February 21, 2020
Relieve TMJ Pain Easily

Relieve TMJ Pain Easily

I’m going to teach you what you can
do for a tight jaw, for a tight temporal mandibular joint or TMJ for short that
sometimes leads to not just jaw pain or your bite being off, but also can lead
the headaches. Especially headaches that you might wake
up with in the morning. If you’ve been told you clench your teeth or you grind your
teeth this is what you can do. You can take magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral–it’s
not expensive. But you want to make sure that you get an absorbable form. Many
patients say ‘I already have it with my calcium.’ But actually with your
calcium it’s just 60 grams. I want you to take 200 to 800 milligrams
of magnesium. You’ll know that you have the right amount of magnesium – 200 to 800, somewhere in that range – because if you take too much to
get loose stool. Then you just back off and you take the amount that’s
tolerable to your body, before you go to bed if you’re working up with headaches
or clenching or grinding your teeth at night. In addition, I’m going to teach you a
massage of the muscles in your jaw. The muscles in your jaw go from here to
here. So they go like my like my finger is – that direction right there. What you can do with your other finger
is you can come in the front of your cheek and you can push directly back –
from the front to the back – along the muscle. And while you’re doing that you
can slowly open your mouth and close your mouth, massaging each area, working out trigger
points and adhesions. So I’m going to show you what that looks like. Put your finger in your muscle
belly from the front to the back and then you slowly open up your mouth. And
then you change into another position and you slowly open up your mouth. You can wash your hands and put your
finger inside your mouth and still find the same front of those muscles and do
the same massage. Often times at the end of the day when
I’m going home and I’ve had a tense job, then my bite isn’t quite right
and even on the drive home I do this massage and after a few times my bite is just fine and I’ve alleviated any possibility of getting a headache that night.

100 thoughts on “Relieve TMJ Pain Easily

  1. omg!! this helped ! thank you so much! Feels a million times better! I love you so much for this (happy tear)

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  4. God bless you, a no nonsense approach , my Dentist as told me too see my Gp to prescribe Amitryptaline, this don't want to do. So many thanks

  5. Hi.. I'm having ear pressure issues.. It's kinds weird, ENTs said my Eustachian tube is normal, no doctors are able to diagnose the root cause.. Muscle relaxants helps me in short term, when I chew my ear pressure raises, my stress level is also high.. Anxiety or TMJ, something is creating problem and I'm at wits end.. Please advise..

  6. this helps a little for a couple of minutes then the pain comes back I'm a grown man crying because it is driving me insane sometimes I wish I could just stick a knife in my jaw to release the pressure it's making it hard to want to live

  7. Thanks for the info Dr. Griffin. My Dentist and Dr. did not suggest this. I have been taking Magnesium Glycinate 400 twice a day. After three days the pain was completely gone.

  8. To tell the truth, only individuals with minimal know-how of TMJ are the victims themselves. Should you'd like to turn your life around, save your money and time, step out of the traditional healthcare advices.

  9. I didn't have pain but extreme tightness. The pressure point technique gave my jaw almost instant flexibility. Gives me hope. Thanks.

  10. What form of Magnesium is the most absorbable? I know one form gives me a horrible horrible headache (can't remember which form it was). I know there are like 8 forms you can take… but since I am not an expert… I would really appreciate your input. Thank you! I have a strong feeling the RIGHT form of Magnesium will take away my headaches… and exercising my jaw. Thank you so much for this really good information! 🙂

  11. My tmj hurts so bad I about cried doing that, a warm compress helped unlock my mouth but this was just too painful and made my pain worse. Is that supposed to happen?

  12. My jaw has been locked for over a year. Nothing helps. I have a mouth guard, but it hasn't done anything. My left side is super sore and hurts to eat on that side. It's constant pain and pressure to my ear. Idk what to do anymore. I can't open my mouth more than 2 fingers wide.

  13. Thankyou so so much, I've been suffering for months and this helped so much! I'm crying with happiness because of relief

  14. Thank you so much! I had a root canal with 7 shots (I won't be going back) and 2 hours in the chair and another 2 hours in the chair a week later. I can barely get a spoon in my mouth. this has really relieved the discomfort immediately.

  15. ive tried many methods out there and i found only two that works for me… your exercise is one of them! thank you

  16. Thank you! TMJ is new to me but this helped so much! I was to the point of not wanting to eat dinner with my family when I woke up before work (I work nights). But this helps immediately to correct my bite and alleviate the pain!

  17. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have a severe case of tmj and this is the first exercise that relieved my pain by about 80% within a minute!! Sooooooo grateful!!!!

  18. I feel the pain also in my right ear when I push downward. no headaches nor shoulder or neck. just jaw… grrrr I'll try this.

  19. What's wrong, this isn't helping!!
    It hurts like crazy on the right side of my face, mainly the upper jaw, but I'm not sure if it's actually my jaw that hurts- it's like the bone that's below my gums, it's actually the bone that hurts, the gums do not hurt at all. It hurts if I try to put too much pressure on my cheek with my finger, but I get slight relief when I lay down on my cheek and "push" it down on the floor… (I'm crying because it hurts so much, it hurt less when my wisdom tooth was growing in on the same side..!! Ps, the wisdom tooth is gone now.)

  20. I have been having pain for 2 years (I am 13 now) but after this massage it reduced the pain and the sound also decreased thank u so much for uploading this vid 🙂🙂

  21. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Today it was horrible and I thought I was going to actually lose my hearing from the pain and pulsing up my head to my ears. This helped after 30 minutes or so along with taking a hot bath. I'll definitely do this on a daily basis.

  22. Oh my god! I just found this video trying to find some kind of relief for my TMJ since going to a dentist isn't a financially viable option for me at the moment, and it actually worked some! Thank you so much! It's been getting progressively more noticeable and painful for the last few months to the point of where it can be hard to talk due to the pain, I really appreciate this!

  23. It drives me nuts. Once, I was trying to talk with someone and they asked me if I heard loud popping sounds coming from somewhere. Freakishly annoying.

  24. Hi my name is Jonathan and i have several questions that need to be addressed. Have you ever heard of people's facial structure changing (not the muscles) as a result of tmj pain? The bones in my face have enlarged. I look different. I already got checked for a human growth hormone disorder and i came out negative. Please give me some feedback thank you.

  25. I used to lock my jaw for fun (like an idiot) and now my jaw is so locked I can't open it very far. Imagine going to the dentist.. I can barely let them see my teeth 😓😂

  26. Thank you! I just did this exercise as I was watching you demonstrate it.
    It gave me instant relief! I haven't been able to eat for the past couple of days.
    So thank you, because I have been trying to massage the area, but I wasn't pressing specifically how you did.

  27. Super trick ……….i was having some discomfort in my right jaw and as soon as I did that muscle push trick with the finger it went away instantly …….woow…so much thanks to u mam

  28. Thank you so much for this! I'm a martial arts teacher and the last several weeks with my tmj have been terrible. I've actually had to hold ice packs to my face while teaching classes.. I felt almost immediate relief from the pain tonight with this exercise, and will do this several times a day now. 🙂

  29. I've been in tears all day from the pain. I almost went to the ER to see if I can find some relief. I'm so lucky to stumble upon this video. I did what was instructed and I am pain free almost instantly for the first time in a month. I am literally crying happy tears. My pain was in my jaw and radiated to my ear, cheek, and I had headaches. I also had pain in ALL my teeth in the upper and lower jaw on the affected side, which was the worst of all. I am stunned that something so simple can take away so much discomfort. Thank you so very from the bottom of my heart. Much love from newfoundland, Canada. Xox

  30. Thank you so much!!! I was suffering with this from last 2 months and now in just two days I got rid of it. Thank you 😃 (May God shower his blessings upon you and your family)

  31. Oh my gosh THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Last night I was just eating some watermelon and all of a sudden I had severe sharp pain in the right TMJ. I was scared something was really wrong; I've had popping and occasional pain before but nothing like this. I was skeptical that this massage would work, but I only had to apply the pressure to two spots before I realized I could move my jaw side to side without that sharp pain! I haven't tried eating yet, but for right now I am pain free and can move my jaw around, so thank you!

  32. Thanks for this demonstration! I've been massaging my jaw muscles for years and didn't know to massage the front of the inner muscle. I also do it while driving.

  33. I woke up this morning and yawned and when I tried to close my mouth I couldnt but for the past couple of days my jaw was clicking and popping everytime I opened my mouth and closed it so I searched internet and stumbled upon this treatment and did the exercises now I'm able to close my mouth. t.co/oI2J1CtGkj

  34. I might have fluid near this joint or my wisdom teeth causing this .
    Immediate after doing this i can feel a sensation like going down ward maybe the mucus ive been trying to concur for months

  35. I sleep with my mouth open and on mainly my left side and thats the side i have this tmj feeling.
    This exercise is working .

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  37. I`ve been struggling with TMJ for over eleven years and I discovered this TMJ treatment “FοΚemΚem Ta” (Google it) as my condition had deteriorated during the last several months. It was unbelievable to feel the difference when I religiously followed almost everything that the guide informed me to try and do..

  38. Right now, I could ultimately enjoy a life totally free from bruxism and TMJ, my spouse even stated that I stopped grinding my own teeth as I sleep. I no longer clench throughout the day and my teeth look and feel significantly better. This TMJ treatment “FοΚemΚem Ta” (Google it) is a real lifesaver. After 4 nights, I certainly noticed that my face pain and jaw had significantly deceased..

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