just here thinking that the music and animation work soo well😂

  9. What I notice more than anything is how these problems, these addictions or other issues, have drawn the three away from others.

    The girl literally skateboards off to the middle of nowhere to sit alone in the dark – whether to avoid something or to smoke when she isn't supposed to. The apparent office worker after a long day opts not to go home and drink more affordably and in comfort, but drink alone at a bar. He isn't there for the (nonexistent) camaraderie. He's there either because he cannot wait any longer, or because he would not be welcome to drink at home. And the cyclist has perhaps the most obvious visual metaphor of all – he is literally speeding away from the city and everyone in it.

    Afflictions drive them to solitude but in turn to each other, to kindred souls who understand these struggles. Whether they will ultimately provide support to overcome their issues or will drag each other down is left unresolved at the end of the video, but I like to think their chances are better together than apart.

  10. I finally get it
    This song is about the addiction of drugs as you can see the man is drinking some wine and girl is Smoking
    While the wolves is the one who makes them get addicted to drugs and they trying to get away from it and with them together they can stop those wolves together as in Team
    Idk if I'm right but it just my opinion

  11. It seems like everyone is in agreement that the song is about addiction/depression and how it will hunt you down like a rabid wolf; hence symbolism.
    That and that the only way to get out of the slippery slope is to find others who are also struggling.
    A one man war is suicide but a combined front, well it will be a great first step!
    (Also it seems that the symbols of high speed moves, drink and nicotine are more saying you can’t run, drink or block out the problems the wolves symbolize. It isn’t necessarily a “drugs are bad, m’kay?” Allegory as much as “we’re always here” mentality.

    Also as everyone else is saying, holy cow that animation is smooth and damn expressive; good job, great song, and KILLER visuals y’all! m/

  12. to me the message is that you have to face life's problem head on, even though you'll run from them, you cant escape them. the only way is to defeat your problems

  13. Not going to say "MY ANSWER IS CORRECT!" because I could be very wrong, but I'll put in my two cents in this theory about what this is all about.
    Music, games, smoking, alcohol, drugs, and straight up running away are forms of escaping from reality, responsibilities, and problems. But you can't outrun addiction, you can't outrun responsibilities, you can't outrun real problems no matter how far you run away, you can't escape the inevitable. BUT, you have the power to face the issue and tackle it head on and overcome it. Sometimes you need help, and that's okay, there's nothing wrong with having help and facing it together.

    This song Could be about addiction and trying to escape from it, it could just be about shapeshifting wolves and a group of people being subsequently hunted by them, it honestly could have 0 meaning at all. I guess its up to the way the song and visuals resonate with you and how they make you feel :3

  14. I think the main message that I got from this is about addiction. Since the first guy is drinking alcohol and the girl is smoking cigarettes, and I’m not exactly sure what the third guy is, but my theory is that it might be drugs and that’s what’s making these crazy things happen. They’re not real, they’re just metaphors for what happens when you get too far into something addictive. If you try to stop, you’ll never get away from its jaws trying to consume you. And even if you do fight back, and maybe succeed, the temptation will still haunt you, the wolf always lurking in the shadows where you least expect it to.

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  16. I love the hidden message of this video and song, but can we talk about some awesome production shiz real quick.

    1. The vocals build and soften, especially on low notes. Most low notes in the song he breathes out, or whispers in a way, which makes them sound raspy or tired, but when the energetic build up strikes he sings them forcefully.

    2. The way the synth rises I and falls is layered perfectly with the guitars, this is just really impressive


  17. no the message is that if you fall too deep into your vices shadow wolves will murder you, the only way out is to find bike guy, slayer of shadow wolves and impromptu therapist

  18. I think get the meaning. Like say the man drinking beer. I think the wolf that was chasing him was supposed to be his addict to beer.

  19. Seeing myself and my problems in this video (at least the way I interpret it) really hit me right in the feels, Great song and a surprisingly great and meaningfull music video.

  20. My Theory : The Wolf Like The Angel Of Death That Say The Smoking And Drunk And Everything that video the angel of death want to take they life (Maybe) and its just meh! A theory

  21. I think the wolves is a metaphor for people who judge you the dude with alchohol who can drink and that was only one glass the motor cycle guy was just riding it regularly and there were no other cars behind or in front the girl probably smokes cause she has an addiction and a bunch of people judge them cause they want to the wolves are people who love judging they attack people for living and point at their flaws

  22. Kanji in the end 狼 – stands for ROU –
    Which is also used in 餓​狼 – GAROU – starving wolf.
    If anyone is wondering.

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  24. We definitely need a follow up video. I want to see these three after this event, after they've faced off with their demons.

  25. I absolutely love the girl's animation scene. Especially when she breaks the skate board. Also the square dudes little shuffle before the wolf starts chasing him. That was adorable. And how the motorcyclist grabbed the girls hand and they had to catch their balance. The attention to detail in the whole song was wonderful and I love it.

  26. Please like if I got this right:
    first: alcoholic
    second: nicotine addiction
    third: depression
    (the third is really the motorcyclist)

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