September 15, 2019
Seizures, Headaches, Joint Pain – Regina H

Seizures, Headaches, Joint Pain – Regina H

(Music) I’m Regina and I came here with lots of
symptoms: neck pain for years after multiple surgeries, and also a lot of
like tingling and numbness in my hands and feet. Also, just a lot of things out
of balance, a lot of hormone issues going on, and a lot of joint pain. Before I came
to see Dr. Jaudy, I was dealing with a lot of seizures for years and years. I’ve
been having these seizures where it feels like the pressure builds up in my
head until… it just… it feels like something just lets loose and I go
into a seizure where my whole body just… it clamps up, like all my limbs pull
together, and it’s like an intense, intense pain. It’s just… sometimes I
scream out loud and just.. I actually don’t know what I’m doing, but I can hear,
I can hear my husband trying to help me, and sometimes it has just been very
difficult. The one time I was coming up the stairs from our basement, and I had
one right on the stairway, and my husband was able to catch me before I fell, but
just instances like that… it’s happened a couple times where I almost injured
myself a lot with having these seizures, and since I’ve been to see Dr. Jaudy,
I’ve had quite a few the first couple days of treatment, but the last two days,
none, so we are very, very excited. If we could avoid the seizures, I feel like the
pain, like the nerve pain that I’ve been having, would lessen a lot because every
time I have a seizure it builds the pain up again and it takes a couple days for
it to leave I just feel like I’ve done three days work after I have a
seizure I just feel like like my head has just been fried inside it is so so
painful so we’re really excited about getting help for the seizures it has
just been almost a lifetime of dealing with just constant constant tremendous
pain and then a seizure it’s just like a cycle for me so we can break that I am
super super happy to not ever have a seizure again in my life
they are not fun and last night I slept all night the night before I slept all
night propped up with pillows I just feel a lot better this morning it feels
like a light went on ever since I was 7 I’ve been sick and suffering with
different things so this is an amazing amazing change for me before I came to
see dr. jaudy I saw 20 to 30 doctors just all kinds I mean chiropractic and
and that kind of Avenue and also like neurologist and and specialist we even
traveled to Mexico just we’ve been all over the place to see doctors mainly
they put me on medications and either said I was out of my mind or I needed to
be on depression meds or they did a surgery none of the surgeries helped at
all prior to me coming to see dr. jaudy it was very limited I could do minimal
house work on my good days some days not even health work no no fun activities
like going to the park for hike or anything that’s really fun everything
hurts me everything I do so I try to just do the bare minimum take care of my
little girl and that kind of thing but nothing nothing external well we got
married in 2010 and since then I have gained over a hundred pounds and it has
just been an uphill just gain and gaining no matter how many diets I’ve
been on strict eating whole vegetables and
thing nothing helps I just gained more weight even if I just see a couple by
today I’ve been seeing out there Joey for three days now today’s the fourth
day of treatment and I would say a lot of my symptoms have improved some we’re
still very hopeful for more improvement but I feel like my joint pain has
lessened some and also I just had pain in various places that has eased up some
I feel like this morning my neck pain is a little bit better which is really
really really exciting for me and overall I just feel like I have a bright
outlook in life because he has given me so much hope for feeling better with the
fluid buildup that I have and needing to lose a lot of fluid dr. jaudy advised me
to sleep with pillows under my neck and that has really really helped me to just
get a good night’s sleep I didn’t wake up one time it just helps me to I guess
it helps to keep the fluid down where it doesn’t get up into my head and bother
me when I sleep and so that has been amazing I wake up and I just feel like
just hopping out of bed and getting right to it
what makes up for Joey different is that he he cares and he digs into things that
I never even knew were wrong with me he doesn’t just put you on a medication
that might might fix it might not probably not he actually gets to the
root of the problem and and tries to fix that instead of dwelling on the symptoms
and he he just cares I mean you can tell he just he really cares about each
individual patient and he wants everyone to feel better and to just get their
life back it’s just amazing how much improvement I’ve seen in just a couple
days I’ve never never seen results this quick

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