February 28, 2020
Sex Swing, Episode 6 – Billy Zane’s Phantom Pain | Rooster Teeth

Sex Swing, Episode 6 – Billy Zane’s Phantom Pain | Rooster Teeth

– Tommy, You’ve been driving for hours. – I could take the wheel for a while. – Tommy Steale lives for the open road! – He’s a free bird. – We’ve been in this ruddy submarine since Tuesday. – I haven’t had a shag in two days! – A man has needs! – That didn’t stop you from ruining my linens. – One of these days you’ll find yourself hoisted by your own petard – Hoisted by my own petard is what ruined your sheets – In’it? – My unmentionables! – Save my manties! – We’re hit! (Screaming and tires screeching) (Crashes) – I’ve been penetrated! – And not in a good way! – Get this rod out of me! (Screaming) – Don’t worry Ripher, keep pushing! – I can see it’s head! – Bloody hell! (Rock music) – Never fear my dears, I’ll get us out of here! (Dialling) (Ringing) – Is you calling an ambulance, mate? – Maax! It’s Spunkie! (Who?) – It’s me! Your old pal and Protégé, Spunkie! – From Sex Swing? – The band you manage? (Sparkie, Baby!) – Maxie, we had a ‘little’ accident with Van Halen. (Groaning) – Max, are you alright? – Uh, No! I’m not GD Alright! – I got an ulcer the size of my ex-wives clitoris! – Poor Diane! – She’s a saint for carrying that thing around. (Groaning) – Speaking of burdens. – It’s Max to the rescue, once again! – Here’s what you’re going to do! – You’re gonna call my friend, Anton. He’s a junker in Alpaso – Don’t tell him you know me! – Second! (Phone cuts off) – Max? – Max!? – What after Anton? – What after Anton!? – Hello? – Christ on a cracker – The batteries pooped the bed! – Ugh, I’m gonna ruddy die out here, in’it? – If you die… – Can I have your pole? – Quit crying, you wet nosed diaper dandies. – Salvation is upon us! – I would say this place is hybrid heaven But that would be redundant – V8 turbo diesel – 4 Speed automatic – And a place to stack the bodies. – I like that one! – Perhaps there is someone of ambulatory vehicle – Containing first-aid equipment? – I mean… – That breezer looks wicked ace, mate – Who dares go there? – Is that you God? – I regret nothing! – Pardon our manners… Or rather Lack thereof – We’re sex swing. – A Rock band – Who currently find ourselves in a predicament – Not unlike our traveling, minstrel, forefathers of your – You see… we were (Gun Shot) – Fear on a pogostick! – If you think you’re going to scare Tommy Steale – With a couple of pussy pellets – You ain’t gonna… (Gun Shot) – Holy crawl! – Run for the trenches! We’re out gunned! – This dealership is dead! – And you will be too if- (Gun Shot) – Over here, comrades! – Hurry! – You saved us, stranger! – But… who are you? – Billy Zane?! (Steve Zahn!) – What are you doing here? – All shall be revealed. – But first… – Hot Cocoa? – Zane, where’d a glory hole like you learn to bust a slug like that? – 2011 – Sniper reloaded. – It takes more than a pretty face – To bring an inexperienced civilian turned deadly sniper – Richard Miller, To real life. – For a second time… – Tommy Steale don’t understand a goddamn word you just said – Excuse me mate, do you have a Band-Aid or something – Maybe some Gauze? – Masking tape? – A decorative sticker? – I’m really losing a lot of blood here, mate. – I wish I could help you… – But unfortunately I’ve never portrayed a doctor – On screen or stage – It would be… – Unethical of me… – Billy… – What in the world wide web just happened out there? – This dealership used to be a place of light… – Of love… – Of 12 month financing no money down – It was the Zane family car dealership – It’s been in my family for generations. – As a child… – I one day desired to become a car sales man. – The best car sales man! – But life doesn’t always work out the way you hope… – The sales man game wasn’t my forte – I had no choice but to give up my dealership dreams – And pursue my fall back career… – In acting. – My twin brother on the other hand… – Twin brother!? – Willy Zane. – Willy was the one who wanted to be an actor… – He was crap at it. – I tried to get him some big parts but… – No one wanted a guy who looked like Billy Zane but couldn’t act – And while I was away acting… – Willy turned deranged and obsessive! – He locked the dealerships gates! – His control ultimate, His revenge! – Complete… – Ooh, it’s like something out of a movie! – A movie, I can handle. – I know movies like the back of my hand. – Willy scares off every customer. – We haven’t sold a car in months – Even though our deal are… In-Zane – Sell a car to us! – We need a new van! – I Can’t… – Willy will never allow it. – Sounds to Tommy Steale that willy needs – A Boot up his mud hole! – Yeah! – Don’t do it! – You’ll get us killed! – Get out here, Willy Zane! – And show Tommy Steale your mud hole! – Please, Willy… Why are you acting this way? – I told you never to use the A word! – You will sell Tommy Steale a mini van – Or face the wrath of Rock – (Laughter) I don’t think I’ll be doing that! – I was supposed to ride away… – The horse wouldn’t move. – (Weakly) Excuse me, Purple man… – Is there a hospital around here? – Wee! (Ow!) – Enough! – I’ll make you a deal… – I’ll sell you a new van.. – But only if you can best me – Willy Zane, In a death race! – 0% APR for 12 months, 250 down! – Due at lease signing – You’re on! – Excellent! – This is a box office nightmare. – Trust me, I’d know. – There is no way we can beat Willy! – You just put Tommy Steale behind the wheel – And that interest rate is as good as ours! – We don’t even have a wheel to out you behind – Willy isn’t going to just give us a car! – I have an idea! – A poptart… but the filling is on the outside! – Someone make that… – That’s it! – If we don’t have a car – We can make one. – It may not be pretty… – But if we work together and put some of this scrap to use. – It’s done. – Behold! – Van Morrison! – Simply Titanic. – A savvy traveller is prepared for any situation. – Including a death race! – I think I see a bloody angel. – And she’s waiting for me at the pearly gates. – And her knockers are ruddy perfect! – Are you prepared to lose? Losers! – Willy we don’t have to do this! – Quite, Brother! The time for words is over! – It’s time for wheels! 3… 2… 1… (Whooo!) – Look out! Chocolate syrup ahoy! – Curse you, Sex Swing. – You can’t get away from me! – We ain’t gonna make it! The car is too heavy! – (Sigh) Can’t believe I’m doing this! – Give it up, Sex swing. – There is no way you can win! – Not if I… Can ruddy… help it. (Cheering) (Steve Zahn, Steve Zahn, Steve Zahn) – I see now what my jealousy has done – To us and our beautiful car dealership – Can you forgive me brother? – Willy… – There’s nothing to forgive. – I am overjoyed! – Uh, Sex swing! – Allow me to fetch your prize. – Thank you my friends… – Though originally I thought you’d be vagabonds – and quite frankly monkey people. – I say now that you are truly wonderful spirits – This must feel even better than winning an Oscar, huh Billy? – I was lying! Now prepare to die! – I couldn’t save Rose & Jack, But I can save you! – No!! (Crashing) – I can’t believe it… I thought he really changed – There is no way you would have know he was insane, Billy. – It’s not the end, mate. – And remember – Sometimes your family ain’t the ones who drop out your mum’s fanny – Sometimes your family is the one you make yourself. – The one that cares about your wellbeing above all else. – Uh, Thanks guys. – Now I think it’s time that Van Morrison finds a worthy successor. – Don’t you? – Are you sure you don’t want something… A bit fancier? – I got these clothes from a dead clown. – Or at least he said he was. – They don’t make them like this anymore. – Well legally, they can’t! – Best of travels, my friends! – Goodbye, Billy! – Thank you for everything! – You rock, Billy Zane. – See you Tomorrow! – It’s done. – They’re on their way to you. – The operation was a success! – We removed the object from your body, Mr The-Ripher (Cheering) – But you have aids…

100 thoughts on “Sex Swing, Episode 6 – Billy Zane’s Phantom Pain | Rooster Teeth

  1. You can't get AIDS from getting rammed by a pole, that's not how STD's Wor…..Oh wait, he has sex with every girl he sees, that's why

  2. I challenge Funhaus to live-stream themselves watching this so we finally have an answer to time old question of, Do the creators even find this funny?

  3. I glad this series kept going. Kinda bad beginning but now I look forward to it every weekend. Keep up the good work

  4. this is so easily the best episode by far ๐Ÿ˜€ nice to see the potential of this show finally exploited a bit!

  5. This has almost become a show I can watch without tying my hands behind my back and forcing myself to watch it.

  6. PLEASE bring Sex Swing back for Season 2! I love this series and I would hate for it to just end because people hated on episode 1.

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    Didn't know how to tell anyone to checking it out so I'm putting it here.

  8. I loved this episode so much XD Not to say I didn't thoroughly enjoy the other episodes, just this one is definitely my favourite.

  9. I'll admit that the first episode did not grab my attention but I kept watching to see if you could make up for it. I'm now left wanting more, so great job guys. I've been thoroughly entertained ^^. Hope to see more in the future. ('O')/ Wooh!

  10. even though no one else does, I think its a pretty awesome show for combining the lighthearted elements of the cartoon medium with the adult themed comedic style of the Funhaus crew. Well done James and all.

  11. Great finale to a show that got stronger episode by episode. Hope to see it return as i need my Tommy Steale fix. But also left a like for those van puns. Well done.

  12. After watching all of the first season, I can say that this show is genuinely amazing. Reminds me of shows like Metalocalypse and Brickleberry. Keep up the good work guys, and I really hope that you guys get a second season on this! P.S. I was pretty drunk watching it so that made the comedy hit even harder, but that doesn't make it any less great!

  13. After seeing all the hate about this series on the comment show, I decided to check it out for myself. Honestly, this is a really good series. I stand with those who wish to see this some day on Adult Swim, but until that glorious day I will continue to enjoy this fabulous show on YouTube. Thanks Funhaus for another great series!

  14. That one time that Willy said "best me in a death race", I kept my eyes on the guy with the pole stuck through his chest. ๐Ÿ˜

    No need to best you, Willy. The guy is on his way to heaven. Apparently. ๐Ÿ˜“

  15. I love the way Billy just magically flew into the shot with his brother. The future of animation is now

  16. I don't know why everybody dislikes this show. This is definitely my favorite animated show about a fictional rock band

  17. Lawrence is the only one who's voice acting actually sounds believable, the show is definitely getting much better though!

  18. Hey jude hospital ๐Ÿ˜‚ I dont know how anyone hates this show.
    I love it! And i hate most of the new cartoons, i just stick with the old school ones.

  19. If they just use the crude fun haus humor and less forced jokes I know for a fact this show would be a hit. I feel like they tried to make it appealing to everyone but let's face it it's rooster teeth and this doesn't feel like a rooster teeth show.

  20. I really hope this isn't where sex swing stops! A lot of witty references, and a lot of fun! ''Tis a good show!

  21. 7:06 The irony goes far deeper than the tip of the iceberg. (Just following the logic here)
    8:55 I wish there was a daddy day care joke I could make there.

    I will say things got better from episode to episode, still not quite there, but progress.

  22. "manties"?
    OMFG!!! LMFFFAO!!!
    I think I hurt myself laughing so hard!!!!

    I've never been……ummmm……"excited" by a cartoon character before, but Tha Schling makes me all hot and bothered!

  23. Oh look James' character isn't almost dead anymore. Oh wait I spoke too soon…50 seconds in… lol "If you die, can I have your pole?" Sigh, Adam's character lol "A bandaid or something?" yeahhhh. Adam sliding down that pole, holy crap.

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