December 14, 2019

Richard Nachwalter MD| Virginia’s Successful Cervical Spine Surgery

Hi, my name is Virginia, I live in Westfield,
New Jersey. Last summer, June, I was experiencing some neck and shoulders pain and I went to
see an orthopedic doctor who specialized in shoulders. He had recommended that I go for
some physical therapy and I did. I was in pain and I couldn’t move. I couldn’t move my
neck I couldn’t move my arm. The pain got so bad that it woke me up one morning with
shooting pain down my chest and my back and my arm that I thought I was having a heart
attack but it dissipated very quickly so you know I preceded with my day I went I was driving
to work and it happened again but it was far more severe. I was very active involved in
a lot of sports I practice martial arts I do kickboxing I hike camping and I was concerned
I wouldn’t be able to do it again. The results of the MRI, he received them probably two days
later and he looked at them and he said you absolutely need surgery you could see the
disks compressing the nerve, and in fact it was two disks that were compressing the nerve
which was causing the problem. Dr. Nachwalter’s follow ups were wonderful he was really caring
again answered all my questions and I would honestly recommend him to anyone who in any
sort of neck pain to go go and see him go and see him because he’s I found him to
be honest he told me he could help me and he did help me I really think he was wonderful.

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