February 27, 2020
Self-Care for Back Pain: Heart Bench Option #2 Yoga Blocks

Self-Care for Back Pain: Heart Bench Option #2 Yoga Blocks

hi guys it’s Katy, here’s option number
two for Heart bench. Just a quick recap we’re working with a counteracting
postures of our flexion the way we sit forward. So we’re gonna be actually doing
a restorative or passive backbend. It’s called Heart bench. I did one with the
blanket which everyone has a blank at home. But this time I’m going to be using
yoga blocks. This is really good to get into a much deeper backbend, but still
have it very safe and it’s also very relaxing. So you can find these yoga
blocks on Amazon. There’s a lot of yoga outlet type places even there’s a local
store that carries them. They are about $5. I recommend the foam ones, the cork
ones, there are cork ones out there, but that for this particular shape that
might be too hard on the body because what we’re gonna be doing. So you take
the first block this is a 4 inch width and you place it on its medium height.
The second block you place on the highest height in a perpendicular
fashion about 4-6 inches away. You made it need to adjust it because
it’s gonna be going along the spine and for the back of your head. Same thing
we’re gonna do and I’m gonna do this one a little bit quicker and also show you
how you get out of it so you know how to safely get out of heart bench. But this is
the one I recommend for all my clients because a lot of clients also yoga
students and I have a lot of yoga blocks. So take your hands behind the back, grab
onto the block with your thumbs so it keeps the block steady, and then begin to
rest starting at your mid-back, going down the spine, your shoulder blades are
going to go on either side, and then your head’s going to rest on the other yoga
block. I am going to adjust a little bit. There’s sort of a sweet spot where the first
block needs to be or you’re going to be uncomfortable the whole time
so take the time to kind of fidget a little bit. And make sure it’s running
parallel with the spine and the shoulder blades are dropping to either side. Again
start with your knees bent, this helps release the low back safely,
and if he knows I’m really arching right now, but eventually that arch will soften,
and then my arms are going to be open to with palms up, and eventually I’m going
to take the palms a little bit higher so I’m opening and lengthening along my
chest and down my arms. And I’m just going to stay in this shape I can do
with this for about five minutes this is also a great option to do before bed, but
I want to show you after you’ve been in the shape, oh maybe five minutes maybe
even eight, and breathing gently and mindfully the entire time. I want to show
you how to come out of this. If your legs have been long or even in butterfly,
bring the knees back up so that soles of the feet are on the ground. Bring the
arms alongside the body. Bring the chin into the chest
and then simply roll off to a side. And enjoy the release that shape it may be
go straight to bed all right one more video. I’ll see you in a minute.

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