September 19, 2019
Prevent Aches and Pains While Gardening

Prevent Aches and Pains While Gardening

I’ve got some really great simple
gardening tips for your body because it’s pretty common to have aches and
pains after a day or an afternoon digging around in the garden right? All
that bending lifting carrying can really take a toll. So I’ve got some really
simple ways for you to do the things you love like gardening, while keeping your
body happy and healthy. Let’s come over here. Now oftentimes we’re when
we’re in the garden a lot a lot of times during the year we’re weeding. So weeding
is getting all these, of course little bits and pieces out of the garden and
many times you might just do something like this where our spine will round rounding of the whole spine especially
in the lumbar spine is where some of that low back pain really shows up for
us. So one simple quick tip is to try to bend less from the lumbar and tucking your tailbone. And
more from hinging the hips like so. But if you can’t if you’re hinging your hips
and your hamstrings tell you you can’t get any further then you can bend the
knees and just shift the hips back so that your heels, you’ve got the weight in
your heels your butt back and you can try that for a little bit.
The key with keeping your body feeling really good while you’re
gardening is to not stay in the same position the whole time. If I have
just shifted my hips back, bent and now here, then maybe I’ll also add a
little squat. And it’s nice to have diversity in your squat as well so for
instance this squat here, I’ve got one foot forward one knee bent and then I
might dig in like so and then I might stand and then switch and do the other
leg and then maybe after that, after thirty seconds however long I go back
into that little mini squat hips back hinging from the pelvis movement. Maybe
you have one leg forward and then you can even get creative and do a little
bit of a lunge. You can have this with the back leg like here. I like adding the
extra reach for me because I like that extra feeling of stretching my arms.
The key is to move in as many different ways as possible hopefully
that gave you a bunch of different things to do, but let’s say you’re down
and you’re needing to plant some seeds so let’s come a little bit closer and
I’ll show you here so here okay in a squat or if you’re not
okay in a squat like I’m in, guess what you can do? I happen to have these
random pieces of cement here so you can actually get creative with the things
that you have in your yard and put them underneath your heels like that so now
all of a sudden the squat is a lot more comfortable and then I can get in there
plant my seeds, do my weeding whatever it is that I need to do. So use a piece of anything that you have in your yard for that extra support
and then don’t be shy to go into some of those same variations that I showed
previously but with that extra support on the heels. All right, so those are really quick tips for you and your gardening. Variety and
diversity in the way that you move change up your positions in a lot of
ways, shift your hips back so that your back side your glutes are doing most of
the work and most of all, enjoy the time that you have in your garden. Thank you!

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