November 14, 2019
Risks of Hypertension & “Heart Beatz” Health Fair – Kare 11

Risks of Hypertension & “Heart Beatz” Health Fair – Kare 11

– High blood pressure
is a major risk factor for stroke and heart disease, and it’s more common in
communities of color, but your risk can be managed. This Saturday, you can get free screenings at the Heart Beatz Health Fair at North Commons Community
Center in Minneapolis. And here to tell us all about it are registered nurse Adriene Thornton and Loralean Jordan, an
aortic aneurysm survivor. Welcome to both of you. Thank you so much
– Thank you. – for being here.
– Thank you for having us. – Thank you.
– So, we were just talking about the statistics, and
really, who is most susceptible, most vulnerable to this
particular condition? – So, African-Americans
are twice as likely to have hypertension, have heart disease, and have stroke, and it’s
based on risk factors. It’s based on your health,
and with each risk factor, your likelihood increases, and so, that’s why we’re
having the health fair because we want to make
sure that we reach out to the community, educate them,
give them some assistance, and make sure they have the information, and it’s hitting our younger
population even more now. – And that’s something that
people might be surprised by. When we say that it’s
hitting younger folks, what are we talking about in terms of age? Because Lauralean, you’re
even quite young yourself. So, are we talking teenaged,
20-something, 30-something? Where are we looking at?
– Twenties to thirties. – Wow.
– When I had my aortic aneurysm, I was 30.
– Wow. – Less than– I was 36. – Oh, my goodness.
– So. – And my 19-year-old
daughter just got diagnosed with hypertension recently.
– Oh, my goodness. So, what can people do to modify this and to be on top of it, and to make sure that
they’re keeping themselves as healthy as possible? – Well, the first thing
is to know your numbers. You should be getting your
blood pressure checked. You can go into a drugstore. Walgreens and CVS, most of them have a blood
pressure machine in there. That will at least give you an ideal of what your numbers are. Know your numbers. And then if you notice
that you have issues, or even if you don’t, you should be engaging
in a healthy lifestyle. So, eating healthy, and that doesn’t mean you have to throw away all of your diet, but instead of eating fried
foods, try baked foods, and make sure you don’t
have a sedentary lifestyle. You should be out exercising, walking. I have a dog. I love dogs, but he makes
me walk three times a day. – That’s perfect.
(Loralean laughing) – And so, that helps
to keep me active, yes. You know, and making sure that
our young people stay active. You know, with phones
and games and computers, our young people just aren’t as active as they were when I was
young, and every day, you came home from school
and you ran outside. And they don’t do that
anymore, so we need to work on getting our younger people more active. – I like that so much, so even avoid the screens if possible. – Yes.
– So, I want to just touch on briefly, just the event this weekend. What can people expect? What will people do? – So, you can expect to
have food demonstrations. – Love it.
– Healthy food demonstrations. Healthy snacks, games, different
prizes, jump rope, dancing, double Dutch, face painting.
(Julie laughing) It’s a family affair, so
we’re really trying to target everyone from Grandma down to the baby. – And that’s so important
because as we’ve mentioned, it really does affect the whole family, whether it’s your relative
– Correct. – or you yourself might be experiencing this very issue yourself. – Right.
– So, very good, such good advice. Thank you so much for being here. So, look like you’re doing
– Thank you. – well today. – Yes.
– Important for everyone to heed this advice, and
you can find more details about Saturday’s free
Heart Beatz Family Fair on the KARE 11 app under
the As Seen on TV section.

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