December 9, 2019
Reversing Type 2 Diabetes — Tami’s A1c Improved from 7.1% to 5.3% — The Mastering Diabetes Program

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes — Tami’s A1c Improved from 7.1% to 5.3% — The Mastering Diabetes Program

My life improved tenfold, where I couldn’t
walk in a grocery store without my fingers swelling up
or my knees. If I walk around the block my knees getting
so swollen that I couldn’t I couldn’t go work out. About four and a half months after starting
my efforts in the program my A1c was now 5.3%. My name is Tammy Cockrell. I am 52 years old. And earlier this year in March I was diagnosed
with type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, high cholesterol, high LDL, low HDL, a whole battery of things
and it rocked my world. My doctor had told me that if I lost 30 pounds
I was 234 at the time and if I lost 30 pounds I could come off the blood
pressure medication. And at this point I was about 20
pounds down and my blood pressure was getting worse. I was eating vegetarian. I was cooking meals the way I’d always cooked
them. And just pulling
meat out of it. And I’m thinking that I was doing good that
way. But we increased the quantity of
oils that we were using. And cheese. I never brought so much cheese into my house
as I did when I went vegetarian. I had
spent a year eating what I thought was healthy and and doing the right things to try and
improve my health so I didn’t end up like my my parents
or my in-laws. And that’s when I decided I had I had to
do something I had to change doctors. I had to change my lifestyle and I had to
get strict about something. My BMI at the time was 33 point something. My triglycerides were 194, my cholesterol
was at 266. I had found a new doctor and I had gone for
my consult with her. I bawled like a baby in her office as I was
telling her everything going wrong because I was sure
that I was early onset of cardiovascular disease. I just was in my head. I just knew that that’s what
was going on. My cardio sucked, I couldn’t be active. I was so tired all day long. I found out that I
was diabetic I had an A1c of 7.1%. I went into my diabetic counselors appointment
and the day before I went in I ran to Barnes &
Noble and I bought two of Dr. Barnard’s books on reversing diabetes and I kind of came to
learn between my doctor talking to me and the diabetic
counselor talking to me that sustaining your glucose your blood glucose or maintaining
your diabetes were common words that were used. And
that wasn’t the results I was looking for. I was looking for reversing my diabetes. And fortunately I stopped beating myself up
and realized that I’m very fortunate that I have type 2
diabetes and that is reversible. You can fix what you have done. So I started taking metformin. I
thought OK. I mean everybody keeps telling me that I’m
going to have to do this so I might as well do both things I might as well listen to the
doctors and try and find my path in the process. So
through my research I came across Mastering Diabetes Summit and that was just a blessing
in disguise. I had no idea how I would be affected by watching
that. I signed up for the free summit. It
was 72 hours. I got in about nine hours of watching doctors
talk about everything. And my head
was spinning. I have a whole booklet of notes. I was trying to scribble and that’s why I’ll
probably go through nine hours as I kept stopping and
rewinding and stopping and rewinding so I could make
sure I wasn’t missing anything. In the process of working the program, I got
lots of support. I’ve
made some very good friends on the program and the video conference calls were a wealth
of knowledge for me. They were a wealth of support. I don’t know when the turn came or why the
turn came but it did. It did. And when it does all bets
are off. My life improved tenfold. Where I couldn’t walk in a grocery store without
my fingers swelling up or my knees. If I walked around the block my knees getting
so swollen that I couldn’t I couldn’t go work out. I’m feeling 100% better. I don’t nap anymore. I don’t I couldn’t nap if I tried
during the day anymore. It’s amazing. I have so much energy that when I run into
people that I haven’t seen before I guess just the level
of energy that I exude when I’m talking to them makes
them go what are you doing? What are you on? You know because you’re talking so fast and
you’re so excited and you know and I am. I feel like I feel like when I turn that corner
I gained my life back and not my life as a 53-year old woman
but my life as a 20-30 something year old I picked up
where I left off. I can get on a bicycle and I can go ride 13
miles. Along the course of mastering diabetes you’re
going to find that there are many small milestones. I spend probably the first two months crying
all the time but happy tears happy tears. I got to the weight of the birth of my second
child when I gave birth to him and that was a huge accomplishment
because I hadn’t been there in 17 years. And then I
got to the weight of when I got pregnant with him. And the weight that my oldest son was born
at. And then I got to the 200 mark and then I
got into my wedding dress that I haven’t worn for 19
years because it didn’t fit and barely fit me then. And not only did I get into it but I looked
better in it. My next three months came in September
which was six months after my diagnosis. About four and a half months after starting
my efforts in the program. My A1c was now 5.3%. My fatty liver was completely reversed. My cholesterol had
gone from the previous 266 and then 244 and then 225 to now 200. My red blood count was fine. My triglycerides had come down to 185, so
I had spent a good week and a good couple of months
from my last labs eating a lot more fruit than I had ever eaten before. And yet now my numbers are coming down. I couldn’t say anything more than that to
trust the program. Trust the journey. Trust the journey going forward. So I see that I’m going to continue to work
this program for the rest of my life. My life and my
genetics depends on it. And I’ve never felt better in my life so why
wouldn’t I? Why would
somebody do this? I’ve had milestones I’ve I’ve been able to
be physically active for the first time in 25 years and that chokes me up. I was in Mexico in September and I looked
up at the pyramid and Coba and I thought there’s just no way I can
I can do this. And I was in flip flops OK. I was in flip flops and it was 90 degrees
outside and very humid and I was sweaty and I thought there’s no way I
can do this. Not only was I able to do that but I scaled
it without stopping to take a breath. I wasn’t out of breath. My knees didn’t blow up. My body did not quit on me. My cardiovascular, I
was breathing heavy, no lie, but my cardiovascular did not stop me or prevent me from going where
I thought for 25 years that that was my problem. So I see myself living a more active life
than I ever have before.

99 thoughts on “Reversing Type 2 Diabetes — Tami’s A1c Improved from 7.1% to 5.3% — The Mastering Diabetes Program

  1. As another commenter stated: you did NOT say what you did to drop the A1C. Forr example, did you STOP eating cheese?

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  3. Very similar story. 56 enjoyed good health all my life. Kidded myself I was in reasonable shape – non smoker, VERY moderate drinker & with an Italian wife, a healthy Mediterranean diet, could run 6 miles fairly easily. Went to the quacks for what I thought would be a standard set of blood tests – On the back of the results of those he told me it would probably be easier to tell me what was NOT wrong with me than my actually symptoms – High liver function, BP, cholesterol & Type 2. Year on 60 lbs lighter all conditions much reduced diabetes in reversal.

    How it was done? Basically bloody hard work! No carbs, no sugar, no sugar free alternatives especially sodas, limited fruit. Loads of veg & protien, lots of water & 8 mile runs 3 X a week. The WHOLE of your problem spins out of having a fatty liver you HAVE to lose weight! Even people who may look quite slim can carry viseral organ fat. You HAVE to lose weight & move more. The tablets are a quick fix & like most easy options are not always the best choice long term! There is hope – a LOT of it but you HAVE to put the work in!

  4. My A1C was 10.9 when i was diagnosed. 8 months down i am 6.4 with medication of course. But i too am looking at reversing it some day. I have lost 10 kilos and have another 20 kilos to shed. I will achieve my goal weight and and my desired A1C! But i need advise from people who have experience and knowlegdge. So please help!

  5. Why reversing diabetes surgery's medicines if all doctors should cultivate organic crops all are healthy no diseases no patients no doctors no income all are healthy

  6. Good for her but this is just a diatribe on how she did it – to be honest 7.1% is marginally acceptable anyway and to some would be real good. BUT why did she not provide more information? This is just an advert for the Mastering Diabetes Program. Click Bait

  7. Tami, thank you very much. I am happy for you, for killing diabetes. Thanking you for sharing your journey of reversing diabetes (Type 2). Please help my friend with diabetes: The steps, contacts, email addresses. Foods you ate, ingredients, and preparation. You are saving a life. He is on Metformin Tabs. My email to send your help: [email protected]
    Thank you. Sincerely, Naska. Shalom from Israel.

  8. Come on people trying exercising for once in your life , do some walking on a daily basis and no not that lazy walking going to your fridge , pick up that pace and sweat some , start off with 15 minutes a day if not longer and build it up from their , the hardest part is getting up and start doing it , at first your body is not going to want to do anything but continue it and it will become a routine , changing your diet or the way you eat long term is hard , I would say watch what you eat instead , if you know it gets you sick stay away from or just reduce it by as much as you can , no miracle pills will do it for you and just remember most of what we eat , even the good natural stuff is bad for you one way or another , chemicals and other stuff are added for appearance , taste , texture and so on so don't be fooled , everything that is available is bad but what can we do we have to eat

  9. 7.1 A1c does not jive with the sad picture you painted with the beginning of the video , plus you face does not show the diabetes misery nor results of weight loss which make me come to the conclusion that you are a paid actress.

  10. I wish she had listed a brief list of the foods she ate and the ones she gave up. Yeah, more fruit, but she did not mention portion control or the kinds of fruits that spike the glycemic index rapidly and the ones that are slower, such as berries and watermelon ,etc She spoke in generalities and did not have at least a small list of what to avoid etc

  11. Good for you Tami, good luck. But what can you tell us more about what you did? Because I am sure that watching the videos alone does not cure T2 diabetes.

  12. Fantastic.. thank you for sharing your experience with us.. keep it up.. i have lost 10 kg in 6 weeks. Stopped eating sweets and now am salads fruits and a lot of walking around 1 to 2 hrs a day.. 🙂

  13. Hello Lad I just want to say it’s of great pleasure i’m giving out this speech. Thank you for all the tip and for introducing me to doctor kanayo 14 days natural diabetes cure• After using it constantly for 14 days as instructed by the doctor my suger level is now back to normal, i’m so glad that am finally free from diabetes I can now eat enough sweet as much as I want without thinking about my suger level haha, thank you doctor anyone suffering from diabetes should seriously consider consulting doctor kanayo WhatsApp # +19093755642 his medicine really work miracles, Stay strong doctor k I’m for ever greatful•

  14. So you are claiming that eating a non-vegan diet causes diabetes? I don’t eat red meat every day but I do eat a lot of green veggies and my A1c has dropped from 7 plus about the same as yours. Through self testing I’ve been trying to monitor the effects of different foods and some fruits will definitely make my blood sugar to rise, but eating a steak will not. Whole grain cereal, blueberries, flax seed , and almond coconut milk will cause a 25 point spike but have a veggie omelette and it drops. I used to love Mexican food but for me that is the absolute worst, especially if I have a margarita (or two). I’ve also found that going for a brisk walk after eating something I should not have has a very positive effect. My theory is that your blood sugar dropped because of weight loss I.e. a side effect. I’ve always been slim so I just try to keep below 80 carbs a day, including those in fruit.
    In all probability your aches and pains were not caused by Type 2 , but by being overweight, because your blood sugar was not that high to begin with.

  15. I am overwhelmed with this video. Each of the milestone weights you mentioned are the same benchmarks I have placed as goals. I thought I knew how to eat. I eat mostly plant based but have not been able to stop the severe exhaustion and can't walk for long. I was diagnosed in January but have not made improvement. I refused all medications because I know they don't work. I am so glad I found this because I have a lot of tools but obviously have been using a shoe as a hammer and a butter knife as a screwdriver. Thank you. I am going to binge watch this series and get a grip. I would love love love love love to meet Tami!

  16. I have a question: Dr. Fung in several vidoes talks about you can reverse Type 2 Diabetes with Fasting + Low carb diet, and he has proof that some of his clients blood sugar is normalized and H1BC is normalized, and the patients are freed from all the pills and insulin/metformin pills. I have questions here, that Dr. Fung does never specify:
    1) Does this mean that the patient is 100% cured from INSULIN RESISTANCE and TYPE 2 Diabetes?
    2) Is the patient still INSULIN RESISTANCE, but since he is eating LOW-CARB and FASTING, his/her blood glucoze and H1BC is normalized, but if he/she goes into the old habit of eating, is the problems is still there/reappear ?!
    3) If you have INSULIN RESISTENCE and YOU HAVE TYPE 2 DIABETES, does it mean that you can never cure it 100% and be able to eat everything like before, or you have to live always in LOW CARB + ALTERNATE FASTING DAYS.

  17. My A1C went from 13.9 to 5.5 in less than 4 months from April 2015 to September 2015.

    It's now August 2018 STILL 5.5 _ 5.9.

    It IS VERY simple and about making the choice to change the diet.


  18. I'm sitting here shaking, I am where you were. Please share your eating program. I have been on a vegan-ova diet and have lost some weight and feeling better, but need ideas on how to feed myself when the other 11 people in my family don't eat what I do. Thank you so much for sharing.

  19. I had my A1c checked today. 7.6 (9-17-18) Down from 8.9 in August. Down from 10.0 in July. So I have steadily lowered it over the last two months. Since January 2018, my weight lowered from 273.5 lbs to 220.4 as of 9-16-18. What did I do? Regular exercise. Stopped drinking alcohol. Improved my food plan. Cut down on salt & processed foods. I am 56 yrs old and my doctor wants me to get down to 200 lbs. That is do-able. For a while, I didn't think so. I will get to my goal weight and see where I have to go from there. I do have type II and years ago I ignored the warning signs. Now I am dealing with neuropathy in the feet. This I am told, I will be dealing with forever. Resisted meds in the past. Now I'm being a good patient.

  20. I reversed my type 2 diabetes back in 2014 with Dr. Davis wheat belly program . The program saved my life and over the last few years I have been able to adapt the program to low carb and keto. which are very adaptable! congratulations. Ps I was 275 and now am 211 !

  21. I seen a video where this man says to take 5 bananas, 2 apples, 2 kiwi and a hand full of kale.
    Blend them all together with purified water and, drink half in the morning and the rest through out the day.
    He didn't say how long to do this. Isn't there a lot of sugar in the fruit?
    Thank you so much for your video and knowledge.

  22. I'm diabetic 2, high cholestrol, sometimes fatty liver, keto diabetics get, n other. I take insulin pills 3 different kinds n insulin needle. I turn 40 dec.11. It's overwhelming n family is overbearing

  23. I listen to this woman talk for nearly half an hour and learnt nothing. She didn't say what she did or ate, no advice nothing to help anyone, what a waste of time that I can never get back. Thanks anyways.

  24. Very inspiring to listen to your success story. My Hba1c was 6.6 two months ago. Hoping to reduce it with strict diet and Yoga.

  25. Congrats, Tami. What a blessing! I was diagnosed with type2 a few years ago and have been trying to reverse it. I went Whole Foods plant based the past two weeks, and my blood sugar is sky high. I cut out all oil, dairy, and meat. Eating only whole plant based foods. Not sure what to do at this point. Everyone is telling me to go Keto, but I know that isn’t my path. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Maybe I just need to give it longer?

  26. You are telling my story almost verbatim. At least the first half anyway. You are very encouraging and make me feel like I can change my destiny. I want to get my life back. I also cried in my doctor's office after 6 months of vegan eating my numbers not only did not improve, but they got worse. I remember asking him "Are you sure that's my blood?". I'm working 2 jobs during the week and have to travel on the weekends to help my family out of state. I'm exhausted at the end of the day and often can't face the thought of cooking so I hit the drive-thru. I need to find the motivation and the commitment to cook versus eat fast food.

  27. Por favor,pongan subtitulos en español,somos 550 millones de personas…gracias.🙏😃

  28. I must tell you about a guy who helped me with Diabetes! He is the only 1, who can tell you a step by step guide how to cure it. Just open DIABETES. XCOURSE. XYZ and watch his amazing story!

  29. I call BS. You don't go from 7.1 to 5.3 A1C in only four months. Why? Because of the life cycle of the red blood cells.
    Plus she is taking metformin which works on the symptoms and not the underlying cause.

  30. Congrats best wishes Gbu and ur loved one's always my siblings have diabetes my prayers are with all but I thank God I don't have it many blessings your way. However my cholesterol is extremely high I'm 62+ I am overweight 148 I should way 126 ugh

  31. Did you say what program you are on? I found out I was diabetic in January. My a1c was 9.7. I went low carb you may not agree high protein meats and fish. Eliminated all sugar doing some fruits in moderation. Lost 30 lbs my a1c is down to 4.8.

  32. Metformin was EVIL for my adult son and myself. Stomach cramps, diarrhea and feeling like crap. Told the doctor NOPE, I would not take that vile medicine. Diet, exercise and low carb was the key for me.

  33. Went from A1C of 7.0 to 5.7 just by cutting meat except fish and seafood. There are lots of research that meat especially red meat increase risk of diabetes

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