December 13, 2019
[Preview] Start reversing type 2 diabetes right away

[Preview] Start reversing type 2 diabetes right away

And here’s one of our patients,
his name is Nicolas. And Nicolas came to me
with an A1c of 10.8 and he was just recently diagnosed
and he was feeling terrible and thought he was about to die
because this is what he was told. And I told him, “Listen, it’s going to be okay,
you’re going to eat a lot of fat and you’re going to cut out all this stuff
and it’s all going to be good.” And this is 4 months later
and his A1c was 4.8 four months later, it was really unbelievable. And he is one of many, many,
many patients and he started writing a blog so it was easy to get his pictures
because they were online. And he continues to be at an A1c
of 4.8 after three and a half years. He is without medications, so this is what happens when we treat
diabetes right away. So, his father, Hector,
who’s also my patient, he has had diabetes for 30 years
and he, you know– I was his doctor before I went
through the low-carb conversion so I had him on insulin
and Actose and GLP2, Victoza. I had him on all these medications
and he was fairly well treated; he had an A1c of 7 and he was
what we would consider controlled, he was controlled. And when I told him
that I had gone through this conversion, he almost died,
he was like, “You’ve lost your marbles, you’ve really gone crazy
telling me now to eat fat”. But that’s what he did
and he lost all the insulin, he doesn’t take any more insulin,
he doesn’t take most of the medications, I took him off the Actose,
I took off the GLP2, but still I can’t get him off the GLP1 and
the Metformin even though his A1c is 5.7. And the reason is because he has had
diabetes for 30 years and too bad that we didn’t start this
30 years ago. But he’s doing great but he’s just
a living example of the father and child of how important it is
to reverse the diabetes right away.

7 thoughts on “[Preview] Start reversing type 2 diabetes right away

  1. 2.5 months ago I had A1C 5.9 prediabetic and nearly diabetic, with triglicerides of 419. I did keto strictly for 2.5 months and now I have 5.1 AC1 which is normal and 123 of triglycerides!! It works.

  2. 3 months ago when I diagnosed type 2 diabetes my a1c was 15 today after 3 months of fasting and ketogenic my a1c is 5.2
    Allhamdulilah from somalia

  3. What is this doing to their arteries? They won't die of a diabetic coma, but they will die of heart disease.

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