November 19, 2019
Shivali shares her Type 2 diabetes remission story | Your Stories | Diabetes UK

Shivali shares her Type 2 diabetes remission story | Your Stories | Diabetes UK

It felt like a fairy tale,
you know, you’d open magazines “I’m in remission because I did x plan..”.
Until it happened, until I did make those lifestyle changes. This is something that can happen to
real people but the magic is in what you do. I’m type 2 diabetic and I was diagnosed
in pregnancy going back now 10 years. I thought it was just something I’d eaten
for breakfast or just something an anomaly, something out of the blue, you
know, but then they kind of explained to me that this is not a good thing in
pregnancy and if you have high blood sugars it can be a danger to the baby.
and within no time I was taking 20, 30, 36 units of insulin. I think I built
up an inner loathing for food and just everything you just feel like you’ve
completely lost so much, you know. And I often say to my husband at the time, I
remember saying to him that, you know just as we were about to start this
wonderful life I’ve lost myself I don’t know who I am.
It’s like finding out that I’m diabetic and then relearning what that means, and
in some ways I felt like I deserved it, you know, I deserved being fat, it was
easier to be fat I’m used to that, that’s who I am as a package. Everybody in
our community always used to think, you know, they eat a lot of sugar
so they’re diabetic and that isn’t the case. Type 2 diabetes is lifestyle based and
it is about your food intake but it’s not necessarily the consumption of sugar
that is going to make you diabetic. Yes, I’m a vegetarian but quite often that’s
that’s a pizza that’s a you know let’s let’s go and get some chips from the
chippy or what’s quick can we get a quick takeout Chinese or and yes it’s
healthy greens and there as well but predominantly the diet wasn’t what it
should have been. I think it’s funny because for the children there was always,
I was so overly cautious. I did not want for them to go through what I’d been
through so from a very young age their desserts were things like tomatoes and
cucumbers. And then do like acrobatics around the
house and really active children. And I did give them bet the best diets and the
best all the things you know textbook on how to be healthy, how to avoid diabetes
if you have it in the family and I’m not sure I did that for myself.
It doesn’t leave anything untouched being diabetic is everything, you know,
everything you do from the minute you wake up is about managing it but I’m
going to give it a go. We’re gonna do this plan and I’m gonna do it at home
and everyone’s gonna eat the way I eat because I’m not cooking twice, I just
don’t have the time. Remission for me was a new chance
at this, you know, I’m eating differently, I’m much
more active, I run, I go to the gym. I make that time for myself. And if I don’t grab that then more fool me because not everyone gets this chance. I’m not the me I was as a diabetic.

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