December 14, 2019
Sciatica treatment-Dr Jaydev Panchwagh demonstrates Microscopic Spine Surgery (Video)

Sciatica treatment-Dr Jaydev Panchwagh demonstrates Microscopic Spine Surgery (Video)

Hello and welcome to this new episode of brain
and spine surgery. I am Dr. Jaydev Panchawagh describing today
a case of severe sciatica because of the slipped disc. As you can see here this is the MRI of this
young patient in which a disc between these two vertebrae – L5 and S1 has slipped out
and it is compressing the nerve which is going to the left leg. So the patient came with low back pain, which
was travelling down the back side of the buttock to the back side of the thigh and then the
calf and right into the foot. The cause of this pain is seen here in this
MRI and we will be removing this disc thereby decompressing the nerve and relieving this
person of the severe pain with a technique called as MLD which stands for microlumbar
discectomy. It’s a minimally invasive procedure in which
a very small incision is used to access this area with the help of very very high intensity
of illumination and magnification of the neurosurgical microscope. So what you see here is a very small incision
through which we are going to approach this. It is about two and a half centimeters and
what we see is a view under the magnification of the neuromicroscope. This is the fat which is covering the nerves
and we are slowly separating the fat and shortly we will be exposing the nerve which is compressed
by the disc. This is the nerve, this is the nerve root
which is compressed, nerve root of the left side if you look at the black arrow, and this
is the disc which has come out and it was severely compressing the nerve. This is another part of the disc nubbin which
also was actually compressing the nerve and we will be shortly removing this disc with
the help of rongeurs (forceps). After this disc is removed the nerve is decompressed
and the pain vanishes. This is the part of the disc which was really
causing the problem. Finally the incision is closed with two stitches
and typically such people are allowed to walk about six to eight hours after surgery. They can either go home on the same day or
they are discharged on the next day.

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  1. here's several ideas for relieving back pain pain quickly
    Eat raw food such as garlic
    Take juices and thiamine
    Don't lift heavy items
    (I learned these and the reasons they work on Zats back blueprint website )

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