September 19, 2019
San Antonio student’s headaches help doctors find tumor in her brain

San Antonio student’s headaches help doctors find tumor in her brain

a San Antonio family thanking a local doctor after discovering the cause of their teenagers headaches was worse than first thought indeed GM s 89 Tiffany ware – spoke to that family and the doctor who managed to remove a brain cyst without invasive surgery hope you take comfort in knowing that you’re extremely loved 17 year old at a silly gastro has spent the last seven months recovering from brain surgery Lilia Castro says her daughter began coughing and having headaches last November yes okay ladies oh no sister a few weeks later Castro says they went to the doctor who told them it was allergies she continued going to school and doing kickboxing but the symptoms returned I couldn’t see numbness but then they won’t go away the headache it was stronger day night it felt like my brain was gonna explode her mother brought her to the emergency room at North Central Baptist Hospital where she had a CT scan done and it showed this big lesion in her brain dr. David he-men is recommended sending her for an MRI and it appeared to me that part of the main area of the tumor was at the base but this was associated with a very large cyst dr. Jimenez knew an operation was the only option but it didn’t have to be invasive I realized that I could do the surgery through literally through indecision this big through a hole the size of a pencil eraser he promised to keep my hair to have it so long and he was not gonna cut at all dr. Jimenez says there are many causes for headaches not all of them are as serious as this but should all be monitored one needs to worry when one has headache that don’t clear that don’t clear clearly that they’ll go away and if they’re associated with nausea or vomiting anything beyond besides just having a plain headache so people should look go see a doctor to me today the Gaston family is grateful for the team of specialists that saved our sillies life she is now inspired to become a doctor and I want to be like dr. Jimenez who was always there loving kind support and supportive being there with her as patients Tiffany what does case’ 12 News

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